Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vhen joined me in my ride up to Sampaloc and Regina Rica

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 17, 2016

                             Vhen standing up pedalling at the section before the waiting shed

I wanted to try out the Audax route which will be held this coming Saturday.  I am not joining this anymore on Ed Valdez revelation that it is a very challenging route. He said it is more difficult than Marcos Highway route to Baguio.   I could not do that. His companion, young champions at that had game over going  back to Sierra Madre.

So just trying out today, I convinced Vhen who said it is his independence day today with his day (Malaya ngayon - I thought he planned to go to Malaya Pililla)  to bike to Sampaloc. He said hindi niya kaya.  I convinced him we ride slowly and if there is a problem we stop.  And so we went.

He was game though.  Our only stops were at the store before Padre Pio, and the waiting shed.  He said we must take pictures to show to every one that we did it.

It rained as soon as we reached the buko stop and we had new friends:   Alvin and Gary Martinez who was selling his land rights for P30.00 per sm (for 5 hectares)  They were supplying buko to the outlet.   I bought coffee from the kuya there.

When the rain stopped we biked to Regina Rica.  Vhen convinced me to descend.  But the return ride was steep and very challenging. I had to use the lowest gear.  34 x 28.  I survived the return ascent  Then time to look for lunch   We went to the market where we had decent lunch:   rice plus mongo cost P42.00 (mahal na rin)  It was around 11.  It rained again.  We were able to start again at 11:30. Dropped by the Sampaloc church.  It rained again and we stopped at the buko stop.  We had coffee and bj again (buko juice)   We conversed about the passion of the kuya - taking care of the Brahman cows.  He now has four.  It is opportunity to get rich as my uncle who had two pairs and probably would not have a hundred.  The cattle are adapted to the cool weather of Tanay and do well in trimming the grass and vegetation of large properties.  He can have milk and cheese.  And later on he will slaughter cows for meat.  Time to level up.

We were downtown Tanay by 1:00  and we expected to be home by 2:00.  We passed by Ed at about 1:45.  And we were home by 2:30.   Vhen said he was laspag at Morong by 1:30.  He doused and drank plenty of water and soon recovered.

                                         Our first stop for a drink at Sampaloc

                                     Ready to ride again and ride the saddle going up

                            This means I was ahead of Vhen by about 30 meters ha6

                                         Great photo of Vhen

                                  On the way to the waiting shed

                                      Vhen took my picture going up;  just putting on the cleats

                                        Another great shot.  Picture perfect!

                              It rained after we reached the summit of Sampaloc

                                     Our bikes resting

                                       Vhen at the tarp of Regina Rica

                                    JB also posing at the entrance of RR

                                          Sampaloc church ready for the Holy Week

                                        We said a little prayer at the church

                                  It rained hard here, but hot and dry at downtown Tanay and rest of Rizal

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