Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Congratulations for the bikesharing project at UP

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2016

We congratulate a group of students in UP, who pooled their talents and resources to have a bikesharing project for their last mile. (Featured in a segment of Green Living of Paolo Abrera at ANC - UP Bikeshare)

From UP Edu - bikesharing project in UP

It is such a great initiative and commendable at that for setting up a system.  Our LGU are starting with bike lanes.  But it has not transformed bike as a viable mass transport system.  In China, Vietnam, Amsterdam and other parts of the world biking, which is a green initiative is mass transport system, equal or of the same significance as bus or train.  Our DOTC has not made a breakthrough to develop such a system.

It is notable that the students have made  a low cost system to make this work.  In NYC the cost to set up a system cost NYC $5,000 (about P200,000 each) for a bike.

There are only about 30 users and the number has not increased and they discovered that not many are subscribing to this idea because of perceived safety concerns.  (Yes after seeing a lot of news on bike accidents. There was one in bisikleta iglesia last Holy Thursday)

Again, UP bike share congrats.

Practice ride 2x loop arond Cardona diversion Binangonan route - getting stronger and faster

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 29, 2016

I had my practice ride today riding around the Cardona diversion twice.   The difficult portion there are as was experienced in every time we ride to Morong and Pililla are:    the Mambog portion, Callahan, the diversion  (there are about 3 hills there, the first one being  the toughest) and the LLDA portion.  I just did the 2x next time I increase it to 3 and eventually 4. to simulate  the race situation.  I guess this ride makes me stronger.

My growing riding time make me faster too. Before, I can only sprint max to 30 kph.  Now I can do 35 kph at a much sustained (say 15 seconds) period.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Sunday today; keeping up with other riders today at Antipolo and Teresa

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Happy Easter Sunday today
March 27, 2016
Image result for happy easter message

I rode today to Antipolo City church after watching the salubong in Angono.I rode on the Mosso MTB (the one I used for the PNP race) There was a little difficulty in Muzon because they had the Salubong right in the middle of the highway.  Well anyway, after some delays I was on my way to Antipolo church.   There were three were two riders who passed me both on road bikes and one on Mt. Bike.  I passed the MTB rider easily.  Then I passed the two:  road bikers.  One wore a red and white jersey, one wore a white, green and black jersey.  I passed them before the seminary/fibertex.  However the one in white and green overtook me before Beverly Hills.

Then I attended the 7:00 am mass and finished this since today is Easter.  "Nilikha ng Diyos ang pambihirang araw na ito.  Tayo nang magsaya."

After the mass, I rode to Teresa and on the way down before the Sukol resorts, a road bike rider overtook me at a fast clip.  I tried to chase downhill up to the plains of Teresa. I overtook him before turnng right and never saw him again.

Then a group of riders with violet jersey, bearing the ads of a V phone, overtook me at San Guillermo. I nearly caught up with them, some 30 meters away had it not for the fact, that I had some business with a memorial park.

Then completing the loop in Morong, two MTBs sprinted until the market of Morong.  I also gave chase and they slowed down after the market and overtook them before Aldec. They were young riders not more than 30.   And then I stopped on the way to diversion road, and said "Mauna kami Tatang" in deference to my appearance and age.   Howver I closed in in the ascent, difficult portion of the diversion and they started to do a cross stich (zig zagging on the way up)  One of the riders stopped first and the second one stopped at the crest of the climb.  And of course that meant, I would have passed them.  They eventually caught up with me on the way to Binangonan and later found out  that they are from San Carlos Hts.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reliving the Baguio Ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 25, 2016

Three of our Kapadyak Recyclists are in Baguio now:   Jeff, Val, and Angel.

This reminds us of our past rides to Baguio City (at slideshare)

Search for Bisikleta Iglesia yielded several posts

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Rizal Philippines
March 25, 2016

I tried to look for #BisikletaIglesia at Google and found 3 posts.  It is nice to see that in the images, a number of pictures were from this site.

Here is a link to one of our previous Bisikleta Iglesa  rides in Jorgeubiker Bisikleta Iglesa at Slideshare

Friday, March 25, 2016

Thanks for joining the Recyclists Bisikleta Iglesia yesterday, Holy Thursday March 24 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 25 2016

                                           Group pic at Mary Magdalene church in Pililla

Stronger and united again?

Almost all answered the call by the President Luis for Bisikleta Iglesia on Holy Thursday.  Almost all of the Recyclists were there save for:

       Jeff, Val and Angel who rode to Baguio;

       VM who got 3 flats en route; he gave up after the 3rd flat

       Eng. June and Smith. and the Zapanta brods,  Echo  (6x)

Those who joined were:  Master E.   Edgar (7 days) Alan, Weng, Gerry Y, Joel J, Chito F, Gerry C, Vic, Pangs, Richard (ang mambabayo ng kamao) Pres Luis, JB, Ven,  Meong, Jess Verchez, Kuya Boy (welcome back), Weng

We started the assembly at 5:30 and waited for VM. We left at 6:15 and was at Pisong Kape for breakfast by about 7:30.  We were delayed by traffic in Tanay.

By 8:30 we were at the first church Parish of Mary Magdalene in Pililla.  Still more waiting for Edgar.

We were in Parish of San Ildefonso Church in  Tanay by 9:00, and in St. Joseph Church by 9:30.  We were in St. Jerome Church of Morong, the 4th church by 10:00 am.  We were in Cardona church by 10:30 and a little past 11:00 in San Ursula church in Binangonan.  By that time, it was very hot, and we stayed there only for a while.     A lot of waiting in Pag asa for others who were left behind:  Ven, Gerry and others.  We were at Angono church by 11:30 and at Jess Verhez place for the boodle fight by 12:00 on the dot.

The boodle fight started at 12:20 and it was over by 12:21.  Ubos. Kanin at sabaw na lang natira.  Masarap ang luto ng biyenan ni Pres Luis of sinigang na kanduli sa miso, GG, at ensaladang mangga.   We waited for VM who said he will be coming.    He arrived and ate a little of what was left.

We left by 1:20.

Happy Easter every one.  Thanks Jess, thanks Pres Luis thanks every one for joining the Bisikleta Iglesia

This corner hopes every body sticks and stays by the mission of Recyclists - to live healthy and strong by biking and that we join this idea/concept come thick and thin, steadfastly and faithfully.

N.B Bisikleta Iglesia post in the post is the 3rd most read article of this site for all time


                                    Assembly at the Sacred Heart Parish churchyard in Tayuman

                                            We are blessed that Gerry Y is with us

                                     Ready to depart, those are Meong Chito (?) and Gerry

                                                           Ven  and Joel

                                            Kuya Boy's butt and Vic
Arrival at Pisong Kape

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Photos of Recyclists Riding at Bisikleta Iglesia

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

It is boring to see the butts of the riders or only when they pose or eat.  Here are some of their pictures on the ride.

                                                Pang's nice pic while riding

                                             Great pics of Gerry riding

                                               Master and Vic

Other pictures of Recyclists at the Bisikleta Iglesia today, March 24, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

Here are some interesting pictures of individual Recyclists which are candid and not posed:

                                        Pangskie praying at Sacred Heart Church

                                          Gerry and Jess

Group Pictures of Recyclists at the Bisikleta Iglesia today, March 24, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

Here the group pictures of Recyclists who joined the Bisikleta Iglesia today which covered 7 churches:   Magdalena in Pililla, San Ildefonso in Tanay, St Joseph in Baras, St Jerome in  Morong, Cardona, Sta Ursula in Binangonan, and St. Clement Parish in Angono:

Assembly at Sacred Heart Parish in Tayuman Binangonan Rizal

At Pilillla (St. Magdalene church)

Traffic was unusually heavy at our route for Bisikleta Iglesia, mass exodus of motor vehicle owners: cars, motorcyclists and cyclists

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

                                   Gerry on  counterflow together with MC riders

Traffic was unusually heavy today, as we pursued our goal of completing visit to 7 churches for the Bisikleta Iglesia project today Holy Thursday.

In Tanay, the traffic was from the memorial park up to Sampaloc Tanay intersection, a distance of about 3 km;

In Morong, the usual traffic from Maybancal up to the church, and from Morong Cardona boundary up to the church;

In Binagonan:

       Traffic up to the P Y from Manila East Road going to Binangonan town proper

       At Pantok, traffic extends from Bilibiran up to Pantok

                                 Road to Tanay jammed by MC riders and cars. up to 3 km long

                                       This 20 wheeler trailer had to wait it out

                                  MTB, MC overtaking from all sides

                                      MC riders about 30 of them at Halayhayin Pililla

Boodle fight at the house of Jess Verchez after the Bisikleta Iglesia

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

We had the boodle fight (kamayan agawang pananghalian) lunch at the house of Jess Verchez today at about 1220 after we were done with the Bisikleta Iglesia at about 1200 noon. Angono St Clement Parish was the last church to be visited.   The lunch was cooked by the father in law of  Pres. Luis.  As agreed upon, each of us contributed P100 each for the lunch;

                                We just arrived and we wait for the food

                                                                         Weng and  Alan

                                        Start of the fight

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My bike ride yesterday with Vhen to Pililla

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 23, 2016

I did not expect that I would be able to ride with Vhen.  He and Ed de los Reyes had  a date at 7:00 am yesterday at Maybancal and then ride to Antipolo manga to buy bike parts. So by chance I rode to Maybankal baka "masagbat."  (that is the name of the intersection).  None was there by 7:30 my time of arrival.  So I ate lugaw for breakfast.

As I was departing for Pisong Kape, Vhen arrived, still no Ed.  He too ate lugaw.  We decided to ride to Pililla together.  He had a road bike, I had an MTB, the white Mosso MTB with Xt groupset.  Naturally he would have a lighter and faster bike.  But I was ahead especially at the Baras Tanay uphill section.  Did 25 on flats and 42 kph downhill, about 14 kph going up.  We rode until km 58. When we rode back we had companions from Darangan Binangonan.  One had an expensive looking carbon frame MTB with XT groupset. They sprinted initially but were left behind.

Vhen was surprised that was the case.  Was it because of the bike, or was it because I was well practiced?

Tito Fabay does the Diversion loop for his pracice

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 23, 2016

Tito Fabay and I joined the PNP race Binangonan, Cardona diversion loop 4x last March 6, 2016.  We did practice ride of 3x at the route that is why we thought we could finish it.  We did it.  Tito finished 8th at the Executive Category.  That was a great finish considering that it is 45 above grouping. The 45 (or even below racers) would definitely do better than us.  And considering that some even cheated....

So enough for that.  I met Tito yesterday en route to Maybancal Morong where Vhen, and Ed was supposed to meet for ride to Manga to buy some parts/accessory.  (Ed forgot and did not arrive)

Tito told that his practice yesterday was a 3x loop at diversion. Wow.  I should do that sometime.

Monday, March 21, 2016

It is not really about the bike or the latest parts; it is about the rider

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 21, 2016

At the bike shop in Angono this afternoon, a pamangkin said if I had upgraditis.  No I did not.  I just wanted to have 3 links added to the chain of my SARS bike (I had a complaint of the chain jumping from 44 to 32 when I shift the cogs to 32 and 36.  The mechanic said that I simply should not shift to that cog when at 44 because of the limitation of the changer.  However, I solved that by raising the FD level by 5 mm above the chain line instead of the usual 2 mm. The only problem was the chain length which could be increased by 3 links)  I spent P30 for the job; I could have bungled the job because I waste a lot of links trying to get the chain axle out right.

The solution that I had before as suggested was to try to get a 2 x 10 set up.  It does not come cheap though.  A Deore 2 x 10 will set me back cheapest by P2,700.  A Deore XT upgrade would be about P6,500 (quoted by Christy)  A SRAM or Truvativ set up would be about P20t plus.  All that I spent was P30 and some imagination.

I also observed in my ride yesterday to Sampaloc Tanay that the MTB rider from Morong, Edwin had a top end equipment, XT, 2 x 11 set up with 42t gear.   He was struggling though vs my SARS 6 year old bike with a 3 x 10   11 - 36 gears.  I did not have to use the 22 front chain ring. Only 32 x 32 combination.  I did not struggle.  So its not about the equipment, it could be the rider on the bike

(That was my fourth ascent in 2 weeks)

Tried to do a semi Audax ride yesterday March 20, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 21, 2016

I did not join the Audax ride, although it could have been a ride of lifetime, owing to unavailability of vehicle, feed support, and the very hot weather (reaching as high as 41 degrees Celsius)   But I tried to feel and experience what an Audax rider could have done.  I must have covered  130 km yesterday covering 1/2 of the Audax distance and the challenge.  (Come to think of it, I could have done the Audax ride if had a little bit more practice and courage.   I was only 70 km short, and could have covered that easily in 3 hours) Could have finished by 5 pm. If there would be an Audax in April, I could finish this. Hahaha.

I peeled off from the Recyclists Peloton at Sampaloc Shell Tanay intersection and started to climb Sampaloc by 8:00 am.   At km 58, I had a companion, Edwin from Morong who had an MTB 29er with 11 -42 gear and 2 x 11 set up.  However I had a road bike which was lighter and 11 x 36 gears with 3 x 10 front chain ring.  I towed Edwin until past Padre Pio and we parted ways at the bukohan of Jenjen at the summit.   I turned right exited at jungle base entrance to Marcos highway and pedalled fast descending up to Saksak (about 15 km to Jarels peak)  It was around 10 am when I bottomed out and wondered how I could get back up to Sampaloc.  Indeed it was a challenge, and I got the answer why it took the riders who started at 5 am from Bosoboso to start descending Sampaloc by 11 am.   The journey going up is ardous up to Daraitan intersection.  Wow it was like riding up Marcos Highway.

I was up at Sampaloc by 11 am.   And had halo halo somewhere in Sampaloc (very delicious) and descended fast.  I was at Shell by 12:00 noon.  I had to rest a lot of times because of the heat.   I was home by 2:00 pm.


Ed Valdez texted me early morning yesterday re report of one of his wards re Audax.  He said it was a killer route.  Many walked (probably the return route to Sampaloc from Marcos Highway and Sampaloc) and did not finish. They could have been better off spending the entry fee of P500 for their food or bike parts

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The road from Sampaloc Tanay to the Windfarm in Bugarin

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2016

The purpose of the trip today, wherein I saw the Audax ride was to visit one of the cattle farms of my uncle.  Right before the jungle base, after passing the shortcut to Marcos Highway, before the Marcos highway there is a right turn and goes to Mapandan.  I remember turn right turn right and at the fork (the one that goes straight goes to the farm of my uncle) and then you see some rugged roads, a newly opened solar farm, then down and up to a dirt road (rather steep fit for MTB only) and then you see a winding stretch of newly built road to the wind farm of Altenergy up to km 66.  It cuts travel by 10 km between Sampaloc and Bugarin.  There are now many tiangges in the wind farm (to cater to many visitors and tourists)  This is the first time I passed through this road.  (Some say this is the road from Regina Rica)

                                        Looks like cross on the calvary

Some views of the Audax Ride today, March 19, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2016

I did not join the Audax ride because it looked real tough despite 3 tries to ride up Sampaloc.  I instead joined my uncle to visit his farm in Tanay.  On the way, we saw riders of Audax coming down from Marcos Highway and some going back to Jarel's peak by 11:00 am.  I even saw the Audax controller.  Many of the joiners were clubs, and had support vehicle.

Congratulations and I salute those who joined for your courage and endurance and stamina.  God bless.  If there will be one next year, I will join

Here are some of the pictures (You have to excuse the poor quality of the picture because it was taken from inside a moving motor vehicle)


The more my SARS bike became valuable to me after the Regina Rica ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2016

I could have sold my SARS Ultegra laden bike last month in exchange for a mountain bike. However when the offer to buy was only P10t, I preferred to have to used to the ground,  I kept experimenting on what the gearing would be and improving it.

And so I used it in my latest ride to Sampaloc and Regina Rica and it did well, much better than a mountain bike. The ride was relaxed and I did not have to exert too much effort.  Kayang kaya.  The more I loved and appreciated the bikes value to me.  Mabuti di nabenta.

                                      The SARS  was ahead of an expensive MTB with latest tech

Audax 200 km ride is on today; God bless fellow riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2016

Reminders for the Audax ride

The Audax 200 km ride from Bosoboso, to Jarel, Sampaloc, 2x up and down, then back to Sierra Madre, and Bosoboso is on today, probably having started at 5:00 am today. Idol Ed Valdez did not join because he was not granted a leave. But his ward, a champion rider, a MTB rider probably joined today with other adventurers and halimaw.

Ingat mga kapadyak.  With the heat and the ardous route, and despite 3x practice us Sampaloc, I feel I am not ready.  Other strong riders who feel not joining think this is too challenging.

Fellow riders who are in the vicinity or who are watching;  let us cheer them up or offer food and drinks or dousing of cold water.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some interesting photos on our ride to Sampaloc today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 17, 2016

Here are some interesting pictures of taken on our ride to Sampaloc today:

                                     Millionaire flower daw? Great looking

                                       JB and clump of langka fruits

                                             JB and the ripe langka fruits