Sunday, March 6, 2016

There is a new oldest finisher in town, and he is no longer Papa Ric

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2016

                               Recyclists finisher for the E class (45 and above) Tito and JB

                                          JB just arrived at the finish line with Val;   Tito F waited

The just concluded Rizal PNP MTB race headed by Provincial Director MTB enthusiast Police Senior Superintendent Adriano Taboclaon Enong Jr. (a General?) gave awards to youngest and oldest finisher.  The youngest did not finish,, the oldest too, Papa Ric (Victoriano Mancao) did not finish.  Of the 4 loops required,  Papa Ric probably did only two (as observed by the Rizal PNP Office Chief) and as confirmed by Tito too.

Rizal PNP directory

Who do you guess got the award (which nearly did not come)?   The winner promptly divided the prize to the other finisher.

            Tito Fabay poses before the fun run began from SM

                  Jorgeus Biker at SM BPO grounds

                   Tito Fabay at Manila East Road Angono

        Four loops completed - finishers of a tough course

            My MTB, loop ribbons (had 7 of them) at the cordon                                      area of finish line

                                      Cash prize for the oldest finisher

                            Safe T shirt (also in honor of the 44 fallen SAF) for first 100 finisher

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