Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bike ride with Vhen Apran this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 19, 2016.

Happy birthday Ms. Apran.

Today I and Vhen, as was agreed yesterday at Wawa, we biked to Antipolo.  Three others were supposed to join:   Reymond, Gelo and the third one.  At agreed time of 6:30, the three were not there and then we decided to go.

Vhen led most of the way until Mercury Taytay.  In  the uphill, I spun and overtook him.  Up to Tower Hills and then to Marian Hills Seminary up to Beverly.   I waited for him before Beverly took his picture and then chased him and waited for him until PNB.  Took his picture.  Chased him again and then overtook him just before the Antipolo City Cathedral premises.  We heard mass for  a while and then descended.

There was all ready traffic up to Tikling from Marian Hills seminary.   And we counterflowed.  Left him again from the Manila East and downhill. to SM.  I was probably doing 50 kph going downhill.  And then waited for him at Shell Taytay before Villa.

It was a great ride.  Plenty of hard efforts and sprint.  He said his perspiration smelled of the drugs he was taking.

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