Saturday, April 28, 2012

For Real Men Only

Bike and Save the Earth

These posts are for Macho and Real Men only. For those who have erectile dysfunction, you do not just need blue or red pills, goats weed or ginko biloba.

You need to stimulate your imagination. Imagination is better than pills. So there are posts at Jorgeusbiker-ED corner which are just for that, to stimulate your nervous system.

For Real Men only

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sharing Sunset Views

Bike and Save the Earth

I noticed that when I post nice nature photos, a lot view the posts.

Let me share my pictures of stunning sunset at Angono lakeside park when I made  a study of polluted skies at MM skylines.

I hope you like them:

The suns rays must have inspired the Japanese war flags.

    Very poignant views and romantic too!

         Isnt this view lovely?

I have a great camera because it is able to stare right into the setting sun.

      A large setting sun about to singe the buildings???!

The setting sun above Global City and my favorite hut



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ben Says that the Jorgeusbiker Advice on BPH is Effective

Bike and Save the Earth

I met Ben today at Morong and he boasted that he is OK from the BPH (benign prostate hyperplasty).  He said he followed these advices:

l.  Take warm bath

2.  Eat squash seeds (rich in zinc)

3.  Eat watermelon (pakwan)

4.  Engage in SI regularly (another variety of pakwan)

He says that his urination is back to normal.  Thanks to this corner for the advice

For more on prostate and erectile dysfunction:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Watch These Fantastic Sunset Picture Taken From Angono Lakeshore

Bike and Save the Earth

                                 I am sailing beyond the sea. The photo looks poetic

                                  Father and daughter team is flying a kite

            The Global City is very visible from here

    It is like a watercolor canvas painting

    Wow look at the SLEX and billboard lights at the other side of the lake.  The dater destroys the pix

Relevance to biking?  I biked going t the lakeshore.  I had a camera and took the pictures.  It was biking that brought me to the site.

I Reconverted my Rear Wheel from 24 Spokes to 36 again!

Bike and Save the Earth

Three years ago, when the craze was for fewer spokes original wheels, many who are not so moneyed became copy cats (I was one of them) and tried to convert the 36 spokes wheel to 18.

However I encountered a lot of broken spokes every time especially on rear wheels.  I beefed up the wheels to 24 spokes.  Still more broken spokes every time, especially on long rides.

So today, to end the headaches associated with broken spokes,  I had the mechanic bring back the rear wheel to 36.  It cost me PHP 360, almost l/3 the cost of the wheel set.  But then again, I would save about Php l00 every time the spoke breaks, and the inconvenience during the ride.

And I feel more confident riding the bike with this reconfigured wheelset.  I do not have to worry when would the spokes break and affect my riding,.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Other ABS Exercises to Reduce Waistline

Bike and Save the Earth

These are ABS exercises that are short but builds 6 packs fast. As we have said earlier, a tight waistline is indicative of good health. Fats in the belly shortens life. Fats on the abdomen means the heart, lungs and liver are enveloped with fats. Instead of having a liposuction surgery, your best bet would be a

Monday, April 16, 2012

Request for a Post on Detox/Cleansing Diet

Bike and Save the Earth

On the way to Pres Luis residence in Rainbow Village, Angono Rizal, as I was riding with Richard A, , he mentioned that there should be a post on detoxification, cleansing diet.  He said that he has been getting some bugs lately:   cold fever and some growth in his body.  Truly those are signs of toxicity.
So I am obliging with this link to Cheapcures.

A Detox Program

Detox Videos from You Tube

Why Do You Need Detox? Ugghh Yuck

Regular Soda Drinking Makes You a Health Risk

Bike and Save the Earth

                                Those that contain aspartame are riskier

We love to take soda (soft) drinks when we ride:   during pit stops and at the end of the ride.  Only the sweet and cold taste of the drink seem to quench our thirst and fatigue.  Every sip and drink perks you up. Being a diabetic, I take a lot of the sugar free type with 0 nutrients.

However only recently did I realize that I was at risk.  I avoid the cola drinks or those laced with aspartame. I will lose nothing if I follow this advice.  Especially at this senior stage of my life.  It is better to take Buko juice, the perfect sports drink:  with balanced electrolyte content, is rich in potassium, and does not contain toxic chemicals like the sodium benzoate.

From Cheapcures: 5 ways Soda Puts Your Health at Risk

Drink Buko Juice, the Superior Sports Drink 

                                            Has the same electrolyte characteristic as blood

                                        Is natural, non toxic, low GI

                                          You will be helping this vendor when you go BJ

                                            Golden nuts good for BJ more medicinal

                                               Allan, our BJ signature model

                                         How you feel after a BJ treat

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Latest Big Articles on Recyclists

The Baptism of Shiarlotte and the Gathering of Recyclists Compadres

Bike and Save the Earth

The group picture of the compadres of Luis:   front, Armin, Master, Luis and daughter, Maricel (wife of Luis) x, x, Secx, Pres of Angono Mtb.,;  2nd row:   Nolite, Gerry Engr. June, VM, x , Shiarlane Genovia, Jorgeusbiker, Diego;   third row, Richard, Allan, Tommy, Ruben, xx Tito, Joel Angel, Archie Z.

Today April l5, 2012 was the baptism of the youngest daughter of Pres.  Luis.  I wish to congratulate him for having caused the arrival of Recyclists from all over the neighboring towns:   Joel from Cainta, Engr June from Antipolo, Papa Ric and Puritan from Cardona, Edwin and Tommy from Muzon, Allan, Angel, Gerry, Tito, and Diego from Binangonan,  Only Pres. Luis could have exerted that kind of influence.

The baptism started over past 12.  We had to wait for  the 12 o clock mass to finish.  The baptism and picture taking was over by l pm.  Then we proceeded to his house at Rainbow subdivision where we had the reception

There were lots of kidding that the gift to Baby Shiarlotte be given to the mother, Comadreng Maricel instead to Luis;  he may bike parts instead?!

Edgar and Papa Ric were found by VM near the Medics Hospital and they came later about past l pm.  It was suggested that Edgar's a.k.a be changed from 7 days to Puritan.  Much purer.

At past 2, there were beer lights and Emperador lights that were ordered.

There was videoke singing by past two started by mother in law of  Luis, then VM who got 99, then Joel who got score of 98, Gerry and Jorgeusbiker who scored  a l00 for singing its a wonderful world.  Sorry Engr. June VM, left by tree.  I joined Richard who excused himself also.

Waiting at the Churchyard pictures

                                       Luis Secx, and Tommy

                                   Pres Luis blinked
                                                Gerry, Jemrex and Tito


                                                 The churchyard, only Secx faces the camera

                                                  VM and master Edwin

                                                  VM and Richard

Inside the church, gathering of the compadres

                               Nolie, Tito, Angel and  Allan

                        Ms and Engr. June Francisco, Nolite, Angel and wife at the back

                                       Gerry, Allan, Jorgeusbiker, Nolite and Tito

                  Nolite, Tito Angel at the back, Master, VM, Engr June and Richard

                              Armin, Archie, Tomie, Diego, Richard and Secx (nakakasilaw sir?)

Putting sign of the cross on the baby

                                     That is Secx to be followed by Richard.

The lighting of candles

                            Nolite, Pres of Angono MTB, Edwin, VM and Engr. June

                          Now compadres:  Richard, Armin, Joel, Archie, Diego and Secx

                               Same shot with lighted candle at foreground

                   Tommy and son with lighted candle, Jemrex, Allan, Nolite then back of Diego

                               Wife of Tommy, Tommy and Son, Armin, Richard

Other group pictures in the church

                              Waiting for our turn to be photographed at the altar

                                  Our kumadreng Maricel and our cute na inaanak

                     Engr. June, VM, x Kumpadreng Luis and Inaanak Papa Ruben

                         Joel, Tito, Tommy, Allan, Nolite, Gerry, Angel, Diego

                                      Archie, Joel Armin, Tito, Tommie

Reception pictures at thee house of Pres. Luis

     Our Inaanak's Shiarlotte welcome tarpaulin

            I rode with Richard, we were the first to arrive Armin and Archie are coming

                                    The food to be partaken

                          Gerry, Richard, Joel, Diego, Jemrex and Armin,

                                     Allan digging in the menudo

                      Mahaba pila:   that is Angel and Ms, who was recently ill, NOW OK

                                  Papa Ric and Puritan made it;  thank you,  thank you Joel
                                     (From now on, di na 7 days tawag:  PURITAN NA!!)

               Two bottles of Emperador Light and many San Mig Lights not just for picture shots!!!

           Gerry and VM start the videoke  hour,  Gerry was 98, VM 99, Jorgeusbiker l00