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Thanks for joining the Recyclists Bisikleta Iglesia yesterday, Holy Thursday March 24 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 25 2016

                                           Group pic at Mary Magdalene church in Pililla

Stronger and united again?

Almost all answered the call by the President Luis for Bisikleta Iglesia on Holy Thursday.  Almost all of the Recyclists were there save for:

       Jeff, Val and Angel who rode to Baguio;

       VM who got 3 flats en route; he gave up after the 3rd flat

       Eng. June and Smith. and the Zapanta brods,  Echo  (6x)

Those who joined were:  Master E.   Edgar (7 days) Alan, Weng, Gerry Y, Joel J, Chito F, Gerry C, Vic, Pangs, Richard (ang mambabayo ng kamao) Pres Luis, JB, Ven,  Meong, Jess Verchez, Kuya Boy (welcome back), Weng

We started the assembly at 5:30 and waited for VM. We left at 6:15 and was at Pisong Kape for breakfast by about 7:30.  We were delayed by traffic in Tanay.

By 8:30 we were at the first church Parish of Mary Magdalene in Pililla.  Still more waiting for Edgar.

We were in Parish of San Ildefonso Church in  Tanay by 9:00, and in St. Joseph Church by 9:30.  We were in St. Jerome Church of Morong, the 4th church by 10:00 am.  We were in Cardona church by 10:30 and a little past 11:00 in San Ursula church in Binangonan.  By that time, it was very hot, and we stayed there only for a while.     A lot of waiting in Pag asa for others who were left behind:  Ven, Gerry and others.  We were at Angono church by 11:30 and at Jess Verhez place for the boodle fight by 12:00 on the dot.

The boodle fight started at 12:20 and it was over by 12:21.  Ubos. Kanin at sabaw na lang natira.  Masarap ang luto ng biyenan ni Pres Luis of sinigang na kanduli sa miso, GG, at ensaladang mangga.   We waited for VM who said he will be coming.    He arrived and ate a little of what was left.

We left by 1:20.

Happy Easter every one.  Thanks Jess, thanks Pres Luis thanks every one for joining the Bisikleta Iglesia

This corner hopes every body sticks and stays by the mission of Recyclists - to live healthy and strong by biking and that we join this idea/concept come thick and thin, steadfastly and faithfully.

N.B Bisikleta Iglesia post in the post is the 3rd most read article of this site for all time


                                    Assembly at the Sacred Heart Parish churchyard in Tayuman

                                            We are blessed that Gerry Y is with us

                                     Ready to depart, those are Meong Chito (?) and Gerry

                                                           Ven  and Joel

                                            Kuya Boy's butt and Vic
Arrival at Pisong Kape

                                           Exodus of pilgrims because it is Holy Thursday

                                            Waiting to be served at Pisong Kape

                                                 Chismis time after breakfast

At Mary Magdalene church in Pililla

                                     Richard contemplating how he will hit everyones thighs Ha6

                                          Pulpit at the church;  only two of the churches have the old pulpit

                                          Recyclists who are guapitos

                                               Waiting for Ed

In San Ildefonso church in Tanay

                                            Religious items for sale at Tanay church

                                              Our bikes so many of them

                                     Magnificent Tanay church ritablo

                                                The station of the cross picture at Tanay church

                                              408 years anniversary of the Tanay church

                                              Superb shot of Pang and other MTB in Baras

At St Joseph church in Baras

                                               Ven praying for his health challenges

                                           The St. Joseph church altar, simple and modest

                                               JB photo taken by Ven

                                           I had to take the photo of Ven in return

                                                            Pulpit of Baras church

                                           Relaxing at the St. Joseph churchyard

                                          Modern CR of St. Joseph church

At St. Jerome church in Morong

                                                Traffic at Morong;  heavy both direction

                                                             Joel and Edgar;  mag ingat mga P...

                                        Magnificent stained glass of St Jerome church

At Cardona church

At Sta Ursula church in Binangonan

7th Church St. Clement Parish

Boodle fight at house of Jess Verchez

                                                      Ang mga fighters; start na ng laban

                                                 Ang natalo;  fith over in 10 minutes

                                    Ang umaayaw ay hindi nagwawagi; kaya hindi pa sila umaayaw

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