Monday, March 7, 2016

Bikers Road Safety vs. SAFE as a theme/priority

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 7, 2016

This post commends the gathering of Rizal leaders:  provincial fiscal, the Comelec PNP director for having its theme of S.A.F.E, (Secure and Fair Election) as their theme, and to promote that in yesterday's MTB race.. Unless there the political dynasty in Rizal are vicious warlords, and unless they have worthy opponents, the unsafe or unfair election are mostly unlikely to happen.  The bikers and the general public could not care less and may be irrelevant for most riders. What can bike riders do to ensure safe and fair election?  Only the police, Comelec, and the prosecutors can.

I suggest that we should have paid attention for safe and accident free riding as the next relevant theme for the ride.   There are numerous altercations and accidents involving motorcycle vs bikers, tricycle vs bikers, and large motor vehicles and bikers.  One or the worst was the death of Eljay Arambulo, a newbie who was struck by a Meralco sub contractor in Mahabang Parang.

In yesterday;s race for MTB sponsored by MTB, despite the numerous PO marshalls and motorcycle cops several disturbing contra riders actuations by mv drivers put many riders at risk.  In intersections, the obstructions were numerous inviting collisions and crashes. In one instance, on the way back to the municipal hall grounds of Binangonan, a tricycle came running at high speed right into the path of bikers (they are supposed to be a the middle lane.   I nearly collided with that tricycle.

Let us campaign for biker friendly MV MC drivers.  As of now. they are not.

They cant think of anything except their bikes and padyak!

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