Thursday, November 26, 2015

Keeping up with the Jays

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines, November 26  2015

Today I biked to OL at Bugarin.  On the way to OL from Lagundi, somebody passed me and I chased him.  I found out that his name is Joey from Fairview, QC.   He was on 39 x 14 while was at 44 x 15.  I was not left behind, and even left him from km 55 up to 57, and after Biak na bato at the last right hand bend.

On the way back, I chanced another biker.  He left me after ascending Biak na bato.  Again, another chase and he held back as we descended to the Pililla municipal hall.  Then we got side by side and later learned that his name is Jay Vergara, from Marikina, a student, only 18 years old.  He said he is a climber and does not do well in sprint.  He said he placed 10th in a TT from Pililla to mun hall and back, race. Again up to Morong, we paced together.  He even said I was doing 35 when I tried to leave him from the Baras Tanay hill..

So there you are two Jays:   Joey and Jay.

Oh I nearly forgot,  Aries from BCC was accompanying two young riders and they overtook me at Morong market. I chased them again and kept abreast until they turned right to the diversion.  By that time I was short of breath and peeled off.

Close Encounters of the Dangerous Kind

Wheels of Happiness

November 26, 2015

Last week, I had dangerous close encounters with vehicles:  

1.  Going up the Beverly hills, a Montero Sports SUV whizzed by and I would swear it was by only 3 mm, and got nearly clipped, because I zig zagged as I went up.

2.  At Tayuman, a Fortunner who was trying to avoid a tricycle going to the new Binangonan Market, swerved  to the right and nearly hit me.

3.  In Darangan, the other week,  too, a Vios did not avoid me as I avoided an excavation.  The car did not avoid me and nearly hit me.

4.  Today, as I was climbing Bugarin, two vehicles, a tourist bus and also another SUV did not avoid me.  "Ginitgit ako sa damuhan."

Kailangan ingat at pasyensya sa mga mayayamang may kotse, mga bus driver na kailangang matutong igalang ang karapatan ng siklista.

Unless this happens, biking in MM as a mass transport system will find difficulty in implementation.  Maraming mabubuwis na buhay

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Changing my bike gears again!?

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
November 12, 2015

I changed the gears of my bike from 12x 28 to 11 x 36, and the chain rings to triplet (from 53 x 39 to 44, 32, and 22)  I changed my changer to 105 triplet.  However, I noticed the gears to be uneven and noisy with the changers.The inner guide of the changer would rub with the chain.

So I decided to:

1.  Use only two chain rings of the triplet:  the 44 and the 32 since I am not using the 22 any way (come Mt. Province and other rides, I would use them again.  But for now, I would be happy with just two chain rings. 

2.  Re install the 12 x 28 cogs for smoother gear changes.

I was able to change these gears in a jiffy. Tomorrow, let me see how the gears work.

My bike ride yesterday, 11/11/2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal
Philippines, November 12,2015

Yesterday, I had cough and fever when I woke up.  I probably got it due to rain last Monday when I biked, or my biking to MoA last Sunday.  The pollution probably got me in.

Well I biked slowly using 32 front chain rin however x 13 and 15.   I raced though going up to the hill before Montevideo, at Callahan, at the stretch between  Cardona and Morong.  Then at Namay and then the hill before Lagundi and up to Lagundi.  I played speed again between Baras and Tanay.   I reached km 58, (30 km away in one hour exactly)  That means I run faster these days.

Back at Simples, I looked for Lugaw at 8:15. They were all ready closed.  Going home I passed at diversion in Cardona.  It looked easier to climb now.  Thanks to the gears.

I was home by 10 am.   It is 60 km back and forth.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Will Guimaras be the MTB bike paradise of the Philippines

Wheels of Happiness

Guimaras, the  Bike Paradise of the Philippines?

The high cost of travel would discourage most of the MTB and would gravitate to local sites.

As of now many in Rizal and Metro Manila would prefer the Bugarin ride in Pililla especially now that there are wind turbines there.

Travel biking in Batanes from LooLoo insights

Wheels of Happiness

Batanes Bikes

National Road Mahatao Batanes Biking

Travel by Loo Loo insights

How to tour Batan Island by bike  I was here last January 26, 2015 (the day of the Mamasapano massacre)

Yes you can tour to Batanes on bike.  Find out how

Racuh a Payaman Mahatao Batanes Biking

Epic Journey around the Philippines 7500 km 85 days, average of 130 km per day

Wheels of Happiness

Tour de Filipinas

Cycle touring in the Philippines

tour de filipinas

It is a dream come true if we ever come close to that.  We can only do 100 km on weekend for a long ride.  Maybe I can do 1,000 km.  I was nearly able to do 400 km in 3 days,  biking to San Felipe.

The two hardy bikers are Batanguenos Andeng Castillo and Lea Latayan

More training though I think is needed and more logistics.   Manila to Gensan would be ok for me

The allure for more adventure, more discovery using bikes is growing to be more tantalizing.  My neighbor Molong has encourage me to join him in Mindoro tour.  I could not catch him again though

Boy washing. Everything happens on the street here. Makati, Manila

Kids, Makati, Manila.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ride to MOA today, November 8 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 8, 2015

                                      Fixie group and cyclocross

Yesterday, in Teresa, while having snacks, Edgar 7 de los Reyes hinted that he will be going to MoA today to watch a race.  I  thought that would be a great idea.  Since we have been a lot in FB about the activities of other riders at MoA

And of I went to MoA this morning.  I started out at 7:00 am and was at MoA by 8:30  I biked to floodway, left turn to Rain Forest, left turn to C Raymundo, Bagong Ilog, C5, then right turn to Kalayaan go up to the flyover to Buendia,   straight straight through Buendia past Paseo de Roxas, Makati Av.  Ayala, Pasong Tamo, SLEX Taft, Roxas Blvd  WTTC and finally to MoA.

First stop was Jollibee where there were other cyclists. The Jollibee here seems to undertand their PTM here -  bikers and were courteous and solicitous to them. There were other feeding stations that seemed to cater to bikers  Here I phoned Edgar and found out he was at Roxas Blvd. near Rajah Solaiman where he bought some bike parts

I went to MoA, then back to the avenue leading to PICC.  There were hordes of policeman having dry run for the APEC.   to Phil Plaza, PICC, the Coconut Palace, MIFF, then started riding home by 10:00  Unfortunately, while negotiating the intersection at Makati Ave, I fell.  (was not able to uncleat in time when I lost balance)

                                     Bikers at Jollibee near WTTC

                  Enroute to Sofitel (formerly Phil Plaza) note the PNP contingent guarding the road

                                          PICC site of APEC

                                       Coconut Palace


                                           MIFF an Imelda Marcos legacy

                                         MTB  riders in front of coconut palace

                                          Is the water clean?

                                      Modern Manila skyline, like you are in a foreign land

                                        MICT modern port facilities

                                            Folks at the back of Balagtas hall

                                     Practice dragon boat race at the murky waters

                                 Dragon boat race practice just ended

                      Traffic because of disorderly rude drivers (and they drive private cars!)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A big gathering of Recyclists today at Simples Lugawan and Antipolo church

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal
November 7, 2015

Today we had a big gathering of Recyclists at Simples lugawan.  First, we gathered at LLDA where Meong had a flat.  Those who were there were Richard, Pangskie, Val, VM, Pres Luis and myself (Jorgeusbiker).  Then we biked to Morong and those who came were Gerry, and Master.  Then we had lugaw

Later on we biked to Teresa,  had snacks again at the intersection, and heard mass at Antipolo.  We were home by 10:30

On the way of Teresa, again was a test of endurance and lungs.   Master had a comment regarding this rider.   ie that the Zambales rider who was loaded passed other riders.  Thanks for the compliments

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Recovery ride part 2 today November 5, 2015 up to Pililla Pisong Kape

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 5, 2015

I rode out late today at 7:30 intending to bike only up to Morong Rizal.

I saw a large legged rider with a Pinarello bike whom I learned later was Papa Rom and he overtook me downhill from Montevideo,   I passe him going up the hill near the school (near Papa Rics place)  I did not see him for a while even as I slowed down at Callahan.

I saw that at about 8:20, Simples lugawan was closed all ready so I moved on but then near the DPWH DE2 office, a green jersey young biker from Baytown overtook me on a sprint, however at the hill crest he seemed to slow down, and there I sprinted and passed him.  No one was behind me up to km 55 and then the hell broke loose at km 57 and the troop consisting of Papa Rom and the young rider, probably having speed of 45 kph overtook me.

We had breakfast at Hacienda Pisong Kape and there I got to talk to Papa Rom who is from Cainta.  Later Smith and Pres Luis, and Edgar 7 days came too. We ate and rode back.  Well they allowed me to lead the pack until Morong where they took charge up to bukuhan just past the boundary of Morong.  He had some white puto (they prefer the white but with an a) and then tinusok ng tinidor.  Smith paid for the puto.

Then he decided we would ride up the Cardona diversion.   I was ahead for a while and then Smith and Luis took over;   Edgar was following me. Smith had 34 x 28.  On the last ascent before the Crystal Subd they took shelter and slowed down and then I sprinted up the hill. where I was ahead the  until main highway.   Smith and Luis overtook me.

I chased Smith and passed me and nearly caught up with Luis until the last bend..  I caught up with Luis down hill until the Y in Binangonan, and then they took over.  We sprinted up Island gas probably doing nearly 45 kph.

We were home at almost twelve

Monday, November 2, 2015

How did I do in the San Felipe ride last October 30 to November 1, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 2, 2015

                                        At ASSCOM MP in Apalit

                                         At McDo in SFDO waiting for Etoy Mariposa

                                      At San Felipe bridge

Well I finished one way 195 km and made it back to San Fernando yesterday covering all ready 100+ km on the way back.  But since I did the hardest part of the ride, I decided since it was warm and puffed my self out riding the peloton from San Felipe up to Olongapo, I decided to take the bus, ie Genesis up to Cubao on day 3.  I think I did  330 km since I still had to bike from Cubao to home

On day I, I sometimes led with Jeff from San Fernando up to Lubao Even Netoy passed me in Lubao.

I was the No 3 guy going up to Subic.

I caught up with Etoy when he passed me in Subic and Castillejos due to traffic.

I kept up with Angel sprinting up to intersection of San Felipe doing as much as 40 km/h.

I led the peloton from San Marcelin after catching up with them up to Subic.  I think we made it in record time so that traffic will not be heavy as we pass it.

It was unfortunate though that some riders made remarks to the effect that I am competing with them.  Why are you lagging behind the climbs?  Well I lagged in the two climbs to  Gapo because there were other climb pa as in  Subic.  I wanted to reach the destination without injury and with plenty to spare.  On the way back I tried to test the competitor on the flat, hovering with him for a while, to make sure he pedals faster, and then passing and dropping him.  I made sure that everybody, on the last day understands my ability.  Going up Subic again using fast pedal rate, no one passed me up to the cemetery.

Having led the peloton and pedalling at speeds of 30 to 40 kph for nearly 50 km for over 1.5 hours meant a different energy system and endurance level for me.  The regular sprint, internal training paid off, and the bike that allowed me to do fast pedalling rate

I think I did great.  Congrats to  me.

                                      At San Felipe beach

                                    Dipping at  San Felipe waters, clear water

Some great landmarks at the San Felipe Zambales rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 2, 2015

Here are some important landmarks seen at the San Felipe Zambales ride:

                                At Tabang before descending to MacArthur highway towards Malolos

                                  Unusual entrance arch at Asscom MP in Apalit Pampanga

                                        Unique chapel design of Asscom

                                     LMP chapel

Our feeding station and nourishment on bike ride to San Felipe Zambales

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 1, 2015

                                            Food stop in San Fernando

These are some details on where and what we ate on the way to San Felipe Zambales and on the way back.

October 30 2015

1. Early breakfast at RapSa in Angono, Rizal.  I had lugaw 5 am +

2.  In Marilao just before SM, we had pan de sal, water and Pansit Canton  8:30

3.  In San Fernando intersection - water, water and more water  1030 am

4.  In Dinalupihan, Bataan  12:30

5. At Olongapo City, 7-11 and Mercury

6.  Plaza of San Marcelino  -  pineapple juice and some candies

7.  Dinner rice, sinigang na isda and fried fresh fish at the house of Kuya George of Jeffrey

October 31 2015

We bought some fish at the landing of fishing boats near the beach.   We bought 2 kgs of tuna (yellow fin) and two kgs of pusit.

1.  Gerry prepared the two tuna for kinilaw.for breakfast

2.  The head was made part of sinigang, and the squid were made into adobo for lunch

3. We had dinner at the house of Ate Violy near the sea. Then we had videoke and slept for a while near the beach

Long ride to San Felipe Zambales October 30 to November 1, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
November 1. 2015

                                   The brave strong riders at Babaybay in San Felipe, Zambales

                                   At Subic overlooking SBMA opposite the cemetery

This was initiated by Gerry and Jeff.  The original joiners were Jeff, Gerry, Angel, Weng, Ed and Me (Jorgeusbiker) I was 50 50 because our business involved the dead.  However, since a daughter was in charge, it was time for me to get out of the box.

Only Angel, Gerry, Jeffrey and I appeared at the starting block.  I was awakened by the text of Jeff at 440.  I arrived at the Angono Plaza at 5:00 and still had to eat my breakfast at Rapsa lugawan at Balite and so we left at 5:30.  We were at junction at 6:00 and there was so much traffic. All ready.  We were at Marilao at 7:30 where we had additional breakfast/snack of pansit. We were at San Fernando at 10:00/  We had to quench our thirst there. I bought one 1/2 liter and 1 liter of water (15 pesos vs P20)but then again, Nestor Mariposa (father of choco2) phoned Angel that he would join us at San Fernando.  We waited for him until he arrived at 11:30 at Mcdo cor MacArthur and Gapan Olongapo road.  We arrived at Dinalupihan at 12:30.where we had lunch at a newly opened resto near Petron Station.  I had saging, chopsuey, rice and I paid for one additional 1.5 liter of RC cola to quench our thirst.  We left at 1:00 pm for Olongapo

We arrived at Olongapo by 3:00 pm where we went to a grocery near Mercury and even got acquainted with the SG Manuel who sold us his bike.  He said he had three and claims he is from Pasig.  The climb from Dinalupihan to Olongapo was torturous because there were two long climbs.  It is 18 km to Olongapo.

We hit San Marcelino by about 4:30 and there would still be 20 km to ride (San Narciso and San Felipe)  We took the shortcut so that we would by pass San Antonio. (that saved some 10 km)  The stretches of road were long and there were not too many vehicles.   Angel and I alternated in sprtinng on the stretch from San Marcelino to the crossing of San Antonio and San Felipe.  We arrived at 5:30 in San Felipe.   (Angel had a flat in San Marcelino, Nestor had a flat at second bridge some 3 km to San Felipe.)  Jeff could not locate the residence of his cousin George and the lights were all ready fading.  We did find him later after inquiring from bystanders.

The ride is significant in many ways because:

1.  It had the least number of participant in a long ride

2.  It was  long ride without back up;

3.  It is 200 km long and passed through 4 provinces:  Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan and Zambales

4.  We have not been to this area.  We planned for this last year but we were able to do this.

Congratulations hardy riders:   Angel, Gerry Jeff, Nestor and Jorgeusbiker

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