Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ingat sa mga Road Psycho o mga Bulag na Driver Mga Kapadyak


From Human Cyclists - Less Psychopaths or More Paths

Sorry mate, I didn't see you
                                                 Di nakita o sinadya

There could be so many morons, homicidal speed maniacs on the road. Even drug addicts.  Did you watch  a pick up that bumped a biker and even ran him down.    Parang road kill ang sinasagasaan.  Mabuti di namatay ang rider.

On the way up to Sampaloc last Thursday, a Fortunner driver with heavenly tinted glass made a U turn (I bet his wife was not his companion) and had A SUA (sudden unexplained activity)    he opened his window and asked me if there was any problem

Some guys need to have psycho exam.  Or have them confined at NCMH.  I think the Mandaluyong space would not accommodate the numerous  psycho enemies of bikers

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