Monday, June 30, 2014

Choco2 said Jorgesubiker rode well and strong yesterday.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  June 30, 2014

                          Jorgeusbiker Gerry and Aspog

Choco2 our great teen age protege who tried out for the Philippine Olympic team last Tuesday,  June 24 2014  (he did not make it though because of hard hill climbs at Kaybiang and Nasugbu side. -- but we are truly proud and blessed we had a Philippine Olympic team material)  said I rode strong yesterday.  I do not know if he was kidding me.

All the food servers at Manays have been taken

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  June 30, 2014.

Rizal   Philippines  June 30, 2014

                             That is Jane and she is taken

One of the motivation, and we may deny it, for biking to Manay, aside from the great food is the good looking fair skinned food servers.   But they keep on changing and some of them may be taken.

We only got to know Jane (who will get married soon) and Vilma.

The rest  of the food servers do not know how to pronounce their names.

Our group pictures yesterday June 29 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philipppines  |  June 30, 2014

These were some of group pictures in our ride yesterday.  This is the first group pics we had in months.  Either I was not with the group (no cameraman) or there was no significant ride.

We are preparing  for Legazpi City ride in December 2014

One of our companions was hounded by flats and mechanical trouble in our ride to Manay

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines.   June  30  2014

                  Idol supervising Engr June as he fixes his flat

One of our fellow Recyclists Engr June had 3 flats plus a skewer that would not lock properly.   But is part of the challenge, and sometimes when you have mechanical problems they come to you in in a bundle (that is to test your mettle and perseverance.)

Boy am I lucky that it did not happen to me.  In one of our rides to Atimonan, I had three flats:   one in Cardona, early on, and two in Cavinti. I would have just preferred to ride in the van.  But I did not.

                           Jerry K had a flat some 5 km form here and he had a chance to have Kysirium wheelset as his repair wheel.  

We had great snacks at Manay's yesterday.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines | June 30, 2014

We had great ride and chow yesterday at Manay's.  The Pancit and the cold drinks were great.  We must have spent about P700.00 only for the great food.  And the June celebrants footed the bill.

Happy birthday,  VM, Pres Luis and Jorgeusbiker.

Our bike ride to Manay's yesterday, June 29, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

We rode to Manay's yesterday in Pangil Laguna, some 60 km one way or 120 km two ways.   Some say, tongue in cheek to check scholars.

Those who joined:

June Francisco, Joel, Jeff, Jun Vic, Jorgeusbiker, Jess, Alan, Ado, Angel, Albert V, Gerry Cataps, , Pres Luis, Green Lantern, Choco2,  Val   We had visitors:   Aspog from Antipolo, and Idol (Edgar from QC -  friend of Jeff)  Master joined us until Morong only

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Strengthening core body muscles can make you better rider

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |June 24, 2014

I had only one ride last week.  And yet, I was able to join the peloton, the lead pack (Jun Vic, Jericho, Jorge and Jess) from Tanay to km 58  and they were doing 45 kph (my first time to do so)   I and Joel were ahead too at Bugarin

Choco choco interviewed me about my secret training.  Joel said too that I pedaled well last Sunday.  All I could remember is that I do 100 sit ups (crunches) daily and 100 push ups.(That is a lot.  There are plenty of variations:  slow, hard interval, offset, one on floor, one on bench,  putting your feet on elevated item like bench  -  they are are hard push ups I tell you)  I think they do wonders for our breathing ability and the connection of the thigh muscles to the abdomen and back.

I think we should encourage others do crunches and push ups too.  They help remove flabs and make us slimmer.  Remember,  those who have slimmer waists live longer.  Many of us, I could count up to 10 have large tummies

Monday, June 23, 2014

There were a thousand bikers from Pasig City on a tree planting mission to Tanay

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal | Philippines  | June 22, 2014

The roads were filled yesterday with a thousand or more roadies from Pasig City who rode from Pasig to Tanay to do tree planting.  They had complete equipment and logistics:  ambulance, wrecker, motorcycle riding tanod, SWAT, regular policemen, Tanod, other MC escorts.  Their Mayor was with them.  They had two groups:  the lead pack whom we caught in Morong, and the the Mayors group (the tail which) stopped at Binangonan municipal hall.

I have comments about their hagad (motorcycle cops) which were dangerous to the riders.  They swerved, they bunched together and rode very close to the riders and sometimes cut them... Whewww.

They need to be trained.

Tour of Bugarin with Orrin Jethro Garcias group

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines

We had rendezvous with the Tour of Calabarzon group of Orrin Jethro Garcias Group yesterday. They arrived albeit quite late at Bugarin at 11 am.  We were there at 9 am.  We waited for them at the Sacred Heart Church at 6:30 and then at Simples Lugawan at 7:30  (they were supposed to be at MoA) at 6:30 and then we waited at 8 to 8:30 at Pisong Kape.  And then we decided to ascend to Bugarin. There was supposed to be a contingent from Lumban .  It turned out to be lone rep:  Ms. Roseann Anonuevo, ( a relative of Peter) a 27 year old mom who used to be a real estate sales exec from Alveo and Filinvest.

Those who joined us were:

1.  Jess
2.  Abet
3  VM Jun Vic
4.   Edgar
5.  Papa Ric
6   Gerry Y
7.  Gerry K
8.  Alan
9.  Angel
10.  Joel

Those who joined us at Pisong Kape but later left early:   Secx Noe, Engr. June, and Master E

Thank you guys for joining the rendezvous and waiting.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Our Independence Day ride - June 12, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

There were a lot of riders today:   it is a holiday (no work) the clouds were overcast and it was not hot.  It rained last night and temp was cool.

I biked to Antipolo and started out at 6:30.  I met again Rick at the Manila East Road near the Tower Hills and he recognized me. We parted ways at the Tikling rotonda because he said he will take the Cabrera road.

The  climb up to the church was relatively easy;  no hard breathing, no back pains.  It pays to do a lot of rides.  Rides become effortless and easy.

Then I went to the church and listened about today's homily.  About forgiveness. Know that you have enemies and that you must forgive.'

Then to Teresa.  I must have passed some 30 riders biking up to the hillcrest of Robinson very slowly, but downhill, the MTB overtook me at the Teresa side and so with the road bikers.  They were fast.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Frequent asphalt overlays makes cycling dangerous

Wheels of Happiness

                             See the great difference in road elevation;  it is dangerous for two wheeled vehicle

The road going to Antipolo city is now again being overlaid with fresh coat of asphalt, 3 inches at least.  For those who are unwary, they are likely to crash and have injuries.  I was  victim of this.  You fall of the tall fresh asphalt and try to reclimb not knowing its 3 to inches taller.  Your rear end could not handle this and then you fall.

I thought that the proper procedure was to scrape off old asphalt and then overlay.

I notice too that there is frequent overlay.  Sometime the previous overlay was not more than  6 months old

Great views of Bosoboso

Wheels of Happiness

Bosoboso used to be the capital of Rizal during Spanish time.  Then it became Morong.  As we ride, we sometimes do not pause to admire its great beauty.  Pause and admire its beauty someday.

Inang Vilas resto at Bosoboso

Wheels of Happiness

It is a great clean place to eat, with plenty of huts for dining.  You will like it.  There is parking at the back for vehicles with bike carriers.  Prices are reasonable.  Try it when you bike to Bosoboso

Going back via Olalia road is lung busting ride

Wheels of Happiness

I must have climbed Olalia road 3x and yesterday was my fourth climb.  It is long about 2 km and steep. I would classify it as lung busting and thigh burning.  It is even badder than Kennon Road.

It is because the road is bad and you lose momentum going up.

Anyway, I did not have to stop nor alight from the bike.

Victory victory again for #jorgeusbiker

My bike ride to Bosoboso yesterday, June 1, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Yesterday was the birthday of my dtaughter.  Thus I set out to bike early. I therefore set at at about 5:30 and all the while I thought we would bike to Sierra Madre.  I biked solo and  I was at the Antipolo church by 6:45.  I must have passed 8 bikers:   MTBs and road bikers  At around 7:00  I started out for Boso boso. I passe at San Isidro and I was in Bosoboso at about 8:00 am.  It was not a very difficult ride.  I ate at Inang Vilang and I biked afterwards to #Bosoboso highlands and thereafter back to Sumulong highway.  I was at Sumulong highway by 9:00 am.  I was back at Angono by  1000 am and still able to make it my daughter's birthday celeb at #Comida China.