Thursday, March 24, 2016

Traffic was unusually heavy at our route for Bisikleta Iglesia, mass exodus of motor vehicle owners: cars, motorcyclists and cyclists

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 24, 2016

                                   Gerry on  counterflow together with MC riders

Traffic was unusually heavy today, as we pursued our goal of completing visit to 7 churches for the Bisikleta Iglesia project today Holy Thursday.

In Tanay, the traffic was from the memorial park up to Sampaloc Tanay intersection, a distance of about 3 km;

In Morong, the usual traffic from Maybancal up to the church, and from Morong Cardona boundary up to the church;

In Binagonan:

       Traffic up to the P Y from Manila East Road going to Binangonan town proper

       At Pantok, traffic extends from Bilibiran up to Pantok

                                 Road to Tanay jammed by MC riders and cars. up to 3 km long

                                       This 20 wheeler trailer had to wait it out

                                  MTB, MC overtaking from all sides

                                      MC riders about 30 of them at Halayhayin Pililla

                                      Car procession in Morong

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