Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Practice ride 2x loop arond Cardona diversion Binangonan route - getting stronger and faster

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 29, 2016

I had my practice ride today riding around the Cardona diversion twice.   The difficult portion there are as was experienced in every time we ride to Morong and Pililla are:    the Mambog portion, Callahan, the diversion  (there are about 3 hills there, the first one being  the toughest) and the LLDA portion.  I just did the 2x next time I increase it to 3 and eventually 4. to simulate  the race situation.  I guess this ride makes me stronger.

My growing riding time make me faster too. Before, I can only sprint max to 30 kph.  Now I can do 35 kph at a much sustained (say 15 seconds) period.

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