Saturday, October 3, 2015

My bike ride today, October 3, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
October 3, 2015

Its the birthday of my late mother today.  Happy Birthday Inang.

I rode to Antipolo, heard mass at the church and then rode to Teresa.  On the way I practiced two sprints going up to Robinson land and one before descending to Teresa.  Then another sprint at Hill right after San Guillermo.

I had my lugaw at the lugawan at the kanto to the left before descending to town proper.

Let me tell you stories about some of my chases/race with some bikers:

1.  A duo overtook me on the way to Lagundi.  I chased them, and caught up with them going uphill at Km 52.  They just veered off to the shoulder and quit.

2.  A group of about 4 Corratec Air 21 overtook me before Biak na Bato.  I did not let go off them. I chased them, and overtook them in a sprint before Pisong Kape.

3.  I happened to bike with an elderly rider who is from Pililla.  He claimed he is fromer Marlboro tour biker.  He was on a one month vacation at Bicol and is 00 daw s practice.  So we rode shoulder to shoulder (I spinning, he was spinning too) from Quisao to Malaya.  At the Malaya hill, he was left behind as well as on the descent.  I waited for him at the Jalajala arch

4  A time trial rider with all the works (but the rider looked unfit - overweight) overtook me at the boundary of Malaya and Niogan in Pililla. I again chased with 44 x 17 (spinning) I caught up with him and eventually overtook him.  I did not see him again.  There was another one whom I overtook too an MTB at Quisao

5.   There was a group of Giant riders who passed me at the crest of Baras Tanay boundary.  Again I chased and joined their peloton up to Morong.  We must be doing 30+ and I did not get tired joining their ride.

Practice sprints again.  Going up Cardona after Iglesia.  Going up hill near Island gas plant.  Sprint at Grandspan after the bridge and finally before San Carlos. Gate 2.  These are 4 sprints (interval lasting for 200 to 300 meters) plus three earlier at Antipolo - those are 7 spring practices and 4 mini races.

My thighs are sore and stiff right now

These are small stuff and small victories but are giving me confidence and inspiration to ride better and cope up with the Halimaws of  Recyclists. and make me enjoy more my cycling and my rides.  Part of magis.


Jun said...

To my fellow Recyclist,

I have been absent for a while and wishes to express how I miss the company of all. I need to deal with some age-pains and recurring illnesses which I blame to my long hiatus from cycling. I missed all this and It really has affected my health. (e.g. back pain, hemorrhoids)

Anyway my prayers will be answered soon, as I will be assigned a new post which will require me to operate in Manila.

Guys see you soon ! ! !

Jorgeus said...

See you soon We really have to struggle to get over that rest/hiatus