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Trouble with headset can give you headaches

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2017

I acquired a Bianchi frame from Reymond Pactao about a year ago, a Bianchi alum which he acquired from JR of 7 11.  It was light and had carbon fiber fork.  It was superlight for an alum and did not see its weakness - an old Italian headset.

Since I was enamored with MTB for about a year, I seldom used this bike. until about two weeks before the Baguio ride.  I was advised not to use the MTB for the 200 km stretch from Angono to Urdaneta.  Val noted some shaking of the head set and advised me to have this replaced/repaired.

And so during the ride I could not concentrate on the ride because of the rattling noise and the shaking probably due to the loose headset.

After the ride to Baguio, I started my long odyssey of having it repaired.  I resolved to have this finished today, but I did not.  (I was about to)

1.  I inquired from Villamayor both branches Angono and Pag asa there is no stock (oversized head set)

2.  I bought a set from a bike shop in Cuatro Cantos, and installed it.  Unfortunately, it did not solve the looseness and the play

3.  Went to Padjak near LTO/Budget lane.   The mechanic referred to Ciclismo.  (Dati Haaooh)

4.  Went to Ciclismo.  Walang stock   The mechanic said I should go to John Wilkies.

 5.  This week I biked to Antipolo and went to bike shop near SSS.  Arnel, the mechanic showed me a headset for P700.  I could only use the bearing. I said I would come back.

6.   I biked to Antipolo today and after coming from the Church, went to bike shop near China bank.  He inspected the bike before selling me anything. and said that the problem is not with the head set but with the steerer lock (mine had flower in it, it should have carbon fiber lock he said)  I went back to Arnel and asked for the said lock.  He did  have a stock.  I biked to Manga to make some inquiries.  There I bought a warning lamp, and cleats (for P650.00) total and gloves for only P150.00.  Again I had no choice but to go to John Wilkies

5.  John had a stock of the lock but unfortunately it would not fit because there is an offending insert in the fork steerer. Sitong, the mechanic recommended that it be removed by a machine shop.   The companion mechanic said that it would ruin the carbon fiber fork.  Better get a standard sized flower,.  John replaced the carbon fiber lock with a flower for P100.00 Still the sealed bearing must be replaced and his stock will set me back by P1,200.  Better come back with P1,200.  Paid Sitong P100 with a firmer but still with say 3% play head set.

6. I went via flooldway and stopped at a bike shop near Cambridge. The bike shop had a headset for P550..  My cash was only for P520.00.  He did not give the headset.  All that was useful for me there were the sealed braring.  I said  I would come back.  I did come back at four. His shop was all ready closed (closed early for Sunday)

I would probably have time for this repair Tuesday or Wednesday.  My head ache pa rin

N.B.   I found time to get the headset from the bike shop.  I had the sealed bearings installed just minutes ago.  It cost me:

           New flower     -     P100

           Labor                       100

           Head set 2               550  (All I got to use were the sealed bearings)

            Head set 1              240  wrong headset


The shaking and the play finally got cured.  Thanks to persistence and perseverance

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