Monday, October 13, 2014

My practice endurance ride yesterday - long ride to Pililla via Antipolo

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |October 13, 2014

            Secx Noe and Engr June (just trimmed haircut)

My practice endurance ride yesterday, October 2 took me up to Antipolo Church and then to Simples Lugawan in Morong in Pililla.

I met a cyclists at Antipolo Church who hails from San Carlos City, where one of our businesses were located.  He plans to put up with a partner from Angono, a motorcycles parts store in Baytown.  More power Sir

I met Gerry, Secx Noe, and Engr June at Simples Lugawan.

I saw the landslide along the road going up to Beverly Hills as result of heavy rains last Saturday.  It is interesting to note that I now pass MTBs and other road bikers going up Antipolo.  There was one who passed me but I caught up with him past Beverly Hills.

There are several interesting anecdotes about catching up with younger bikers:

1.   Going up Robinson from Antipolo I got side by side and even passed him at times;  he was wearing a Sky uniform.  Going downhill though, I let him ahead, although I was able to cut his lead on curves.

2.  From Teresa to San Guillermo, I drafted behind a TT cyclist;  I overtook him up to the crest of the hill.  He was much younger.  I proved that a good TT bike can be overtaken by a well practiced rider.  Again, going down from San Guillermo, I let him get away from me

3. There was another one whom I tried to gap, another TT from Baras Tanay hil.   I was not successful in passing him but he was within striking distance of 30 meters up to Pililla.  By that time I was toasted.

We can be fit at any age.

                         Jorgeusbiker and Secx Noe

                         PNP officers + Jorgeusbiker and Engr June

                   Edgar, Gerry, Secx Noe and Engr June

                         Jorgeusbiker castled with Secx Noe

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