Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our bike ride today, October 28, 2012

Biking and health

Gerry planned a Tagaytay bike ride for today.  He, Angel, and I;  however when I informed the daughter of Angel, she told me his father is in Palawan.    So the Tagaytay ride has to wait.

So I rode today alone, and saw Ben wagging his tongue, later joined by Archie up to  Km 27.  I experienced a low pressure rear tire and inflated it;  and Luis came.  So up to Callahan and Morong. As usual we had lugaw at Morong.  The rest of the guys decided to go to Pisong Cafe;  Chito, Tommy and I decided to go to Teresa.

I was good that Tommy was with us.  Right before the last slope, I broke my chain and Tommy was kind enough to join them back.

We went to  Antipolo church;  saw a mass end and start.  It was an exhibition of St. Pedro Calungsod and there was a beeline to view the image of St. Pedro Calungsod.

Tommy and I rode together to Richard's house;   however, Richard just left.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More questions on Lance loss of titles

Biking and health

From velonews

Who will inherit LA crown that he is stripped of titles?

What happens to doping rules;  how come he was not detected?

Will Lance return the money being demanded by SCA as bonus money?

How will this incident affect the marketing of products of Lance sponsors.

Winners of the last 15 TDF

Biking and health

From cycling tips

Here is a list of l5 winners of the Tour de France with their thumbnail pictures. 7 are by Lance A.

What is going to happen as Lance is stripped of the titles?  Will the runners up be moved up?  How will the awards be given?  When will this take place..?

Winners of the last 15 TDF

Lance stripped of 7 TDF titles, UCI promises reforms

Biking and health

From cycling tips

In one of the articles at Cycling Tips, it is stated that Lance Armstrong is stripped of the 7 Tour de France titles and banned for life from cycling competition.

There are other important articles in the Cycling Tips site.

UCI strips Lance of 7 Tour de France titles.

Bikepacking post from CT to Durango

Biking and health

By Evdog at MTBr

If you are a MTbr here is one experience you must read about.  First you talk about backpacking adventure.  Here we talk about bikepacking:   biking  and backpacking.  This is a solo backpacking adventure.

This is something I should try.  It is not strictly biking all the way.  But hitching is allowed.

Bikepacking anyone?

Made in China carbon fiber bike frames

Biking and health

If you want to see the latest from China, you can click the link.  Many of US and European bike makers have shifted their operations to Taiwan, and then lately to China.  Costs are lower.

However buyers beware.  You may save a few bucks by going direct to China.

It is nice to know for your information and so that you can haggle/bargain with your local bike store.

Made in China bike frames... catalogue

Seat Position when using aero bars.

Biking and health

How do you set up your bike seats when you have aerobars?

You set it as much forward as possible to have more leverage when stomping on the pedals...

Jason rider on aerobars and seats.

Monday, October 22, 2012

`New Motivation

Biking and health

The Armstrong doping case laid to waste all his books and tips on cycling;  likewise his coach pointers I think did not count.  Doping and drugs worked.

So why not a book on doping.

Ben proposed that the new motivation be changed from "Alak pa alak pa" by Alak man Ado who is now in Pangasinan into something cheesy.  He noticed how Papa Ric, who at 80 bikes well.  He wags his tongue.

So Ben proposed to do likewise and shout:   "P..."

Well, you can buy Alak anytime anywhere, but as for P....?

                               Look at Papa Ric's tongue

Our bike ride today to Jajajala October 21`, 2012

Biking and health

I would say it is was a great hard furious ride.

Joel, Jeff and I (3 Js) + Master Edwin met at Pag asa pa Y thinking we were ahead of others.  When I called up Luis at 620, he said they were in Mambog.  We had to bike fast to catch up.  I tried to lead the way`up to Callahan, when Joel, Jeff and Edgar overtook.

Jeff had a flat near the market and we had `to assist him.  We arrived at Simples at around 720.  Those were there:   Luis, Papa Ric, Tommy, VM, Nolite, Tito, Gerry Cataps, Thirdkill, Ado, Ben, Archie, Armin, Choco2, Chito F, Jess.

Noticeably absent:  Schmitt, June F, Amigo,

We had quick breakfast of Lugaw with egg;   we quickly left at 720.  I paced from Morong until I was attacked at Km 54.  We arrived at Pisong Kape at 7:30.

We are at Bugarin by 830.  I was left behind because I bought BJ.

At Mabitac, I saw Jeff had another flat tire.  I lent him my spare interior.  We are at rendezvous point by 910 and ate Lomi.  I spent only PHP 20 for this.  From Mabitac highway to Lomi Haus, it was raining.  A fun day to ride.  We left Lomi Haus by 9:30

From after the bridge, I paced until near Punta when I gave up the effort. ` My thighs were burning.  I rode and spun with Ado and exchanged stories from near Punta up to Jalajala.  We were there at about 11:00.

Lo and behold we were not the last:   Luis and Jess, Gerry, Edgar and Papa Ric came later.

We had refreshment:   water and juice.  We took at about  11:45.  It rained again at Quisao at past 12.  No one stopped;  I guess every one was hungry.` The scheduled food stop was at Tanay, but then everybody's tank was empty and we had to eat at Pisong Kape.   Boy, everybody was hungry.

We took off at 1 pm.  I again joined the lead pack but surrendered at km 51.  We arrived at Simples by 1:30 and rested.  We waited for Ben, Papa Ric, Edgar, and Luis.

We were home by 2:40.

Great ride.

 x                          About to leave Simples at 730 am for Jalajala

 x                            Ben and Gerry at Pisong Kape, the white bike is mine

                                   Joel rode with her

                                   Gerry Cataps on the way up Bugarin

                                Armin and VM;   VM and Tommy did not join us at Jalajala

                                Jorgeusbiker, Archie, Edgar, Edwin Tito and Nolite


                                   Chito and Jeff taking off for Jalajala from Mabitac`

                                           Resting at Jalajala after furious pedalling


                                Empty tanks and very hungry at pisong kape

                                     Papa Ric

                                    Very empty plates show the degree of lack of nutrition now

                                                   Colorful flowers at Barangay Hall

                                  Butt view

                                    Waiting for Luis, Ben, Edgar, Papa Ric at Simples Lugawan

                                 Armin, Choco2, Joel, Chito, Jeff, Master, and Nolite

                                 Jess, Nolite and Armin

                                      J and J:   Jorgeusbiker and Jess

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gerry and I biked today to Jalajala Municipal Building

Biking and health

My legs are still stiff and hard, after yesterday's ride to Jalajala (km 72) yesterday.  I rode with Gerry Cataps to train for the November ride to Atimonan.  We tried to maintain a speed of 25 kmh and always hovered at 32 kmh, which is pretty fast.

We were at Jala by 9 am, and were in Angono by 11 am.   Cool, isnt it.  We usually do it by 1 pm.

Yesterday, I did a San Carlos using road bike (it is pretty scary;   the roads are for MTB only) and that is up to the antenna.

Great ride

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Other picture of Bike Ride today, Oct 7, 2012

Biking and health

 x                                   Our eldest rider -  Papa Ric, still strong at 80

                                           Choco2 a very strong rider in his early teens

                                   Tommy and Amigo (not in type A uniform all smiles)

                                 After sprinting from Morong Rest at Aling Nenas cafe


x                         Climbing in tempo at Sampaloc up to Bugarin, photo by Timo

 x                                        That is Chito Francisco

                               Jorgeus biker and Angel taking the rear

                                  Papa Ric,  VM and Gerry Cataps sticking out his tongue

                                      Tito, Ado G and Chito F

x                                 Papa Ric still very strong.  leaving others behind

                              Engr June Francisco

                                     Angel at the back and JorgeusBiker

                                  At OL, Joel, Tito, Choco2 Richard, Armin

                                 The Recyclists train going up Bugarin

                                Jorgeus biker and Angel at OL

                                 Archie and Pre Luis

                                 Choco2, Richard, VM and Master at the peloton up Bugarin

                                 Finally at Bugarin


Our Bike Ride Today, Oct 7, 2012 to Pangil Laguna

Biking and health

 From facebook, we gathered that we would have bike ride today to Manay at Pangil, Laguna.  Assembly was at P-Y in Bo Pag asa.  Those who came at the assembly time were Gerry, Archie, Pre Luis, Joel, JayJay, VM, Angel, Jorgeus Biker, Nolite, Master, Choco, Armin, Amigo, Tito, Richard, Jeffrey, Ben, Allan,;    Other who joined later were Jun Francisco, Papa Ric.  Jun Lllamson, Ado Gonzaga, Tommy

As usual, we went to the Tayuman church, said a little prayer and on to Morong.   There was a little racing at Callahan and between Morong and Cardona.

Breakfast was at Simples Lugawan.  Choco2 is being paired with one of the daughters of Ms. Simple



 x                                  At the Sacred Heart parish


                               Group Picture at Simples Lugawan

                                Choco2 is being matched with Manang Simple's youngest daughter