Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coping up wiith younger MTB riders

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 3, 2016.

My bike ride took me to Antipolo Cathedral.  There I was one of the early devotees wanting to have the souvenir or personal article blessed.  I arrived just before 7 when the early mass was to about to finish.  There was a big throng of devotees outside.  And there was a long line for devotees wanting to have their articles blessed.  I had my bike blessed at about 7 when the next mass was about to begin.  There were no issues on the blessing (unlike when Reymond had his bike blessed.   The osne in charge has the habit of castigating those who fail to follow the details of his  instruction)

Some interesting events/encounter at the Antipolo churchyard:

1.  I saw some riders with folding bikes 16 diameter tires.  It must be tiring riding those bikes (but had 60 chain rings)

2.  A Bianchi mtb.  I took the pictures of his MTB and my Bianchi road bike. The owner was amazed that the Bianchi bike was light

3.  Somebody whom I met, an accountant of an insurance company who is retired. He has a Venge S works top end bike.

4.  Somebody, a devotee from Indang Cavite admired my Bianchi set up  He marvelled how light the bike is.

Thereafter, I rode down to Teresa.  Near Robinson, I passed a group of MTB who were pedaling furiously.  Most of them were 29 ers with 1 x 10 or 1 x 11 set ;up.   Then going downhill, they passed me (they are heavier) but before Island cement I caught up.  Near the lugawan in Teresa town proper.   they stopped.  Thereafter they were on it. Trying to chase me or overtake me.   I caught up with them before the ascent going to Morong, near the cemetery.  And then they raced with me just before San Guillermo.  And one cried, "Tatang" to which I replied "Anak"  He lost wind just before the summit.  The Tatang beat him. Going down Morong they were at it.  At Holy Angels I peeled off.

It was a great day to practice sprints and anaerobic efforts.  Make you stronger and fit

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