Monday, October 27, 2014

Some brilliant moments of Jorgeusbiker in ride to Victoria

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  October 27, 2014

Am happy with my ride yesterday:

1.  Was just one of the 12 who had the courage to join and complete the ride. I did not have any mechanical trouble flat, missing shift with my SARS cum ultegra group set.   My Fuji's shift mechanism were not up to par.

2. I did the Sacred Heart to Pisong Kape ride in under one hour.  First time ever.  It usually took me 1:10 on a tt mode to do this.

3.  I overtook the peloton from Famy to Pakil.  I was ahead of them to take their pictures.

4.  From Sta Cruz to up to Pila, I was in tune with the peloton.  I had to give up because they were doing 40 kph;  I could only do better than 30.

5.  From Victoria to Los Banos, I kept pace with Master and Val.

I heard from Calamba to Muntinglupa, the peloton was doing 35 to 40.  I chose to ride safe. Hence I led the rear.  Peter Anonuevo left me at Cabuyao.  I chose not to chase for fear of cramps...

 It was too dangerous:  pedestrians darting from loading and unloading vehicles,  buses that buzz you by;  jeeps that stop right in front of you, tricycles that u turn suddenly,   And it was tight.

I guess there was too much traffic.  There were at least 20 bridge construction projects going on causing massive traffic jams in Los Banos and Calamba.  There were some too at Cabuyao and Sta Rosa.

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