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One of the most challenging rides ever was to #Majayjay, Laguna

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Rizal Philippines   | October 8, 2014

Wiki on Majayjay

                   As steep or steeper than Eastridge

I thought that the Caylabne ride was the most challenging.  But I did not have to walk the rest of the hill. And used a bike with 53 39 chainring.  At #Majayjay, I had 34 small chainring.

From Magdalena, I chased the group, and even followed Chito up to the junction at the head of the pack.  And then I was toasted.  We rested for quite a while at the Junction but it did not help us much not to walk

                         Nearing the Majayjay junction


 x                  All uphill and downhill

                  Jess, and the bikes are weary

                      Jess, Chito and Jeff

It was more challenging than the following:

   1.  Kennon Road

   2.  Sampaloc hills

   3. M - bitukang Manok

   4. Kaylabne.

(Any one would like to challenge that?)

The hills were terrible, on the way, going to Cavinti, or going  to Majayjay via Magdalena.  There is really no way out the easy way.  If you get back, the hills are as steep.  If you travel via the mountains from Majayjay to Cavinti, hearsay, the hills are as steep.

The only choice was to go home via Lucban,  a much longer route by an hour or 20 km. There were at least 20 uphill downhill and they were steep too.  It was good that it was raining.  That it was after a heavy meal did not help much

Dont you think, the name #Majayjay should be #MaHighHigh instead?

 x             Climbing back looks daunting.

 x                  Going back to the junction was equally heartbreaking.  Do you see the steep grade.

 x          Even the strongest and the brave quit pedalling

x             The Navarra's 170 horses can overcome the gravity and the steep climb

            Our padyak power was no match for the hills steep grade

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