Monday, July 11, 2016

I joined Angono MTB riders to Tagaytay yesterday; they are very strong riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 11, 2016

          Group picture at Bicutan near the Camp Bagong Diwa

I joined the Angono MTB riders upon invitation of Armin Zapanta.  I did not get their names but most of them were 29ers.  We were ten in the group and we assembled in front of Jollibee Angono. We left at almost 6 am although it was announced that we would depart by 530.

The pacing was quite strong reaching Alabang by 7:30 am.  I tried to pace at floodway and at C6 (which was quite rutted) but then Armin and Jun Balbin sprinted at about 2/3 of C6 and so with others and tried to catch up until the pit stop at near Camp Bagong Diwa.

The same was true at the service road. I had to do a lot of catching up until we reached at Alabang.  But I managed to join the paceline at Daang Hari and stayed with the leaders until we waited for others at Bacoor intersection.

We had breakfast at  Silog resto in Bacoor. It took sometime for the food to be served.  We spent some thirty minutes there which delayed us a bit.

And then at Paliparan up to GMA.   Armin and Jun led and I think I was the third or fourth until the deignated pit stop.  Then to Greenwoods.

I considereably weakened at this portion and was at the middle of the pack.   And then to Silang
and finally the last 10 km to Tagaytay..  I was left behind before the Robinson intersection and had to catch up.  Some  3 kim to Tagaytay, is passed 3 riders and about 1 km I passed 4 more others but a bus tried to push me off at the side of the road.  I have to stop and relax and there 3 others passed me. again.   But I was happy with that.

Then we had lunch at Papa prito resto near rotoanda after the others arrived.  The Papa prito had a nice ambiance and decor. We ate at the 2nd floor with garden like ambiance.  But the service was spotty.  The food was pricey, although there was unli rice. The free soup did not arrive soon enough and the portions were quite small.

We rested until 2 pm and prepared to ride home.  But two had a flat and we were delayed by some 20 minutes.

At Aguinaldo highway, every body was zooming with speeds ranging from 40 to 47 kph.  I tried to chase everybody and tried to be ahead some 3 km before Silang. The ride going down took only 20 minutes.  The ride up took one hour.

And then to Greenwoods and Paliparan.  At Paliparan from GMA to Dasma, I led the front, but at Dasma at the traffic, I was left behind until Daang Hari.  I was in the middle until the Vista Center and then dropped. I chased the front runner and managed to overtake 3 until Alabang where Armin broke his chain (he had problem with his RD an XT early on at Bicutan with clutch and had to be reconnected with missing link)

Again led the end from Alabang to Service road until Sucat.  But managed to stay in the middle up to Bicutan up to C6.  At C6 though when we rode at the promenade I had one seizure of cramp and had to really slow down, spinning at 44 x 28.  Then another cramp before the Napindan bridge.  I had to be very careful.

It is nice to know the the group waited for me at the corner of Highway 2000 and C6.  And I told them the cause of the delay. Blame it on the length of the ride and it was the first time I had a long ride with an MTB.  And Armin noticed that my seat was low.  Could it it be the seat clamp is loose. I kept getting low.

And then up to floodway. I had to ride it slowly.  We were at Holy Gardens by 6 pm.  And I thanked them for waiting for me.

Great ride although my butt is sore and my left calf and back of the knee is still having spasm.

                           Assembly at Jollibee Angono

                            Installing a new bottle cage

           The shadow XT RD of Armin was malfunctioning

                              Group pic at waiting shed in Bicutan

                            Brief stop at Alabang

                         Inspecting the RD of Armin

                          Breakfast at Tapsihan

             Waiting for the rest at corner of GMA Paliparan

                    Near Tagaytay rotunda only 500 m away

At Tagaytay rotunda

We had lunch here at Papa Prito

                         Nice Decor but not great food

                          Ready to depart but two had flat tires

                         Rally point in Silang

                             Assembly at Daang Hari

        Stopping at Alabang; someone had chain trouble

                              Final stop at C6

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