Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Questions about your motivation after a hard ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 31, 2016

My thigh still ache two days after the ride to Majayjay.  (220+  km in all out and back) and it was a two day ride with overnight stay at Majayjay.  Before we had day ride, which was was done in speed. I ask myself why did this happen to me?

Am I finished as a long distance endurance rider?

Am I getting old for this?

Was I wrong in choosing to have  this long ride?  Why did other younger riders not join this ride?

Or was it because I lacked long distance run, or that I used a heavier less aerodynamic bike (a mountain bike?)  Should have I brought the Fuji carbon or the Bianchi road bike instead.

Maybe when the pain is gone, I would no longer doubt my motivation.  It is still good, and I get good dividends from biking

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Natuloy ride to Majayjay August 28 to 29 2016; 4 Recyclists completed the ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 30, 2016

National Heroes day everyone.   (We celebrated this yesterday)

Yesterday, 4 of us, Jeff, Angel Gerry (he met an accident though in Morong - he was bumped at high speed in Namay Morong and his beloved bike was crushed, - the rear wheel and the RD were bent) the planned long weekend ride to Majayjay.   Armin and the MTB biked since Saturday to Atimonan and we met them Saturday at 10:30 Sunday in Paete.

It was raining at 5:00 still, but I still went to the appointed place and time at Jollibee and only Jeff, who is from Majayay, the host was there at 6:00  Then Vhen came and off we went.  We were joined by Alan in Pag asa and later by Gerry in Tayuman.  That was about 6:30

We arrived at 7:40 in Pililla, the first pit stop and at 8:00 + we rode up to Bugarin.  Angel was there at Manang;s food store/resto. It was about 8:40   Alan and Vhen begged. off.   And we rode down Bugarin to Famy.  No further stop was made.  We were in Pagsanjan by about 10:40  It was kind of slow ride but Jeff said relax we have the whole day to ride.

We were in Cavinti by 12:00 and in Luisina by 1:00 pm We arrived in Lucban by 2:00' we went ,marketing and were in Majayjay by 3:00 pm at Bo Bitaoy.  At 4:30 we went to Taytay falls for sightseeing (for me to experience the place.  We were done seeing the place by 6:30 and were back at 6:30.  Each of us had to spend P60.00 to see the place - P40.00 for the tricycle ride and P20.00 for the entrance fee.  It was worth the trouble.  We ate dinner at 7:00.  From there on till 9:00 we shared Empi light and slept soundly till 4:00 am  yesterday.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Riding up Gate 2 of San Carlos on a MTB with relative ease

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 27, 2016

Biking up San Carlos even from Gate 1, Tolentino.   You have to be in your lowest gear.  Most of those who I see riding up use their granny gears : 24 x 32 to 36.   (I try to ride 32 x 28 or 32)  As a matter of fact single motor bike offer a towing service who are less inclined to suffer.

It is even more so riding up from Gate 2. From Ynares st, it is a hard steep ride.  Not many attempt riding up this path.  I have seen only 2:   MTB from Taytay and Smith.   They all use granny gear.

First time I rode this path, I had to stop and walk.  I had difficulty in breathing and pedalling.   I am able to ride this up with relative ease.  This morning in our PE I rode this route again.   Less hard breathing compared before.  Mabuhay

Tuloy ba ride sa Majayjay tomorrow?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 27, 2016

There is supposed to be a ride by MTB led by Armin Zapanta to Atimonan.  I did not join the ride because of the heavy rains till early morning today. The weather forecaster predicted rain for the next two days.

Now the Recyclists have a planned rain too to Majayjay tomorrow. and it will be for two days.  Ride to Majayjay day 1 and then bathe at Taytay falls.  We ride back on the second day (Monday - a holiday).  What bike shall I bring:  roadie or MTB.  It will be a reunion with Recyclists because I have not rode with them for a long long time.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hard training yesterday and today using the SAVA titanium MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 21, 2016

Today, I am supposed to join the group of Armin Zapanta ride to Tagaytay,  But he called it off because of the rains.  They will to to San Mateo instead.  But I did not join.

Yesterday, I rode up to SCH via gate 2. That is a hard and steep climb.  I shifted to 24 of the chain ring x 28.  I accomplished the ride without much difficulty.

Today I rode to Morong.  These were the hard stuff  I did today.

1.  I rode with Sec Noe and did some intervals while biking with him.  I waited for him at the summit near Montevideo, and then Callahan. He said he could not keep up.

2.  Gerry Y passed me at boundary of Morong and Cardona and I chased and passed him before reaching the municipal hall of Morong.

3.  I rode up diversion with 42 x 32 gear. (I rode the SAVA titanium)  I thought that I had the 32 2nd chainring

4.  Two fixie young riders passed me at Calumpang but I was able to chase and pass them near URS.  So I was perspiring profusely after this mini race.

I guess these stuff make me a fitter and stronger rider.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Riding short distances can also make you stronger and faster

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
August 7, 2016

Before I used to think that only long slow endurance ride can make you fitter. So on week ends, it has to be only Jala jala, Famy, Sampaloc or Bugarin ride.  Not so. I read that some short rides can make you fitter and stronger:

1.  Interval training  .  Say hard anaerobic efforts near 90% of your max heart rate:   say 5x of 20 to 30 seconds each which can be:

     1. Sprinting up the last part of hill climb (that you are nearly out of breath)

     2. Hard effort sprint

2.  The interval can be made to have shorter rest periods

3.  Or changing pacing of rides.    You can chase some fellow riders and overtake them

So for instance my ride today consisted of:

1.  Chasing keeping pace with a roadie (I had a MTB with me) from Bilibiran to  Mambog

2.  Not letting an MTB a 29er pass me at Callahan Cardona and led him downhill to Cardona.  I time trialled the two km up to Morong mun building doing something like 30 to 40 kph

3.  Climbing  the Diversion of Cardona and accelerating the final 500 meters. I did the climb using 32 x 32

4. Sprinting at Calumpang very hard effort from one end to another.

I was sweating profusely after doing the run.  And the test of whether I did it hard was when I had 3 hours nap after lunch

I am happy with my ride today