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March 8, 2016

Webscorer event registration

Webscorer event registration

The Webscorer online registration service is tightly integrated with Webscorer PRO, and can also be used with other timing software or for other types of events. 
Immediate access to your entry fees
  • All registration proceeds are paid directly to your bank account
  • Webscorer never sees the money flow, and will not deduct any fees from the payments
  • Support for multiple payment gateways (you’d link your bank account with the gateway)
    • PayPal (40+ countries)
    • Elavon (US & Canada)
    • Authorize.net (US)
    • Stripe.com (US, Canada, UK, Ireland)
    • Caledon (Canada)
    • Moneris (Canada)
  • You can also allow participants to pay the entry fee via a bank transfer or via check
    • No gateway account required
    • No credit card fees subtracted
    • Good option for countries where bank-to-bank account transfers are easy / free
Dramatically lower processing fees
  • No markups: the payment processor of your choice will deduct just the actual credit card fees
  • Webscorer fee is just $1 / participant which you will pay us after the registration has closed
  • See bottom of the this page for a comparison of the registration fees
  • If you collect no entry fee, the registration is totally free
Integration with the Webscorer PRO timing app
  • Download the registered racer list directly to Webscorer PRO
  • You can start timing the race within minutes after closing the online registration
  • No need to deal with .TXT files, or to have Excel skills to format registration data
  • Allows your registration to stay open longer, reducing day-of-race entries & hassles
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • Single-page design, most users can create the registration page in 5 minutes
  • Participants are not required to create an account on Webscorer.com to register for your event
  • Supports both paid registration (entry fee collected) and free registration (no entry fee)
  • Series registration: combine multiple registrations into a series (with a discount to sign up for all)
  • Assign fees by distance or by category
  • Setup any number of fee increases by date
  • Add a processing fee (fixed fee or %, or both)
  • Keep track of sales tax separately
  • Sell T-shirts etc. as part of the registration
  • Ask for donations
  • Auto-create age categories from date of birth or age
  • Create your own custom questions
  • Registration form can be embedded in your own web page. See Blog
  • Language for registration pages other than English, selectable by user
  • Registration form layout adapts for small screens
  • Limit entries by distance, category or total number
  • Waiting lists – selectively invite participants waitlisted to register
  • Discount codes: set usage limits, track usage, upload Groupon etc. codes
  • Group fees: set different fees if registering multiple participants at once
  • Move participant registration from one event to another
  • Create downloadable reports by day / month / year / date range
  • Customize confirmation email with Facebook links etc.
  • Email all registered participants
  • Online registration where no entry fee is collected is free
  • Credit card fees are charged by your payment gateway (not by Webscorer)
  • Webscorer fee is $1 / participant (USD), payable after the registration has closed
  • Volume discounts for large organizers. See details here
  • The free online registration is available worldwide
  • The paid online registration availability is limited only by the geographic support of your chosen payment gateway
  • The registration is offered presently only in English, translated / localized support coming soon
  • Check here to find out the details on PayPal's support for your country: PayPal Worldwide

Try out the online registration service for free: My event registrations

For more information, please see registration tutorial.


Pricing Information


Webscorer PRO timing subscription

FREEFirst 30 days (all features)
USD $50 / yearManual timing
USD $100 / yearMulti-device timing (includes manual timing)
USD $250 / yearAutomated timing (includes manual and multi-device timing)


  • FREE unlimited email and phone help via support@webscorer.com
  • 5 devices (iOS or Android) included in each subscription
  • USD $50 / year for 5 additional devices
  • Subscriptions do not auto-renew
  • Subscription purchase extends your PRO expiration date by 1 year
  • Features available in Multi-device timing subscription:
    1. Bib sync
    2. Name sync
    3. Multi-device splits
  • Features available only in Automated timing subscription:
    1. RFID chip-timing
    2. NFC chip-timing
    3. Start gate & photocell support

Webscorer online registration

FREEOnline registration that does not charge fees
USD $1 / participantOnline registration that charges an entry fee
Volume discounts for large organizers - see details here


  • Participants make the payment directly to your account
  • For credit card payments, you’ll need your own PayPal, Stripe or merchant bank account
  • In the US, PayPal and Stripe will charge you 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for a credit card payment
  • When participants pay you via bank transfer or check, the only fee that applies is the $1 Webscorer fee
  • The Webscorer fee is payable to us online after your registration has closed
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Any entries where the fee is $0
    2. Any entries where applying a discount code makes the fee $0
    3. Registrations entered manually using the admin tool
    4. Registrations uploaded via a XLS file

Webscorer PRO embedded results subscription

USD $50 / yearEmbedding of results without Webscorer branding


  • Your web page includes an IFrame to contain the Webscorer results pages
  • You provide the link to the page with an additional "embed=1" parameter. See Blog
  • You can optionally specify the default language with an additional "lang=xx" parameter. See Blog
  • If your subscription is valid we show the results without the Webscorer logo, menus, ads, or footer
  • There is no Webscorer fee for:
    1. Viewing your results on the Webscorer web site

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