Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Repairing the front #Campagnolo changer in #Fujiko

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |   October 7, 2014

The chain guide of the front Campy derailleur cracked and I had difficulty in having the chain in the chain ring when I shift the front derailleur.  Boyet Flores did some band aid repair by having cable tie hold the steel and the carbon fiber part together.

It was good for a while, however, when we went to Caliraya, the cable tie left the changer and the Fuji chain jumped.

So I went last Saturday to Boyet to have it fiberglassed.  However Boyet was not there.  So I went to Edward near the Taytay Memorial Garden and I inquired.  Fortunately there was this fiberglass sub contractor for Sanden for the air con Mit air ducts and radiator hood.

I paid P100.00 to a technician (named Toyo) who took mere 30 minutes to connect the steel and carbon fiber parts.   He said however,that if the parts separate, he will drill a hole and put small screw into the two parts to fasten them.

I went there yesterday;  they were not there and I returned today.  Same story.

So I did my own repair.  I fastened the part that gets loose with cable tie.

Problem solved.

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