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Audax Rizal ride challenge 200 km from Bosoboso to Sampaloc, Tanay to Jarels peak, back to Sampaloc Sta Maria and Bosoboso

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March 4, 2016
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There is the Audax  Rizal challenge.  Vics again, to Sampaloc, up to Jarels peak, down to Sampaloc up to Shell and then up to Real, u turn and  and going back to to Boso boso. Wow.  Audax though is not a race but riding a predetermined distance.

Reminders for Audax ride on March 19, 2016

History of Audax

Audax Rizal ride information

March 19, 2016
The Toughest Audax 200km Brevet (The Niels Have Challenge)

For those who will be doing the 200km Audax Brevet Ride on March 19, please see details below:

3:30am - onsite registration (just outside Paradise Hotel in Boso-Boso)
5:00am - start of the 200km ride from Paradise Hotel
9:21am - close of the 1st checkpoint (Marquez Bulaluhan - 50 meters after Jariel's Peak)
12:29pm - close of the 2nd checkpoint (Shell Station Sampaloc Rd. cor. Manila East Rd.)
2:47pm - close of the 3rd checkpoint (Rough section on the way to Jariel's Peak)
6:30pm - close of the 200km Audax Ride

Things to do prior to the ride:
1) Read the Audax Ride Rules.
2) Have the proper bike lights just in case you're still pedalling in the dark
3) Ensure you can be self-sufficient on the road with enough cash, your mobile phone, route map, cue sheet, inner tubes, repair kit, pump, food, energy bars, etc.
4) Take note of the cut-off time for each checkpoint.  We will be very strict about this.  All control point vehicles will return to (Paradise Hotel -Subic after the cut-off times.?)
5) Relax and get plenty of rest

For your guidance, please see cue sheet.  This google earth map photo shows the route.  Sequence is: dark blue arrows, sky blue arrows, purple arrows and then red arrows going back.   I will NOT distribute copies of these 2 documents prior to the ride anymore to save on paper (we need to do our share for the environment). If you need a copy of the cue sheet, please let me know in advance so we can provide you one. 

Registration Options:
1) Advance Registration (highly recommended to avoid the rush prior to the ride).  There are 2 options to do this: a) Register Online OR b) Download and accomplish the registration form. Make sure it is properly filled up and signed.  Deposit the registration fee of Php 500 that goes to the preparation costs, brevet cards and accreditation dues for Audax Club Parisien (we paid 2,134.45 Euros in January 2016).  You can deposit the registration fee to the following account: Account Name - Carmela Patricia S. Pearson; BPI Account #: 0420-0051-05.  Email your accomplished registration form and the scanned deposit slip of your registration fee to  Once acknowledged, all you have to do is show up and get your brevet card before the ride. 

2) On-site Registration on March 19 (Saturday) morning, 3:30am-5am, just outside Paradise Hotel.

This is a non-profit ride with an unrestricted pace. You can go and ride at your own pace but be reminded that this is NOT A RACE. The important thing is to finish before the 13.5-hour cut-off (6:30pm). Try to find a group with a speed that you're comfortable with for the entire duration of the ride. 

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