Friday, May 30, 2014

My bike ride today May 30 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines  |  May 30 2014

                                         Misty morning view going from Morong to Baras Km 49

As we prepare for the Legazpi City ride by December 2014, I try to build myself physically to become stronger. Here are my latest routine:

1.  100 push ups:  with arms offset, with leg raises,  planking,

2.  100 squats

3.  100 leg raises lying down.

4.  100 steps us on a 1 foot stool

These are good for developing the core muscles and build resistance especially #4.  And developing abs and removing flabs.  Try them.  I have been getting these from #Mens Fitness

Today I biked to KM 55 at Tanay and returned home via Teresa and Antipolo.  I arrived at 10 am (late for work.  I started out early at 5:50 and I wore the Recyclists first uniform.  I went through the Cardona bypass
 which we know is rather stiff and steep using 34 x 23.

I admired the fire trees in Tanay and took many of their pics.  I met Nolite on the way back at Simples Lugawan

Fire trees on fire

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

There was a huge traffic jam at Kaytikling today due to an accident

Wheels of Happiness

 Rizal, Philippines  |  May 27, 2014

I biked to Antipolo City leaving at 6:00 am.  There was however a huge traffic jam at Kaytikling.  Going up to Antipolo until near Palmera was a problem,  and from Fibertex down to that area was tied up.  Reason, a ten wheeler truck slammed into a group of houses.  It may have lost brakes and reversed into the houses.  There were hearsays of death. 

At the time I passed, a concrete bulk transporter was in the middle of the road, apparently requested to tow the 10 wheeler.  Fortunately for me, I was able to get back to Kaytikling without much problem.  I counterflowed despite the fact that maybe a hundred vehicles were on hold because of the huge 10 wheeler truck (a flatbed bearing sand)

I started going down at 7:00 am and was home at 7:25

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My bike ride today May 22, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines   |  May 22, 2014

I rode again today, departing at 6 am.  I used the Fuji SL bike with the newly installed ITM handle bar.  I reached Morong by 7:00 am but I continued up to km 53 in Tanay.  On the way I chased Nolite from he Tayuman and was with him before the Binangonan Convention Center.  We were together until  Callahan but he overtook me and was ahead of me by 20 meters till the crest.    That gap widened by some 300 meters up to Cardona/Morong boundary but at Namay I caught up with Nolite.  He turned left at Sagbat to bike to Antipolo via Teresa.  I went to Tanay.

This simply means:

1.  I am getting stronger;  (I can give chase to Nolite and even keep pace with him)

2.  I can give chase and cant be dropped very far behind

On the way back I met many Taytay riders like Bubuy.  I also met Ven at Sagbat

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Replacement of my Fuji handlebar yesterday

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines  |  May 21, 2014

VM offered he an ITM full carbon handle bar for sale at one half of the original price of P12,000.00.   I did not see a need for this as the current handle bar is also carbon.  Well he insisted that I should change this to further enhance the Fuji appearance.

I had Boyeth install it yesterday.  It took him an hour and half to complete the installation.  I will post the
 picture in a short while.

I biked today to Antipolo City, I met another Javier from Cainta

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines  | May 21, 2014

I rode to Antipolo City today.  I rode out early.  When you constantly lride to a difficult destination, things do not appear as difficult as they seem to be.  While I was sweating hard, my breathing was not very difficult and hard.  I arrived at the church in under 40 minutes.

As there is work afterwards, I did not stay long to listen to the mass.

As I was riding down, I came across a rider who was barreling down from Antipolo at pretty fast pace.  I overtook him just before we reached the Beverly Hills.  At fibertex, I stayed close to him and engaged
 him in a conversation.  I learned he is Jomel Javier and is a relative of Joel Javier.  He knows VM and he said the other week he met Ven.  His bike is branded Cinelli and he says he prefers to use the old bike that are of standard measurements

This is the second time I met a Javier this week.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My bike ride today May 18, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

I left at 6:00 am  early today. But I watched the fun run project of the Angono municipality.  I should have joined it but the P200.00 entrance fee prevented me from joining

I met Danny an MTB.  It was his first ride today after so many decades and he must have gained weight

I arrived at Maybancal by 7:00 am.  Who were present?  Choco2, Val, VM, Joel, Jericho, Jorgeusbiker, Jimmy, Alan, Jeff, Gerry K (Master and Gerry Y joined us later at Pisong Kape).

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Padyak ride last May 15 2014

Wheels of Happiness

I rode to Antipolo last May 16, 2014

There I met JJ and Armin.  It is nice to see people practicing on weekdays.    JJ brought his Mt. Bike and Armin his carbon fiber outfit

We heard mass, and Armin gave me some bananas. He said that cashew nuts and banana go very well for good health  I said bikers are better off in giving away bananas  Laughter.

And then I immediately went home so that we can work 

Monday, May 12, 2014

My bike ride log yesterday May 11, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines | May  12, 2014

This blog was first thought of as a diary a log of rides and all the thoughts/events, ideas that are related to biking.  It also serves as reference point with the partners in case the biking is doubtful or becomes a source of irritant.

I started out about 6:50 and and as usual said prayers at the Sacred Heart Parish.  And of I went. A rider from Taytay, who is the manager of PR gas in Muzon overtook me and I gave chase.   He said he has been biking for a while. I was sucking his wheel up to Montevideo and I lost him at Cardona at downhill.

The biker (MTB) is an entrepreneur

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philippines  |  May 12, 2014

I came across a Mountain Biker on my ride yesterday at Bilibiran halohalo stand.  It was so hot, and I saw this biker who was enjoying something cold to cool himself from the very hot noon sun.

I ordered my P20.00 halo2 and while eating I conversed with him and I learned that he is from Caloocan, his name is Dong;  he used to work with Cebu Pacific as cabin mechanic (the one who maintains the seats of the plane) and he was end co (contract ended) at the end of 5 mos.

So what does he do or will do?

He says that he knows of a certain product he found while biking that he can sell to another outlet for a 200% mark up.  He just needs cash capital for the deal.  Wow that is great.  He used his biking to full advantage for opportunity seeking.  And he is going to have a source of income soon

Congratulations Dong for being enterprising.  Keep this up

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best bikes seen today May 11, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | May 11 2014

              It is a Ridley carbon fiber frame, with Cosmic wheelset and Campy groupset by Kapadyak Z

 Many best bikes were seen today.  Who says Pinoys cant afford expensive bikes/toys.  Posts abroad of Velonews are not just pics but reality for many local riders.

We can afford. Cant we?  Many Pinoys are prosperous (so are many bike jackers/nappers)

 JJ's Argon bike;  he sold his Merida bike to buy this great wheelset

 Cannondale and Tecchia seen at Hacienda Pisong Kape

 Argon bike and and a carbonfiber  aero wheelset

 Cheap bike;  that GTS is mine; it has Ultegra STI though, a durace crank and Mavic wheelset

It was so hot today in our ride that we had to drink and stop more

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines | May 11, 2014
                                   Stacks of glasses inviting us to get cold drink:  water or BJ

We rode up to OL of Bugarin and the hotter part of the day caught up with us. It was so hot. I spent double  on food and refreshment because was so hot.  And we had to stop more. It was the only way to survive the very hot weather.

Of course I avoided the soft drink with BVO (that affects our brain cells that cause us to be forgetful;  it was originally approved as fire retardant) and sodium benzoate.

Kapadyaks and Recyclists beware of pedestrians

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   |  May 11, 2014

In my biking experience for the last 5 years, the most risk comes from pedestrians and we must be aware of pedestrians.  We cant afford to hurt nor injure them.  Most of them may lack awareness or training in safety, or being a good pedestrian:

1.  Most do not use the pedestrian lane although many are provided especially in busy streets;

2.  They can change their mind in the middle of an action:   may stop crossing, or may proceed, or change direction

A GTS bike like so many of drivers (jeep and motorcycles) cant read signs

Wheels of Happiness

Maybancal, Morong, Rizal  Philippines | May 11, 2014

I biked on a GTS bike today.  I did not realize somebody had the same white GTS bike parked at Maybancal however with a brand new Spyder helmet.

Richard inquired if I bought a new helmet.  I said no, I did not because there was no large size helmet. at Spyder last Thursday.

Lo and behold, it was not my bike.  And it could not read signs like the multitude of other drivers who cant read traffic signs, or knows them and simply ignore or disobey them.

See the picture.

Parking in a no parking zone

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My bike ride today to Morong - overtook two ten wheelers and 4 bikers

Wheels of Happiness

Angono Rizal Philippines  | May 8 2014

I rode to to Morong today.  I left at 7:00 am.  I was at Mambog by 7:20 am (that is 10 km distance and that meant I was doing an average of 30 kph.) The reason is that I was chasing 2 ten wheeler trucks.  One was ahead of me by 200 meters from Pag asa and I overtook it at Bilibiran.  It overtook me again at San Juan but while it labored going uphill at Mambog, right after the convention center I overtook it.

There was another truck that I overtook that was also laboring uphill in Cardona after the elementary school.

As for the bikers, three teen aged mt bikers overtook me near the municipal hall of Cardona and I stayed close. Going up Callahan they faltered and  me at 53 x 19 attacked up to the hospital spinning further until the iceplant and the crest.  I overtook a roadie before the crest.

There must have been a dozen roadies I met.

Have a beautiful day.  God bless

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My bike ride today May 4 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal , Philippines  |May 4 2014

                                         My bike and that of Gerry at Antipolo City church yard

I left at 6:30, went to Sacred Heart Parish in time for communion, the second collection and the final blessing, "Ite missa est".  I arrived at Morong at 7:50 and the rest of the Recyclists Kapadyaks must have gone to Pililla Pisong Kape all ready

Friday, May 2, 2014

Two jeepneys scared the hell out of me during my last ride last April 30 2014; may we have safe driving practices by jeepney drivers?

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal  Philippines  |  May 2, 2014

I am reminded of a post from RBP whose mountain bike was nearly totalled by a jeepney in Metro Manila

In my bike ride last April 30, 2014 (and I am trying to suppress this scary incident, two Tanay Junction jeepneys (the blong ones with identical yellow color - same owner) scared the hell out of me.  One had plate number of CVG 450, the other CVG 479.  The 450 overtook me in Pantok, right after the traffic zone, going to Angono, with only inches to spare.  Had I turned a little bit my wheel to the left, it would have a been a great spectacle and my Fuji carbon fiber bike would have scattered to thousand pieces on the road.

Let us ride early to avoid being fried by the very hot (not warm) weather

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  | May 2, 2014

Days are getting warmer if not hotter these days.  I left early but delays in taking pictures for these posts delayed and soon the hot sun was frying my skin and making me feel dehydrated.

So I had to rest, take more drinks to overcome the heat.  I had to ride fast too so that the wind would cool my face.  I had to drench my face and my jersey with water from my bottle which too was hot enough to scald my skin.

Picture of progress at Sumulong Highway

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal, Philipppines   | May 2, 2014

I am really amazed at the quantity and quality of progress visible along Sumulong highway.  In the l970s, I had a summer job at DE office in Capitolyo, Pasig City and did blue printing of the Sumulong highway.  They were just plans then.  Sumulong highway connected Antipolo City (not a city then) and Marikina city.  And certainly they were just mountainous areas.

Now just look at them, they are very much part of the urban scenery.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We should ride on bikes, not bikes riiding in cars

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | May 1, 2014

                                   A TT bike atop a car bike rack

I used to do that:  hitch my bike to a bike rack of our SUV, drive near the destination, ride a few km to the summit of the ride, ride back (say 20 km in total) hitch the bike again to the bike rack and ride home in comfort.

I realize this is unsportsmanlike:  letting the rest fellow bikers ride it out and defeats the purpose of biking to get exercise.  It may even make you sick:  after being exposed to the elements then the cold aircon will blow to your superheated body/skin.

Thus I kid and shout to bikers who let their bikes ride in their vehicle:  Ang bike sinasakyan, hindi isinasakay"

Two new hospitals being built at Marcos and Sumulong highways

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | May 1, 2014

                Steel frames of Metro North Antipolo Doctors Hospital.  Construction is at full blast

As I rode today in Antipolo City,  I saw wo new hospitals that  have been recently built:   Clinica Antipolo at Taktak Road in Antipolo City and Cornel Hospital along Marcos Highway near SM and Masinag

I saw that two are being built:  the Assumption Specialty Hospital and Medical Center and the Metro North Antipolo Doctors Hospital.   The catchment area of these hospitals has a population that could be of a town:  88t.  Thus hospitals are sprouting all over the place.  I wish them more power and more patients

Pictures of other bikers/bikes

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines   | May 1, 2014

                                 Glowing green aerowheels

I took pictures of other bikers and bikes to spice up my posts today.

                                 Bikes parked at Antipolo Church

                                  Bikes in Manga

The magsusuman and kasoy vendors were transferred here.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippine  | May 1, 2014

The reason why probably there is not much traffic in Antipolo City today, May 1, 2014, the start of pilgrimage is the vendor management near the church and the City Hall.  Many traditional vendors have been relocated at Sumulong Highway.  Smart move.   This is near the new market of Antipolo City (but which is still non operational)

Are they better off here?  Can they sell more?  I can see that they do more hard sell here. And only pilgrims on vehicle can buy....

                                 Langka (jackfruit for sale)

I could not keep up with very strong rider from Taguig, 1/2 my age Marc Angeles

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |   May 1, 2014

                           Mark smiling;  (would you believe that one legged man there bikes? ha6)

On the way to Antipolo, a biker with Cannondale bike, Movistar jersey, SIDI shoes, apparently very young overtook me while near SM Taytay,  spinning.  I caught up with him in Antipolo Church and we had little conversation.

He said he is from Bacoor Cavite, and now lives in Taguig City.  His wife is from there.  He rode from Taguig via C6.  He used to bike to Tagaytay,  via Paliparan, or Mendez, go down to to Lemery and then go back (we did the same ride before)  And when I asked about his age, he said he is.   only 30, 1/2 my age. I told him I could not keep up with him.  He said the age is the obvious reason.

His name is Mark Angeles .  No relation to any Angeles I know.

"Tayo na sa Antipoio" Today, May 1, is the start of Antipolo pilgrimage

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | May 1, 2014

 Sculpture at the plaza about "Tayo na sa Antipolo"

 Tarp for Antipolo Festival which starts today.

There is no work today so I biked today to Antipolo City.  I started out at a about 6:55 and was in Antipolo City by 7:40.  I expected a huge crowd to be there.  It was not so. Maybe because it was hot.
 Maybe on weekends, there will be more visitors. 

 Before, huge crowd, coming from Manila starting out at midnight of April 30 jam the streets.  And there is a overcrowding and trash.  Maybe it was so last night