Saturday, August 31, 2013

I soloed today to Bosoboso August 31 2013

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I did not have single bike ride today for the week so I decided to bike today a difficult route - Bosoboso Antipolo.   I left at 610 today and was in People's Park in Antipolo by 7:00.  I reached Bosoboso by  8:00 am and rested there at the San Jose barangay hall until 8:30 am.   I bought some fruits at the roadside fruit stand:  marang, cocoa, guyabano, totalling 4 kilos.  They are expensive though and the price is stiff:  40 php per kg. 

The stiff part of the ride was riding up the Olalia highway and I had to stop there because my thighs were stiff and I ran out of breath.  I was over the hill by 9:00 am and was in SM Taytay by 9:30.  I arrived at my residence by l0 am. 

It is such a stiff ride and was sleepy by 1 pm.  I slept until 2 pm. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

There are endless ways in biking to be better

Real Cyclists

One reason why we love biking is that there is an infiinite number of ways that you can be better.

l. Speed  on flat, on curves, going uphill, going downhill
2.  Endurance  - how far can your ride without taking a rest; when the sun is hot, when it is windy?

3.  Climbing hills:  on high gear, or low gear;  standing up, or sitting down

4.  Riding with peloton with headwind, with sidewind.

5.  Braking

6.  Handling crash

7.  Hand signals in peloton

8. Riding in a traffic, counter flow

9  Road safety

10. Handling pains post ride

11. Diet and nutrition

12.  Time trialling

I for instance, I have to learn to how catch up with peloton, or as they attack hills.  So I have to practice interval and learn to bike without gasping for breath and having heavy thighs when going gets hard.

I must practice time trial

I am sure, you will not get tired nor bored learning to do this things

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Several close shave with accidents for Recylists today!

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  |  August 25, 2013

Three of us had close shave (encounter) with accidents today:

1.  Richard at Darangan nearly collided with a tricycle.  The tricycle headed for him straight on and with his evasive action, he and the tricycle had  few inches to spare.

2.  Tito avoided an AUV at Morong and he grazed he the AUV, he found himself at a ditch.  The AUV just turned right where Tito was passing (he did not look at his mirror)

3.  A blue elf which was travelling fast nearly sideswiped me;  it missed by just two inches. I was avoiding an obstruction and the elf came barrelling from left and did not bother to slow down nor avoid me.

Thanks God;  He still loves us and we are safe

We just have to be careful and pray for them to be careful too

The planned bike ride to Real is not real?! My bike ride today August 25, 2013

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal PHL    |  August 25, 2013

I woke up late today for bike ride;  and besides it was raining hard all night and was waiting for the street to dry a little bit to avoid splatter and crashing  ( On the way home from a meeting last night in Sampaloc, I had to negotiate several flood hit streets) I was home at past 10 after leaving Manila at about 6 pm)  I left before 8 am

I passed by Sacred Heart Parish until 8 and planned to bike until km 58 or 59 to for a 30 km continuous bike.

A strong biker passed me in Bilibiran;  I was not able to catch with the one I saw earlier at km 29.  Then a  Binangonan rider passed me in Cardona.  But I passed  several mountain bikers in Calaumpang  and a mountain biker after Callahan.  Some guys tried to pass me at km 55, about 5 and they said they are from Pasig and passed them at km 57 before I rested at Km 59.

  I was in Pililla km 59 by 9:00 am, rested there a little bit and biked back by 9:20.  I planned to bike back until km 49 for 20 minutes for a 30 kph pace.  Which I did.  Was at km 49 by 9: 40;  I was in Morong Maybancal by 10 am. 

I met Papa Rick and Gerry Yamsuan (the Ridley bike owner) at Km 53.  In Morong, Richard Ang and Choco2 passed by and they continued biking.  About 3 minutes later, Tito, VM, Alan, Joel, Master E arrived.  I learned that because of the rains, and the floods that inundated parts of Famy and Mabitac (at crossing of Sta Maria) we could not push through with the ride.  The group of Gerry who planned to ride to Cavinti, could not possibly have been possible because parts of Famy and Paete were under water.

We biked soon after 5 minutes of rest and had buko near boundary of Cardona and Morong.  We caught up with Richard and Choco2.

Now I can catch with the guys. They do about 30 even in crowded streets. We were in Angono by 11:00

It was a great ride for me.  Tired exhausted and stronger

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Still raining so hard - no biking August 21, 2013

Real Cyclists

This morning, I planned to bike to make up for 0 biking since Sunday, Monday and until yesterday.   However, the downpour seem not to stop due to typhoon Maring.  Several areas were under state of calamity:   Taytay, Rizal:, San Mateo, entire Laguna, Paranaque City, Pampanga, Tarlac, parts of Bataan.  Rainfall was at record 600 mm.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

No biking today; it rained the whole day today; there is a typhoon again

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL  Aug 18, 2013

I was not available to bike today because it rained the whole night and the whole day today.  There is even a typhoon (Maring).  I just blogged the whole day today.  It is good that I did three bike rides during the week:  one on Monday, one on Thursday, and one on Friday.

I struggled with the stationary today and did about 5 x l5 push ups.

Friday, August 16, 2013

I biked to Antipolo this morning and there was huge traffic jam up to Teresa

Real Cyclists  August l5, 2013

I biked to Antipolo, Teresa, Antipolo this morning and there was this huge traffic jam approaching Robinson Land and Avida.  Reason?  A 20 foot container van truck was blocking the middle of the main avenue blocking traffic from both side.  The trucks right tire fell into a manhole that collapsed; and traffic from both directions was hardly moving.  Commuters were walking all the way from the Teresa side, many would be late today.  Because I was biking, I completed my ride without much delay.  I left at 6:30 and I was in Teresa (near Island Cement) by 7:30.

What could be the cause of this monstrous traffic jam:

l.  Careless driver;

2.  Shoddy construction work for the manhole;

3. Lack of towing equipment;

4. Narrow street.  The tow truck would not be able to access the stricken truck;

5.  The traffic enforcers need more training.

I was at home by 9:00 am (with eating the breakfast at Simples Lugawan included)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Practice bike rides during the week: last Tuesday and today

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Angono, Rizal PHL    | August 15, 2013

How fast time flies?!   It is now middle of the month and very soon we will have the bike ride to Real Quezon on August 26 and 27.  I rode last Tuesday and today Thursday.

My bike ride last Tuesday took me to Tanay:   km 54 and today only at km 40.  Only at Cardona.  But i intervalled (hard effort 5x) and it should have started my fat burning and strength development.

I try  do 20 push ups in 10 seconds 3x every night to strengthen my abdomen

Small, big chain ring days

Real Cyclists

I read before that to increase your strength and pedalling speed, you must have alternate small big chain ring days.  If you use a large chain ring, you develop tempo riding. You pedal slowly and you have to either stand or stomp on the pedals...

On using the small chain rings, you have to pedal fast to catch up with with those who use large chain rings.  You develop fast pedaling pace.  I did not observe this before.  Now I find this practice to be useful

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bike ride today by Recyclists to Vic's Bulalohan in Bosoboso - August 11, 2013

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL   |   August 11, 2013

When I departed for an Antipolo Church bike ride today, I was surprised to see VM near the Angono Elementary School;  he said there was a bike ride today to to Boso, and the time for assembly, 6:00 am was just right.  So I saw Armin, Alan, Pres  Luis, Nolite, Angel (It was unfortunate that I did not have my camera with me for photo ops.) Jeff, Richard, Jess  and 64 yo senior from San Roque We left Angono at 6+

Jess turned back back because of a broken hub?

Then we met some more guys:    Joel at Kaytikling and Master E at the Aquino park.   We were at Kaytikling by 6:30 am and at the Aquino park at 7:00.  We left the park for Bosoboso via the Olaliaroute by 7:10.  We were at Bosoboso San Mateo intersection by 8:00.  It would have been earlier had it not been for flat by Alan at point l.5 km away from the intersection.  We are Vic's Bulalohan by 8:25.  Alan got his food immediately. He was done eating by 8:40.  By that time, we only had rice;   no bulalo yet.  Vic ran out of Bulalo.  We only had fish sinigang,  vegetable,  and one order of liempo.  We were done eating by 8:45.

We left Vics at 9:00.  Going up was equally fast because we were at the San Mateo road Bosoboso intersection in 30 minutes (930).  We were at COGEO by 9:40 and was at Sumulong by 10:00 am.  I went ahead of the group and they went to Antipolo Church.  They caught up with me at SM by 10:40.  I was home by 11:00 am.  It was pretty fast and tiring run. 

Going back via Olalia highway was tough.  It was probably 10% grade.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Bike rides today and last August 5, 2013

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Angono, Rizal  PHL   |   August 9, 2013

I biked last Monday August 5, 2013.  I rode hard last Sunday chasing the lung busters at the top of the peloton.   I rode easy last Monday but I encountered rain on the way. I went on but stopped just at the peak of Callahan.

Today, I biked as far as km 44 of Morong. I did a 6x interval of 500 meters each riding at say 30+ kmh.    And on the way back, I used 53 x 23 gears climbing up.  This should force some heavy breathing and hard pedalling.  I saw Sec Noe as I biked this morning.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Am I getting stronger or am having more practice ride? Or was it because I know I had short ride

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL   |  August 5, 2013

I was happy with my ride yesterday because I was not left alone by the peloton.  From the moment we left the Sacred Heart Paris, I made it a point to contact the peloton, although I was just spinning.  I was abreast up to Montevideo and up to Cardona. 

When we were in Callahan, I attacked to lead and saw no responded (huhuhu)  not knowing that the peloton's speed at that time was only l5 kph.  I was ahead until Bagombon when VM and I rode side by side.  We were probably doing 30+.  Then at Maybancal I was left behind, but I caught on until the hill at Baras/Tanay where I was just behind by some l5 meters.   I tried to chase and I left behind Ado.  At km 58, Ado left me and I gave chase to him and one of the Verchez brothers and left behind near the summit before going down to Pisong Kape.

On the way to Bugarin, I was ahead all alone up front up to Km 64 when they attacked me.  I did not realize that many were behind.  Pres Luis overtook me at Km 67, but I left behind Chieboy. I was with Ben.

Later on some riders came later:   Master, Ado, one of the Verchez bros.  I am no longer a street sweeper.

More practice needed.

Pres Luis crashed early on!

Real Cyclists

                                         Injury on the knee of Pres Luis

Pres Luis crashed before the ride started yesterday, while he was negotiating the entrance to Sacred Heart Church.  It is usually the case when the roads are wet.  They are slippery.

That is why, I was even ahead of Pres Luis en route to Bugarin.  His knee was hurting from the rash.

Other ride pictures (solo) /Aug 4, 2013

Real Cyclists

Here are other pictures of Recyclists yesterday August 4, 2013 up to Bugarin:  (I do not have the Jalajala pictures)

                                      Joel  - idol, smiling as he spins

                                    Chieboy Z sweating as he rides up Bugarin

                                         Master E nearing summit of Bugarin


                                      Ado G nearing the invisible finish line at Bugarin
                                        Ben the last to arrive at Sacred Heart Church

Group ride pictures

Real Cyclists

Rizal PHL | August 5, 2013

Going up Bugarin near the mangroves (hahaha mango trees) at KM 61+

Richard was kind enough to take these group pictures to show us how we rode on the way  to Jalajala yesterday August 4, 2013

 VM leads this peloton now travelling at 20 kmh

 That is Ado;  Ado fell back before the summit

 Ben and Tito at the middle of the pack

 Ado and Luis smiling at the start of the Bugarin assault.

 Leaving the Sacred Heart Parish

 Just leaving the Sacred Heart Parish

 Preparing to climb up Bugarin. 

"Kami ay magsasama" (we will cohabit?)

Real Cyclists

                                          Nanding just arriving at Bugarin

Ben, Nanding and I decided that we will not join the Jalajala ride.  So "magsasama" na lang kami!"  Of course gay marriage is not allowed yet in the country.  (What we really meant is that we will join, or go together, but in Pilipino that could be misunderstood)

                                   Ben taking his snacks at Manang's at Bugarin

                                  Ben and I rested at Maybancal barangay hall

        Nanding said he had three spare inner tubes and he had 3 flat tires

Group pictures of Jalajala ride yesterday, August 4, 2013

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal  PHL    |  Aug 5, 2013

 Posing in front of Pisong Kape, just after completing the punishing pace from Sacred Heart (40 minutes from Sacred Heart  - a distance of 30+ km)

 Is Jess doing  striptease or dressing up?

 Jorgeusbiker did not conform to the prescribed uniform  (and so with Master E)

 Assembly at Sacred Heart church;  we were supposed to departt at 6:00 am!!?

 Breakfast time at Pisong Kape;   we were complaining because the food servers minded the younger and more handsome riders.

                                   It is more expensive  at Pisong Kape

                                       Joel and VM at Pisong Kape
                                   Ben and VM

The Recyclists did biked to Jalajala yesterday.  It was a Sierra Madre ride before.  But some guys persisted to have it Jalajala (as FB conversation.)  Thus we gathered at Sacred Heart Parish before 6, attended the mass for a while, and left at 6:30.   We were in Pisong Kape by 7:10.  What kind of pacing is that?

My best time for up to KM 68 was only l: 10 minutes.  Then we biked up to Bugarin and we were there by 8:30  Then we:   Ben, Nanding and I parted ways.  We went home.  Nanding's tires got soft;  Ben was not ready and I was attending a GSB graduation and I had to be there by 2pm+

We were kidded "magsasama na kami"  -  are having a gay marriage hahaha?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Biking to Bicol

Real Cyclists

Rizal, PHL      | August 2, 2013

                                     30th year of the archidiocese, the bishop said the mass

Today I biked to Antipolo City and went to Antipolo Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage.  The good Archibishop said the mass.

While seated at the patio of the church, I got to know Danny from floodway who was telling how they had a trip to Bicol.  I attempted that trip too with Angel and Gerry. He is the friend of Mon Apuya.(from whom I got inspiration to do a Sorsogon ride)

He said that they got as far as Sorsogon in 3 days.  You must average 200 km a day to be able to do this.  He said they covered up to Gumaca <Danny's relative> in day l, Legaspi in day 2 and Sorsogon <Mons place> in Day 3.  You just do 25 kmh in 8 hours and you can cover the distance.  You eat breakfast  and lunch only.  You eat snacks as you ride.

Leave early at say 4 am;  ride slowly after eating and do not sit out long.  You can just bring one short and two jersey for the ride, but complete set of tools.  You install new tires and interior for the ride and have everything adjusted.

For the first day, do not go by way of Luisiana.  Travel via turbina but via Bitukang Manok;  it is steeper but is shorter to travel.

                                          OLLPS students