Monday, October 6, 2014

We had to strategize to aid the #Recyclists go home safely and early yesterday October 5, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines

            VM and the Navarra were Recyclists savior; that is the wife of Jeff who hails from Mindanao.  They have two children

We had 20 riders who joined us in our sojourn to Majayjay to share some of the blessings of Jeff and their farm.

They were:    Alan, VM, Jeff, Choco2, Luis, Chito, Gerry C, Gerry Y, Master, Jorgeusbiker, Joel (nagdala ng sweet and juicy tsalap bibingka) Edgar (7 days) Vec, Edgar (Idol) Jeff, Jess, Nolite, Val

The new ones who joined were:  Miong Bautista, Mario.

The bike was long and challenging. It rained hard in Majayjay as soon as we got to Jeff's place and on our ride back to Pagsanjan. Surprisingly, there was no rain in Paete.

Some really suffered and had cramps, Master:  Miong, (Angel - we were surprised! first time that happened)

As soon as we got down to Pagsanjan, we looked for jeepneys to bring us to Tanay.  But none agreed to be out of line.

Some requested to be brought to Bugarin from Pagsanjan:  Joel, Chito, Ven, Gerry.  They were low batt, exhausted or had cramps.  VM who a Nissan Navarra pick up with him, ferried the stricken riders to Bugarin and would pick up the rest in Mabitac.

In Mabitac, VM ferried us to Bugarin:   Jess, Pres Luis, Master, Vec, Jorgeusbiker.

Others struggled to ride home on their own up Bugarin:   Choco2, Edgar;   Edgar 7 days, Nolite, Mario, Jeff.

We regrouped in Pisong Kape by 6:30 and then we rode home guided by lights of Navarra.  I joined Miong, and Vec at Navarro.  I was trembling after cold winds hit on the way down at Bugarin.

We were in Angono by 7;30.  The rest of the guys waited at Villamayor's bike shop in Pag asa.  The Navarra could have arrived earlier because we took the bypass Cardona route after being delayed by a cargo truck hauling bamboo in Morong, Rizal

The Navarra saved our day. It was our savior.  It brought water, eggs, and Joel's bibingka.

                      Those are Miong and Angel

     VM sheltering the Navarra with Metrobank golf umbrella

                    The xaviour Navarra pick up in Luisina in front of the Plaza at Luisiana

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