Saturday, July 2, 2016

Climbing Eastridge with 32 x 32 up to 36t cogs

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 2 2016

Today our office PE was at Eastridge.  The ladies walked and I biked.   Before, I could not climb even up to Unamonte.  I feared that the bike would willy or that I did not have enough gear and stamina to make it at least to the gate of Unamonte.

Well today I did.  I stopped inside the Unamonte subdivision, and then rode again just before the gate.  After the gate I rode up to the main gate using 32 x 36.  I did not have to shift down to the granny. (All other riders were using granny gears  24 x 32 or 34)  The 32  36t was more than enough.

At the top I met 3 Taytay MTB.riders.  They left behind somebody who had 1 x 10.   32 front and 32 biggest at the back.  I suggested that he go back to the triplet or have 42 t at the back if he wants still to retain the 1 x 10 set.  up.  That is why I avoided the 29;  not very efficient in climbing

I am happy with this ride.  This has proven that at 65 I am still strong, and I had levelled up my MTB skills and strength

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