Thursday, March 17, 2016

Get well Ed

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 17, 2016

                                  Vhen joined me at Sampaloc ride, shown here with a new friend Alvin
                                   at buko stop.   He also joined me  visiting Ed de los Reyes (7 days) who
                                   was reported to be sick.  He will get well soon

I texted Ed de los Reyes when he said he could not join the PNP race to get well.  He texted me that he has gouty arthritis, his creatine level was high (so he needed dialysis) and that he has low hemoglobin, to get well, to take Llanol (allopurinol for his gouty arthritis) and to have dialysis for a longer.... He did not reply to this.

I visited him last week but he was not at home.  So today after Vhen and I rode to Sampaloc and Regina Rica, I requested him to visit Ed (7 days) to which he obliged.  Vhen was happy for this request because he had a chance to rest and be ready for the LLDA ascent.  And so we conversed with Ed.  He has fever every afternoon, but he tested negative for an infection characterized by low fever every afternoon.  As for the gout, he could not control the diet but takes meds regularly.  I advised him to take the real allopurinol - Llanol which I detailed as a drug reps so many years back.  I was an ex pert on gouty arthritis and xanthine oxidase blocker.

As for low hemoglobin I advised him to take sweet potato leaves steamed or malunggay leaves.  I teased about only old people getting gout.  And that he should get well to join us again in biking. Like we did today to Sampaloc.

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Jorgeus said...

Ed joined the ride last Saturday. Thanks ED for answering the call to health and long life