Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fixing the newly bought MTB of Vhen Apran

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 27, 2016

Vhen just bought a Merida MTB with SRAM FD and RD. However he said, when he biked last Sunday he was troubled with its shifting. He had trouble with the shift at FD (would not shift up and at the back.  It would not go down to #11 cog) He showed me his bike and found out that both shift cables, for the front and back had slack and the low limit needed some loosening.  The drop out was slightly bent and needed straightening.

So we went to his house, tightened the cable and everything worked fine again.

Simple solution to what sometimes can baffle us.

Monday, July 25, 2016

We rode to Jarrel's Peak yesterday, it was a great and challenging ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 25, 2016

               The 7 Jarrel's peak conquerors from Angono

                The ride distance as per Earl's cyclocomputer

We (7 in all:  Armin, June B, Earl, Bryan, Lenard, Louie and Jorgeus Biker) rode to Jarrel's peak in Infanta Quezon via Marcos Highway yesterday, 5 am to 5 pm.  It was distance of 72 km (144 km out and back in the cateye of Earl)  It is a ride with no  bonus both ways.  One thinks that like Tagaytay, there is a bonus -  hard going up and downhill on the trip back home.  Jarrell is unforgiving:   tough going up and tough going back.  At one stretch from Saksak (which I tried earlier) it is 15 km going uphill to Sampaloc.

No wonder what they say about Jarrell's peak:

1.  Taytay MTB riders say that of their elite riders only 3 have made it so far to Jarrell

2.  It was good I did not join the Audax ride.  They say that many wasted their entry fee of  xxx amount because 50% did not finish.  The first trip down Sampaloc was 1 hour overdue because of the difficulties.

                               Rest at JenJen's bukohan

        Posing time at Marquez bulalohan, about to depart

The ride out was supposed to start at 5 am.  I arrived at 7 11 at 5:05 and nobody was still there so thinking that I was left out, I rode even though it was dark (I did not know that they still waited for me until  5:20. According to Joe, the first one to arrive was Brian at 5:10)  And though it was dark and my bike light was not functioning well I rode on.  I was in Cardona by 5:30 and in Morong by 6:00.  I thought I would have lugaw at Simples but they were not open yet.  I had my breakfast at Lugawan sa Halaman in Tanay where I stayed there until 6:30.  And then to Sampaloc

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bike ride with Vhen Apran this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016.

Happy birthday Ms. Apran.

Today I and Vhen, as was agreed yesterday at Wawa, we biked to Antipolo.  Three others were supposed to join:   Reymond, Gelo and the third one.  At agreed time of 6:30, the three were not there and then we decided to go.

Vhen led most of the way until Mercury Taytay.  In  the uphill, I spun and overtook him.  Up to Tower Hills and then to Marian Hills Seminary up to Beverly.   I waited for him before Beverly took his picture and then chased him and waited for him until PNB.  Took his picture.  Chased him again and then overtook him just before the Antipolo City Cathedral premises.  We heard mass for  a while and then descended.

There was all ready traffic up to Tikling from Marian Hills seminary.   And we counterflowed.  Left him again from the Manila East and downhill. to SM.  I was probably doing 50 kph going downhill.  And then waited for him at Shell Taytay before Villa.

It was a great ride.  Plenty of hard efforts and sprint.  He said his perspiration smelled of the drugs he was taking.

Proposed MTB bike ride to Jarrel's peak this Sunday? Come on let us join?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016

Armin Zapanta, an ART member, (Angono Recyclist Trekker) invited me to join his group ride to Jarrel's Peak in Real Quezon along Marcos Highway.  I have been there with a neighbor, on a vehicle, while he was still strong (he is now fighting for his life vs Stage 3 cancer)

Sabi ni Armin, suave lang walang iwanan.  Look who is talking.  In our Tagaytay ride, he left us.

I said I will try.  Let us join them and try.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hey hey the gang was here at Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 17, 2016

It was a great day to bike today.   Many ART were at Simples Lugawan this morning:    Ed de los Reyes, Meong, Master, Pres Luis, Angel Balubar, Pres Luis, Jess Verchez myself, Gerry Cataps, Vic. Tsalap Joel.

On the way, I did tempo and even race like ride with Meong. (Before going up Mambog, Buboy was pulled from behind.  At Callahan, Meong raced up but slowed down at the ice plant.  I stood at the Queen Mary and chased him and overtook him at the crest.  He was ahead downhill but I raced ahead of him at munisipyo.  At Namay, he and Ed de los Reyes coming from nowhere raced up and gave up before the crest.

We ate lugaw at Simples.  Gerry Y arrived when we were about to leave for Pisong Kape. It was a great day for bikers. About 3 dozen bikers ate lugaw at Simples today.

Then we went to Pisong Kape.  I chased the lead group consisting of Gerry, Meong.  Then Angel went up ahead and followed him  He left me when he got ahead of a Reymond bus and the rest overtook me at the Baras hill.  They left me and could not get in touch with them.  I turned back at Pililla municipal building. And went home.

I saw Secx at Simples who just arrived. I decided to depart.  It was hot day today for a ride.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interval training today using a Road Bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 14, 2016

I biked today to Morong using a road bike, the Bianchi up to Morong.  I did at least 8 interval.  Sprints of at least 15 to 20 seconds, some of them going uphill.

I did not stop at Morong (until Emmas Resto only) and continued going home.  I passed at Cardona diversion.  I used initially 39 x 28 but since I was recovering from Tagaytay City long ride, I used 39 x 32.  It was great  It was easy hill climb.  I was happy with today's practice ride.  Going faster and stronger.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I joined Angono MTB riders to Tagaytay yesterday; they are very strong riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 11, 2016

          Group picture at Bicutan near the Camp Bagong Diwa

I joined the Angono MTB riders upon invitation of Armin Zapanta.  I did not get their names but most of them were 29ers.  We were ten in the group and we assembled in front of Jollibee Angono. We left at almost 6 am although it was announced that we would depart by 530.

The pacing was quite strong reaching Alabang by 7:30 am.  I tried to pace at floodway and at C6 (which was quite rutted) but then Armin and Jun Balbin sprinted at about 2/3 of C6 and so with others and tried to catch up until the pit stop at near Camp Bagong Diwa.

The same was true at the service road. I had to do a lot of catching up until we reached at Alabang.  But I managed to join the paceline at Daang Hari and stayed with the leaders until we waited for others at Bacoor intersection.

We had breakfast at  Silog resto in Bacoor. It took sometime for the food to be served.  We spent some thirty minutes there which delayed us a bit.

And then at Paliparan up to GMA.   Armin and Jun led and I think I was the third or fourth until the deignated pit stop.  Then to Greenwoods.

I considereably weakened at this portion and was at the middle of the pack.   And then to Silang
and finally the last 10 km to Tagaytay..  I was left behind before the Robinson intersection and had to catch up.  Some  3 kim to Tagaytay, is passed 3 riders and about 1 km I passed 4 more others but a bus tried to push me off at the side of the road.  I have to stop and relax and there 3 others passed me. again.   But I was happy with that.

Then we had lunch at Papa prito resto near rotoanda after the others arrived.  The Papa prito had a nice ambiance and decor. We ate at the 2nd floor with garden like ambiance.  But the service was spotty.  The food was pricey, although there was unli rice. The free soup did not arrive soon enough and the portions were quite small.

We rested until 2 pm and prepared to ride home.  But two had a flat and we were delayed by some 20 minutes.

At Aguinaldo highway, every body was zooming with speeds ranging from 40 to 47 kph.  I tried to chase everybody and tried to be ahead some 3 km before Silang. The ride going down took only 20 minutes.  The ride up took one hour.

And then to Greenwoods and Paliparan.  At Paliparan from GMA to Dasma, I led the front, but at Dasma at the traffic, I was left behind until Daang Hari.  I was in the middle until the Vista Center and then dropped. I chased the front runner and managed to overtake 3 until Alabang where Armin broke his chain (he had problem with his RD an XT early on at Bicutan with clutch and had to be reconnected with missing link)

Again led the end from Alabang to Service road until Sucat.  But managed to stay in the middle up to Bicutan up to C6.  At C6 though when we rode at the promenade I had one seizure of cramp and had to really slow down, spinning at 44 x 28.  Then another cramp before the Napindan bridge.  I had to be very careful.

It is nice to know the the group waited for me at the corner of Highway 2000 and C6.  And I told them the cause of the delay. Blame it on the length of the ride and it was the first time I had a long ride with an MTB.  And Armin noticed that my seat was low.  Could it it be the seat clamp is loose. I kept getting low.

And then up to floodway. I had to ride it slowly.  We were at Holy Gardens by 6 pm.  And I thanked them for waiting for me.

Great ride although my butt is sore and my left calf and back of the knee is still having spasm.

                           Assembly at Jollibee Angono

                            Installing a new bottle cage

           The shadow XT RD of Armin was malfunctioning

                              Group pic at waiting shed in Bicutan

                            Brief stop at Alabang

                         Inspecting the RD of Armin

                          Breakfast at Tapsihan

             Waiting for the rest at corner of GMA Paliparan

                    Near Tagaytay rotunda only 500 m away

At Tagaytay rotunda

We had lunch here at Papa Prito

                         Nice Decor but not great food

                          Ready to depart but two had flat tires

                         Rally point in Silang

                             Assembly at Daang Hari

        Stopping at Alabang; someone had chain trouble

                              Final stop at C6

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chasing Road Bikers yesterday at Km 50 to 53 on a MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 6, 2016

Did you ride yesterday. I am sure you are one of the several dozens or so riders I met yesterday when I biked to Pililla. I left at 6:00 went to Sacred Heart Church and left the church at 6:30.  I biked straight until km 58 and arrived there 7:30.   Wow I am getting better.

On the way, I was overtaken at Km 50+ by a group of Road Bikers with a lone mtb with 1 x 10 set up, 29 ers, long an big thighed and caught with them before a pipe laying construction project after the PNP check point and gave chase until km 52 (going uphill to Baras and Tanay boundary) and overtook them and stopped again at construction site.   I led briefly again for 20 seconds and they were off again. and passed me and were at my sight until km 54 and I lost sight of them

After reaching the Pililla Municipal building I turned back to have lugaw at Maybancal Morong

I understand there were about 9 Recyclists who were at Lugawan at about 7:30  (I was in Pililla then)  I met Master Ed at Tanay.   At Maybancal I met Sec Noe whom I learned had just installed his 105 group set at his Fuji bike (originated from me)  After having his lugaw, we biked together going home. I invited him to bike up Cardona diversion which he declined.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coping up wiith younger MTB riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 3, 2016.

My bike ride took me to Antipolo Cathedral.  There I was one of the early devotees wanting to have the souvenir or personal article blessed.  I arrived just before 7 when the early mass was to about to finish.  There was a big throng of devotees outside.  And there was a long line for devotees wanting to have their articles blessed.  I had my bike blessed at about 7 when the next mass was about to begin.  There were no issues on the blessing (unlike when Reymond had his bike blessed.   The osne in charge has the habit of castigating those who fail to follow the details of his  instruction)

Some interesting events/encounter at the Antipolo churchyard:

1.  I saw some riders with folding bikes 16 diameter tires.  It must be tiring riding those bikes (but had 60 chain rings)

2.  A Bianchi mtb.  I took the pictures of his MTB and my Bianchi road bike. The owner was amazed that the Bianchi bike was light

3.  Somebody whom I met, an accountant of an insurance company who is retired. He has a Venge S works top end bike.

4.  Somebody, a devotee from Indang Cavite admired my Bianchi set up  He marvelled how light the bike is.

Thereafter, I rode down to Teresa.  Near Robinson, I passed a group of MTB who were pedaling furiously.  Most of them were 29 ers with 1 x 10 or 1 x 11 set ;up.   Then going downhill, they passed me (they are heavier) but before Island cement I caught up.  Near the lugawan in Teresa town proper.   they stopped.  Thereafter they were on it. Trying to chase me or overtake me.   I caught up with them before the ascent going to Morong, near the cemetery.  And then they raced with me just before San Guillermo.  And one cried, "Tatang" to which I replied "Anak"  He lost wind just before the summit.  The Tatang beat him. Going down Morong they were at it.  At Holy Angels I peeled off.

It was a great day to practice sprints and anaerobic efforts.  Make you stronger and fit

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Climbing Eastridge with 32 x 32 up to 36t cogs

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 2 2016

Today our office PE was at Eastridge.  The ladies walked and I biked.   Before, I could not climb even up to Unamonte.  I feared that the bike would willy or that I did not have enough gear and stamina to make it at least to the gate of Unamonte.

Well today I did.  I stopped inside the Unamonte subdivision, and then rode again just before the gate.  After the gate I rode up to the main gate using 32 x 36.  I did not have to shift down to the granny. (All other riders were using granny gears  24 x 32 or 34)  The 32  36t was more than enough.

At the top I met 3 Taytay MTB.riders.  They left behind somebody who had 1 x 10.   32 front and 32 biggest at the back.  I suggested that he go back to the triplet or have 42 t at the back if he wants still to retain the 1 x 10 set.  up.  That is why I avoided the 29;  not very efficient in climbing

I am happy with this ride.  This has proven that at 65 I am still strong, and I had levelled up my MTB skills and strength