Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanks for the moral support from fellow Recyclists in today PNP sponsored race

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2016

                               Many of the Recyclists were in this area of the diversion

I heard them and saw only a few of them while focusing on the task at hand - to finish the 4 loops of the rather challenging Binangonan - Cardona loop. -   Montevideo, Callahan, Diversion, LLDA.   I saw Meong, Jess, Jeff, Vhen, Sec Noe, Armin, Val,  and Master. Sec Noe who texted me na manonood lang, gave me a dousing of water and Cobra drink.  Special thanks to Pres. Luis for informing the other Recyclists about this event and dragging them to the race route.

Thank you.  Your presence gave us more courage and determination to finish the race which was our only goal and to beat other riders.    Well we achieved them (Tito and I).   We completed the four loops, and a good half of the field especially members of the command, did not finish the course. (race)

Tito suggested the following:

1.  That we strengthen our Recyclists;  that we demand certain commitment and loyalty to Recyclist.  NOT EASY COME EASY GO. That we have more meetings and motivation

2.  That we join more races, and that we are properly represented by the group, rather than by individuals (Papa Ric is in many races collecting bounty for being the oldest)

3. That we give full support to the participant, like bike, or MC and other logistic support.  Mambog Biking Club, he said has enviable support for its team mate who joined this race.

                                       Sergeant Major Tamondong of Antipolo

Before the start of the race/registration at SM

                                       Registration was 4 to 6 am

                                      They campaigned for a SAFE election;  plenty of speeches

                              PNP personnel/ riders

                                       Sergeant Major Tamondong of PNP Antipolo
                              Maraming PNP kailangan physical fitness program like this one

                                  Departing from SM at 7 am (one hour late because of speeches)

                    Highway Patrol Group led the fun run and was controlled well at below 20 kph

                               The fun run in Angono

                                      That is my bike and Tito's

                                     Photographing the photographer

                                     Assembly at Binangonan before  the race starts

                                 The ladies cop with lap ribbons (pink at downtown, blue at the diversion)

                                  The open individual (below 45) about to start off

                                 Waiting for the signal to start, near the Binangonan water station

                                           Team competition starts (the green boys are from Baytown)

                                                  JB arriving at the finish line at 4th loop

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