Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hey hey the gang was here at Simples Lugawan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 17, 2016

It was a great day to bike today.   Many ART were at Simples Lugawan this morning:    Ed de los Reyes, Meong, Master, Pres Luis, Angel Balubar, Pres Luis, Jess Verchez myself, Gerry Cataps, Vic. Tsalap Joel.

On the way, I did tempo and even race like ride with Meong. (Before going up Mambog, Buboy was pulled from behind.  At Callahan, Meong raced up but slowed down at the ice plant.  I stood at the Queen Mary and chased him and overtook him at the crest.  He was ahead downhill but I raced ahead of him at munisipyo.  At Namay, he and Ed de los Reyes coming from nowhere raced up and gave up before the crest.

We ate lugaw at Simples.  Gerry Y arrived when we were about to leave for Pisong Kape. It was a great day for bikers. About 3 dozen bikers ate lugaw at Simples today.

Then we went to Pisong Kape.  I chased the lead group consisting of Gerry, Meong.  Then Angel went up ahead and followed him  He left me when he got ahead of a Reymond bus and the rest overtook me at the Baras hill.  They left me and could not get in touch with them.  I turned back at Pililla municipal building. And went home.

I saw Secx at Simples who just arrived. I decided to depart.  It was hot day today for a ride.

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