Thursday, January 31, 2013

Past Rides at Jorgeusbiker Sidebars

Biking and health

Angono, Rizal, Philippines | January 3l, 2013

I have placed slideshows of the past rides at the sidebar, either from Picasa web or You Tube.  Some of them are:  

l.  Sierra Madre ride via Sampaloc in 2012

2.  Visita Iglesia

3.  5th Recyclists Baguio ride

What is next for Recyclists?

Biking and health

Angono, Rizal  |  January 31, 2013

This coming Sunday, February 3, 2013, the Recyclists will wear their new uniform (mostly unpaid to VM) bike to Pisong Kape, go back via Teresa and attend mass at Antipolo for thanksgiving for the safe voyage.

Others like VV suggested that we plan early the long rides on a monthly basis to strengthen the cyclists and lengthen the mileage for endurance.    Suggested destinations:     Dalton Pass, Subic (Barretto), Naga City.

This will enable Recyclists to make periodic installments for the damage/fees so that they can join the rides.

What do you think?

Maybe a group ride to Tacloban City, or GenSan?  The bike ride of a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valuable lessons learned from the 5th Baguio bike ride

Biking and health

Angono, Rizal | January 29, 2013

Our goal is ride better.  Same mistakes can not be repeated.  The two days ride were tough:  the first day was bike marathon 200 km.  and many rode it fast.  Worse, the middle part was windy (Angeles city to Urdaneta) and it was during the hottest part of the day.  The second day was tough too:  it is nearly a l00 km, and the roads at Sison was tough.  Unlike the first day were there not too many vehicles, the speeding buses were whizzing by at that time of the day.  Worse, the concreting of Kennon seemed to have made some climbs stiff and steeper.

Here are some lessons and advice:

l.  Maintain a foundation mile of at least 60 km per week;

2.  Those who seem to be huge must reduce to say their ideal body weight:    l00 lbs for the first 5 ft of ht + 5-7 lbs for every inch.  You can do this by:   eating fruits and vegetables, planking and crunch exercise to remove the flabs.  I have made a number of posts on weight reduction.  You can search the web for the tips and there are many.

3.  For this ride, if you bring a heavy bike, you are handicapped.  Even if you bring an MtB, be sure it is light.  You cant ride the peloton with the road bikers otherwise you will cramp or bonk out.  Those who were at the peloton wore light bikes.

4. Practice riding at the hottest time of the day:  11 am to 3 pm.

5.  Save the best for the last.  For the Baguio climb, the Urdaneta to Rosario should have been ran at moderate speed;  same for Rosario to Black Mountain.  The best effort should be made from Black Mountain to Kennon view deck.  If you did not, then you will be distressed.

Ride your usual pace as you have practiced.  Do not race with the leaders who trained differently from you

6.  Get plenty of sleep before the ride.

7.  Hydrate and get energy food periodically say every hour or 50 km.  Otherwise, you run into calorie deficit or dehydrate - you hit the wall, you bonk.

8.  In your ride, practice interval high intensity training:    shorten rest periods between intervals, and put the hardest effort in the second part when you are running out of speed and strength.  The interval should not be more than l minute.  Try it and you will be stronger (take it from Joel Javier)

Try to consider these tips

Our best event posted ever at Blogger

Biking and health

The Jorgeus biker got an unusually high number of visitors.  Whereas before we got 5 to 20 on the average daily visit/pageview, today we got 290.  Allow me to post the stat of the blog for this site:

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Best photo of the 5th Baguio ride.

Biking and health

Do you like this picture? Very classic and very agressive. Very Recyclist ang dating!!

You can sense the ferocity and the intensity of the ride; the harmony and the oneness and unity of the group biking towards a destination that is unseen but which beacons;  that which is not easy but hard, challenging and which only real men can reach. (The peloton pedalling rate must be fast and furious and yet the paceline is tight and intact)

By the way, the leader of the peloton rides a Pinarello Dogma, named to be the most beautiful bike in the world

And yet there is danger all around... And they are unmindful of these all;  all they focus intently is the ride to Baguio.

As of today, this is the most visited article/post of the 5th Baguio ride by the Recyclist.  Hmmm, many like the picture

Photos at 5 Star Apartelle and take off from Urdaneta January 26, 2013

Biking and health

                          The ground floor is for bike rest;  Jess would ride the GTS

   VMs brand new Pinarello Dogma dubbed to be the Most Beautiful Bike of the World, beside a Fuji carbon SL -1

                            Having coffee at 4:33 am

                                All dressed up by 551, in new uniform

                                   Breakfast at Jollibee;  nice uniform eh...

       All ready to go;  I forgot to strap my helmet;  that is the Pinarello Dogma up front owned by VM

 Miata club had their breakfast here, I met Jess Crisologo and boy Santayana;   AZ leading the take off at 7:01;

                             Jeff follows Armin;   red Miata at the foreground

                                Master burning the back burners; taken from the Defender 110

                  Two MTB riders flying:   Diego and Secx;  they must be exhausted with the heavy bikes

                               Gerry K tops and Wesluk

                                Choco2 all alone in front;   he would soon melt and fall back?

                                AZ riding very fast;  all in a blur - a very strong consistent rider!

                   Dogma leading the Jess GTS (my bike) Why is my bike fast when somebody rides it?

                                VM pacing the peloton

                                Richard blazing the road for Gerry;  his speed blurs the photo

                                   Wesluk sucking the rear wheel of Armin

                                Gerry K tops

                                   Wesluk resting?


 I like this picture;  we all like Ronda riders - VM and Jess at lead the peloton;   the most viewed pic

Additional photo album for the 5th Baguio Recyclist ride - Angeles City to Urdaneta # 3

Biking and health

Here are additional pictures of Recyclists 5th Baguio ride from Angeles City to Urdaneta

                             Gerry Ktops posing with imposing Bamban Tarlac bridge

                                 Jorgeusbiker posed too;  the peloton travelling at 40+ kph left us

                             Peloton rested here;  some 4 km from Hacienda Luisita

                                 Jeff, Gerry, Diego VM, Wesluk, Richard and Jess

                     JB, Diego, VM, Jeff, Gerry, Choco2, Luis, Armin, Richard

                              It was like Sauna inside and you smell all the bad things inside

                          Choco2, his Tito Gerry, Richard, Wesluk and Jeff

                                 Wesluk, Jeff and two great celebs

                        Is that Gerry K tops?;  enroute to Hacienda Luisita 4 km away we meet DV there

                           He took the wrong turn;  the result of making the wrong turn is...?

                             Can you name the rider;  who got lost?  Do you see the clue?

                      Would you guess who took this picture? The fotog gave us a clue

                             JB having splendor on the grass resting feet at Hacienda Luisita

                    Jeff and Diego's buttocks staring at the camera;  somewhere in Tarlac City

                              That is JB on a GTS bike

                           Another JB pic;  Jess who took this picture has an interest on the GTS?!

                                  JB passing by Wilcon in Tarlac city

                                    VM blowing whistle;  time to go;  at a Moncada store

                       Wesluk had a flat at San Manuel;  others supervise him fix his flat

                                What the magic bag of pareng Weluk contains...

                                 In fixing flat, pareng Luis is one of the fastest and the best...

                        Diego, Archie, Jesse and JB while waiting for Wesluk to fix flat

                                It is 5:26 and we are almost at Rosales

                                Landing at Rosales by 5:32

                             Archie, Gerry, Diego, VM, DV, and Wesluk

                                Diego recovering lost potassium

We are at Villasis by 6:10 and in Urdaneta by 6:20.  It was all ready dark.  We overshot 5 Star apartelle by l km.

The rates are good for the 5 Star:  PHP 1t and you have 2 floors, 2 bedrooms each with own TB. Each BR can have 4 occupants.

We had two units:   8 bikers in one unit;   the driver and crew one room, VM, Secx, DV and me in one room