Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chasing Road Bikers yesterday at Km 50 to 53 on a MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 6, 2016

Did you ride yesterday. I am sure you are one of the several dozens or so riders I met yesterday when I biked to Pililla. I left at 6:00 went to Sacred Heart Church and left the church at 6:30.  I biked straight until km 58 and arrived there 7:30.   Wow I am getting better.

On the way, I was overtaken at Km 50+ by a group of Road Bikers with a lone mtb with 1 x 10 set up, 29 ers, long an big thighed and caught with them before a pipe laying construction project after the PNP check point and gave chase until km 52 (going uphill to Baras and Tanay boundary) and overtook them and stopped again at construction site.   I led briefly again for 20 seconds and they were off again. and passed me and were at my sight until km 54 and I lost sight of them

After reaching the Pililla Municipal building I turned back to have lugaw at Maybancal Morong

I understand there were about 9 Recyclists who were at Lugawan at about 7:30  (I was in Pililla then)  I met Master Ed at Tanay.   At Maybancal I met Sec Noe whom I learned had just installed his 105 group set at his Fuji bike (originated from me)  After having his lugaw, we biked together going home. I invited him to bike up Cardona diversion which he declined.

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