Monday, October 20, 2014

Some new ideas for your bike - from Engr June Francisco

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines  | October 20, 2014

                       The Exustar carbon fiber pedal (I have an Exustar in my Fuji CF but only the alloy one)

                          VMs Durace pedal

Eng June is a manager at a famous car aircon company in Canlubang Laguna. He is very well versed in TPS, Kaizen and innovation in all things mechanical (he is a mechanical engineer)

And his bike bear stamps of innovativeness and his engineering background.

He has installed an Exustar carbon fiber pedal (which he claims is superior to his current Look pedal which he sold for only P1t to Secx Noe - I should have known last week) which he bought from Marauders (a new bike shop in town, near his place in Antipolo. The new pedal he said,

     1.  weighs only 85 grams
     2.  has titanium shaft (that means it is very strong even in crashes it wont bend)

     Wow, and costs only P6t+

 He also had SS PVC coated shift cable which cost P150 each.  That means to say no more broke shift cable from rusting.

Maybe you should install one in your bike....

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