Thursday, March 30, 2017

This guy, Bert, born in Marinduque biked solo evening to Lucena to go home to Marinduque

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

This guy Bert who hails from Marinduque, made kuwento that he went home to Marinduque via Cavinti Luisiana, Tayabas and Lucena up to Dalahican a couple of weeks ago to go home and attend high school reunion.  He left at 4 pm and arrived 11 pm in Lucena city, in time for the 11:;30 trip.  He encountered rains in Cavinti but he went on.    He just relied on his bike mounted LED lamp for his illumination.  Imagine that, night ride. solo.  We could not even ride that well during day  time.

But he went home solo and at night.

He did not even go home to their house in Marinduque.   He went straight to the reunion. and then later on went home again.  Solo.

Isnt that great.?

This guy even catches fish diving the murky waters of Laguna Lake (he could see the fish) and stay underwater for 5 minutes.  Wow.

New Tambayan of bikers at Wawa

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

The bikers at Wawa, both roadies and MTB have allocated unto themselves the spot at the dead end as their tambayan.   All congregate at this spot.  Those who come here often:   Vhen, Julius, Andrew, Bert, Robert and many more:

A used carbon fiber bike shoe given new life by Papa Ric and Gerry K

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

                                              May trade name pa ni Cataps

                                    Look at the handsome plastic buckle tongue
I have a carbon fiber shoe bought about 3 years ago.  Its buckle attachment broke, and so with the plastic buckle tongue.  Papa Ric, our oldest biker, 84 years old reattached the buckle hardware (for loosening and tightening).  However, the tongue was not made as well, His repair broke right after I tried it.  His repair cost me the equivalent of  $5.00

The plastic tongue was made by Cataps.  He made it from old pail, and he bought a new large cutter. It was well done and it fitted well.  My Scott bike shoe is as good looking as new.

Have your bike shoes and other shoes repaired by Papa Ric

For other plastic stuff, watches, and other electrical problems, go to Gerry Cataps

                                              The plastic buckle tongue made by Gerry at the left
                                                      the old one at the right which Gerry copied

                                               Mabuti di ko ipinamigay, carbon fiber kasi

                            The buckle attachment now new, hand sewn by Papa Ric

                                           The fully restored Scott carbon fiber shoe

Salamat Papa Ric;  salamat Gerry.  Marami pang magpapagawa sa inyo

Fr. Nante Tolentino, pamangkin ni Smith, is back at Antipolo Cathedral as Rector

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

I rode up to Antipolo church. At the patio, I saw Smith.
He said Fr. Nante, his pamangkin has been reassigned from San Roque Marikina City to Antipolo Cathedral for our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

Smith left and several minutes later, I saw Fr. Nante.  He said he has been at Antipolo in 2 days,  As a Rector.  He said as a servant.

Yehey, may kasanga tayo sa Antipolo Cathedral and more meaning as may kababayan tayong Rector doon

Difference between MTB and road bike riding

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

I was in several conversations about the advantage and disadvantage of using Road Bike and MTB.

1.  MTBs are definitely heavier, have more friction on the road, and more wind resistance.  Definitely not for long distance riding.

2.  You tend to be lazier when on MTB;  you use lower gears, (very low low gears, even the granny)

3.  You cant finish a 100 km ride on MTB unless you are super strong.

4.  With a road bike you tend to be more patient, you less low gears, stand up and seek for your strength.

From my conversation with Alex Castillo who says he works at Tokyo Tokyo at Pasong Tamo, and Bert, who is from Marinduque, who recently went on night riding from Angono to Dalahican to go home to Marinduque for a high school reunion

We will see less of Edgard de los Reyes (7 days)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

Nabalitaan kong nag papacheck up to Metro East si kasamang Edgar.  He may undergo dialysis because of very high creatinine level, low iron which causes undue fatigue and weakness

I happened to see him 2 days ago and he confirmed that.  He may start having dialysis 2 or 3 times a week. He is having injection for iron

Let us pray for his recovery and may be some help for his medical needs

Let us patronize Papa Ric (Mancao) the oldest biker in town, kasama ng Recyclists for shoe works

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 30, 2017

On the way back after the Luisiana ride, Master Edwin said he will pass by the house of Papa Ric because that is where he has his shoes repaired:  biking shoes and his daily wear shoes.

I went there the following Wednesday to have my Scott carbon fiber biking shoes which I have not been able to use because of the non working non functional buckle.  He showed me the SIDI bike shoe of master which he repaired too.  The bike was from Engr. June

I took the shoe last Tuesday.  The buckle attachment was OK but then the tongue was not perfect. It had to be redone and I commissioned Gerry K to do it.  I gave him some used plastic container and the tongue as a mdel for him to build up.

He was happy for the income and the cash flow

Please patronize Papa Ric at Cardona Rizal  a few hundred meters away from Looc, from Iglesia and diversion entrance

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chasing Mambo (Charlie Lorenzo) going to Morong today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippine
March 26, 2017

Dala ko ngayon Fuji bike.  I bought interior with 8 cm valves so that I can inflate the Cosmic tires (with 5 cm aero height)  the 6 cm valve leaves only 1 cm for inflation and the pump do not seat well with 1 cm length of the valve.  I bought the 8 cm valve at John Wilkies branded Kenda  China for P225 each

I chanced upon this guy 10 years younger, who is from Pontifino Daang Hari, but who started out from flood way this morning past the Sacred Heart church.  I chased him in Tagpos, overtook him and then he got close again and overtook me again at Calumpang, I chased him again, overtook him before the BCC, and then I chased him up to Montevideo, and successfully overtook him near Looc before the  the Iglesia, and then going up to Queen Mary, I had trouble with my gears (loose cable) and he left me.  But I overtook him just after Renaissance. Then my gears got loose again and he left me just before Namay.  We saw each other at Simples Lugawan. in Morong  He paid for my Lugaw and egg though

I was the first Recyclist in Simples, followed by Engr. June Francisco.  Then came Meong, Joel, Jess, Nolite, Jimmy, Master

He is called Mambo, he said and his chocaran are from Taytay.  His name is Charlie Lorenzo.  He says  he knows someone from Angono who makes taho

He and Jimmy know each other about sports, football and others.   He said he is an electrical contractor, and does not like girls any more (those who are old)

He says he can manage hills at 20 to 30 kph (kaya?)

But his kuwento poses a challenge for me.  But that means I am strong, because I was able to keep up with him or even overtake him (3x at least)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some of my photos at Recyclists Ride to Luisiana taken by Ado Gonzaga - many thanks

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 21, 2017

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor

These are some of my photos when I joined the kapadyak ride to Luisiana last Sunday.  Photos courtesy of Ado Gonzaga, the new great photographer of the group (At least nawala na burden sa akin to take photos)  He has a brand new SLR that took these great pictures

Image may contain: one or more people, bicycle and outdoor
      I led VM and Master  part of the way going up Cavinti

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature
                           Maski paano, nauna sa iba

Image may contain: one or more people, tree and outdoor

Image may contain: tree and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

  1. Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, cloud, road, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Image may contain: bicycle and outdoor

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 4 people, outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
                      With Chard during lunch time

Monday, March 20, 2017

Video of SCH Antenna Ascent via Gate 2

Wheels of Happiness

I used to own where the two antennas are.  Sayang naibenta ko

Old video ng paakyat sa Eastridge by Henry VI

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 20, 2017

This is an old video taken by Henry VI which I am posting, for those who participated in the race yesterday.  FYI

Chasing your kapadyak is a high adrenaline, high intensity job

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 20, 2017

Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle and outdoor
                                    I finally caught up the tropa at Pagsanjan after riding hard for nearly
                                    4 hours, and 70 km

Yesterday, I gave chase to fellow Recyclists who have left me for Lucban Quezon Ride.  They left me at 5:45, when I just woke up   I arrived at the assembly area at 6:05 and the SG there informed me of the 5:45 departure.  From thereon I was on TT mode.  I was probably doing 30 kph or more.

At Pisong Kape, the informants told me that my katropas left 10 minutes ago.  I had closed the gap by 10 minutes.  At km 66 + before 67 I saw Jimmy and the Defender and there I thought I caught up with the group.  I went ahead to have some food at Manangs at the summit (km 69) I saw the Defender pass by.  And from thereon another chase, TT until I reacched Pakil by 9:00 am and was in  Pagsanjan at 9:50.  

In a chase mode, I was on TT and the pedals seemed light and it was all green go go.  No time to look at scenery and even change gears.  At Kalayaan, I did not realize that I rode that hill at 53 x 19.  (I normally do 39 x 25 for that portion)  It was pure adrenaline at work.   No time even for a drink or jingle.

Hahaha that is the kind of work they give to the newbies water boy (mules) who bring water to their companions in the a race.  It could make you work harder and run faster

Image may contain: one or more people, bicycle and outdoor
                                       We left Pagsanjan church shortly after I arrived

Image may contain: one or more people, bicycle and outdoor
                                          The rider leading the others in white socks is I

Image may contain: tree and outdoor
                                    A P30t alum bike vs a high end P300t Dogma carbon fiber bike

Image may contain: outdoor
                                  I could not believe that I did a TT chasing the tropa, at the age
                                   of 65 (soon to be 66)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ingat palagi kapadyak; 3 Js met accident in a row all ready. Any more with J as first name?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2017

3 Js in a row met accident all ready. First it was me:  Jorgeus Biker.  Then Jericho.  Now it was Jimmy.

JB collided and crashed with Allan in Jalajala

Jericho upended his bike on sudden braking when a car suddenly darted in front of him and he fell on his elbows and arms

Who else has his name starting with J?

Jimmy was hit/bumped by a MC rider from Pasig.  They were riding with a group of ladies.   The front wheel of bike of Jimmy was 8 ed.  He landed hard on his butt and it hurt.   The rider gave him P200.00 and a hug to make amends.  He cried though

But the MC riders have to ride safe.  They must be trained seminar ed on safe and legal riding.   Jimmy said he was on his lane near the road marker when he was hit.

Every day, we see unsafe riding by MC unchecked by authorities.:  counterflow at high speed., overtaking from the right, sudden turn without signal, Passing other motorists (us with only inches to spare) The rule says 1.5 meters in Singapore, 3.0 meters in Australia.  (Baka walang ganung rule)

Anybody, every body could buy an MC for only P2,000 d/p.   Anybody every body could get a license to drive MC. (no exams and no seminars)   And what do you expect, chaos and mayhem. What else is new

I was left by fellow kapadyaks for the Lucban ride, I gave a chase and caught up with the group in Pagsanjan, with mere 30 km to go

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2017

Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

I woke up 5:45 this morning kind of late for the bike ride to Lucban (a long ride 100 kms one way, 200 kms in all) I immediately dressed up (my bike and gear were ready since last night) and was in Sacred Heart at 6:05.   But the security officer said that they left at 5:45 (the moment I woke up) and so I gave chase.  That means I was 20 minutes late.

I stopped at Simples Lugawan.   None

I stopped at  Hacienda Pisong Kape.  At Nenas the MC rider inquired that if  I was inquiring about the same guys who wear my uniform,  they left 10 minutes ago.  That meant I was gaining on the tropa.

At KM 66 + about 900 meters, the Defender was there and Jimmy met an accident.  He was bumped by a motorcycle rider  from Pasig.  Jimmy was in great pain because he said he landed on his butt after he was thrown away from his bike.   His front wheel was misaligned. The poor guy was embraced by the MC rider who gave him P200.00 to have his whee aligned. That meant that I was closing in.  However, I had my breakfast:  had coffee and spag at Manang.  And saw Jimmy with Meong at the Defender drive past by.

That meant too that the riders would ride fast at their pace. They would no longer wait for Jimmy

I looked for them at  Mabitac.  None

At Manay's Famy None

At Manay in Pakil.  NOne

At Kalayaan None.

I was planning to stop at Kalayaan since that would be about 60 km.   all ready one way.   But I went on may be up to Lumban.  Then maybe at Pagsanjan.  That is KM 70 with only 30 km remaining up to Lumban  At about 9:45, I was in Business Center at Pagsanjan. And I was texting Engr. June Francisco whom I thought was with them, Jeff appeared.

I was surprised as they were that I was there. And so was I too.  I never expected that I could catch them (cold probably)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

I climbed the Church in the Sky in Muzon 3x this morning

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 18, 2017

Image result for church in muzon taytay rizal

Tomorrow, there is a proposed ride  to Lukban Quezon. But the extreme heat now makes the possibility of that dim.  We may get a stroke or something else.  May be some other day.

This morning, our co workers had a PE at Church in the Sky (Christ the KIng) in Muzon Taytay. They walked. I biked (MTB) I had to climb it thrice. First ride up was shaky.  The bike zig zagged, I lost control and I had to get off the bike.

I tried again after the mass, to test whether it was the bike or my knees that had a defect.   None had the defect.  I was able to climb it up to the church without stopping  I met certain Engr Nino a chief surveyor of Sta. Lucia.   Who was 63 and admired I was able to do it.

Then came the last employee who joined and asked her to accompany me up.  I had to climb again.   It was kind of hard practice.

I suppose, very few of the parishioners manage to climb and attend church.    There is a lot of puffing and huffing that goes on.  On the other hand, those who go to church either spends a lot on tricycles, or are very healthy.

Image result for church in muzon taytay rizal

JGD Bikers World Revisited - with Pictures

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 18, 2017

I went back to Bikers World today to take some pictures so that our fellow kapadyaks would be able to visualize what the post was all about.

                              In front of Rephil, besides URS

                                 Front view of Bikers World

                             The stairway to Bikers World

                         Folding bike  P6,500

                                 Xix Alum bikes -  P6,500

Thursday, March 16, 2017

One of the best sellers of JGD Bikers World is the Machfally rechargeable Aluminum Light 180 lumens

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 16, 2017

In my visit to the JGD Bikers World I got the Machfally  USB rechargeablealuminum  light (180 lumens) for P540 (Glenn discounted me later on)   He said it is one of his best sellers.  He had about 50 of them, and now has only 4 left including the one I got.  I tested the light this afternoon, and it was much brighter than the vaunted Police LED lamp which boasts of so much lumen.   The illumination from this lamp, which is lighter and more streamlined would enable you to see the road ahead of you much clearer.

Go ahead and visit the store  at Calumpang Highway, Binangonan Rizal or call  up Glenn Diestro

Tel  0932 386 9519
       02 359 74 89

A new bike shop in Binangonan with Quiapo prices, inquire now and get unbelievable low prices

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 16, 2017

I saw Glenn Diestro yesterday with a newly acquired carbon fiber bike with Campy group set and told me he has all ready a bike shop in Binangonan besides URS named Bike World.  As I biked to Wawa his son Andrew was there expounding the low prices they have at Bike World and the carbon fiber bike of his dad which he said costs P200,000 (it is but the acquisition price is half of that)

This morning after a Niogan Pililla bike ride, at around 11 am, I passe by his store to buy a LED lamp.  I got one for P500 (list price is P550) a mounting post for LED flashlight for P150.00 and a grip for MTB for only P75.00 to replace the regular grip costing P450.00 (which is now dirty and sticky) a total of P725.00

The Bike World is only 4 months old yet his sales is unbelievable.  He said he got 50 fat bikes now there are only a dozen remaining, he got about the same number of xix bikes, now there are only 4.  He sells several dozens aluminum pedals weekly.  Why?  Because he sells them cheap. Quiapo Prices for a bike shop located in Binangonan:

     Sample of low low prices

       Shimano triplet crank           P980             1,450
        Alum pedal for MTB               380
        Alum pedal with sealed B     650            1,200
        MTB brake pads                    400               500
        Shimano chain 8-9 spd         450               600
        Hydraulic brake set            1,900           3,500
        Gloves giant with gel            400              900
        Ordinary gloves with gel      200
        Stem  50 mm truvati             550
        Mavic Rimset   MTB         4,500           6,500


      Xix                             26            6,500 only
      Xix 29 er with hydraulic brake  13,000
      Trinx                                         7,600
       Fat bikes                                  9,800  only
       Folding bikes      krypton        6,300

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meeting Dave a net whiz from Karangalan Village (Pasig City) and Bangkok on a BMC roadie

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 12, 2017

At the Antipolo our Lady of Good Voyage Shrine church yard, I met Dave who had a BMC bike  As we all know, this is a rather expensive bike being Swiss made. He is from Karangalan Pasig and is on vacation for 3 months.   His base of work is Bangkok Thailand

  We had conversation and he said his specialty is making website, blogging and making his blogs earn money other than through Ad sense.
I did not realize that I could have bought many new upgrades if my blog were making say 2 to 3 dollars per day.  (He earns that much)  I had much to learn from him.  I could commission him: 1.  to make my blogs earn, 2.  create a store for our new business.

He told me how FB and blogger make a killing on us as free reporters and posters and they make money when somebody visit our sites (they flash ads for the visitors, not visible to us)

He noted two important things:

1.  That internet here in RP is very very slow.  Internet in Bangkok and Singapore are comparable ins speed

2.  How free oriented are web users here.  Even for P50.00 a month hosting, many would not buy hosting.   Many would prefer Weebly or Wix

I gave him my email address and said he would email me soon

He all ready taught me how to use FB pages to increase likes and visits to the site.  (for say P50 to P100 pesos a day)

A great entrepreneur was correct.  Always talk to the guy besides you in jeep, bus, church, or plane.  He could be your next business contact.

Lack of practice makes the knees and thighs weaker?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 12, 2017

Last Thursday, I went up with a group of trainees (two ladies) up East Ridge.  We walked from Manila East (7 11) till Unamonte where we did the calisthenics.  Then I let them walk, as tried to climb up using the SAVA carbon fiber MTB.  I seemed to lose lung capacity easily and the pedaling seemed tough.  I have to stop some 20 meters away from Unamonte gate 2.  We rested there and I  rode again.  Again the pedaling seemed tough and I had to put the chain ring down to 24.  I usually do not stop and use only 32 to get up to the top.

What seemed to be wrong?  Well lack of practice.  I did not do a lot of East ridge or San Carlos or Medalva climbs.  I guess I have to do more of that.  I neglected hill climbs

Although today I rode to Antipolo Church using a roadie, I think I did well and managed the fiber tex and Beverly portion well.  (As a matter of fact I passed many MTB who seemed to relish on frequent stop)  On the way home I passed the diversion.  Pero sagad ang sprocket sa 32 (x 39)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Danger risks abound as we bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2017

Post Baguio City ride, Vhen Apran and I discussed the dangers that surrounded us as we biked.

What are they:

1.  Buses and and  and trucks whiz by at high speed, inches away.

2.  Tricycles animals and pedestrians suddenly dart out from between parked vehicles and worse from out of nowhere.

3.  In Paniqui, I was nearly sideswiped by a high speed tricycle. He was just inches away and I could have been injured once again (I am barely fully recovered from my collision with Alan;

4.  In Baguio City in before Kennon road, in the section undergoing construction, as we tried to bike away from the car stopped by one way we negotiated the section on the right side of the vehicles on the right side of which are meter deep ditches.  One mistake and you could be injured by a fall into this ditches.

5.  As we follow the peloton  they do counterflows and if you do not watch out, you could be get a head on collision with the opposing traffic.

6.  I went on this ride with a defective headset.  There was lot of rattling and strange noises.  I could have a run away wheel on a bad bump.  Thanks God it did not happen.

7.  As we ride to Urdaneta, late into the afternoon, I have to slow down by 5 kph because it was dark. I could bump people or fall into a rut.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trouble with headset can give you headaches

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2017

I acquired a Bianchi frame from Reymond Pactao about a year ago, a Bianchi alum which he acquired from JR of 7 11.  It was light and had carbon fiber fork.  It was superlight for an alum and did not see its weakness - an old Italian headset.

Since I was enamored with MTB for about a year, I seldom used this bike. until about two weeks before the Baguio ride.  I was advised not to use the MTB for the 200 km stretch from Angono to Urdaneta.  Val noted some shaking of the head set and advised me to have this replaced/repaired.

And so during the ride I could not concentrate on the ride because of the rattling noise and the shaking probably due to the loose headset.

After the ride to Baguio, I started my long odyssey of having it repaired.  I resolved to have this finished today, but I did not.  (I was about to)

1.  I inquired from Villamayor both branches Angono and Pag asa there is no stock (oversized head set)

2.  I bought a set from a bike shop in Cuatro Cantos, and installed it.  Unfortunately, it did not solve the looseness and the play

3.  Went to Padjak near LTO/Budget lane.   The mechanic referred to Ciclismo.  (Dati Haaooh)

4.  Went to Ciclismo.  Walang stock   The mechanic said I should go to John Wilkies.

 5.  This week I biked to Antipolo and went to bike shop near SSS.  Arnel, the mechanic showed me a headset for P700.  I could only use the bearing. I said I would come back.

6.   I biked to Antipolo today and after coming from the Church, went to bike shop near China bank.  He inspected the bike before selling me anything. and said that the problem is not with the head set but with the steerer lock (mine had flower in it, it should have carbon fiber lock he said)  I went back to Arnel and asked for the said lock.  He did  have a stock.  I biked to Manga to make some inquiries.  There I bought a warning lamp, and cleats (for P650.00) total and gloves for only P150.00.  Again I had no choice but to go to John Wilkies

5.  John had a stock of the lock but unfortunately it would not fit because there is an offending insert in the fork steerer. Sitong, the mechanic recommended that it be removed by a machine shop.   The companion mechanic said that it would ruin the carbon fiber fork.  Better get a standard sized flower,.  John replaced the carbon fiber lock with a flower for P100.00 Still the sealed bearing must be replaced and his stock will set me back by P1,200.  Better come back with P1,200.  Paid Sitong P100 with a firmer but still with say 3% play head set.

6. I went via flooldway and stopped at a bike shop near Cambridge. The bike shop had a headset for P550..  My cash was only for P520.00.  He did not give the headset.  All that was useful for me there were the sealed braring.  I said  I would come back.  I did come back at four. His shop was all ready closed (closed early for Sunday)

I would probably have time for this repair Tuesday or Wednesday.  My head ache pa rin

N.B.   I found time to get the headset from the bike shop.  I had the sealed bearings installed just minutes ago.  It cost me:

           New flower     -     P100

           Labor                       100

           Head set 2               550  (All I got to use were the sealed bearings)

            Head set 1              240  wrong headset


The shaking and the play finally got cured.  Thanks to persistence and perseverance