Monday, March 6, 2017

Danger risks abound as we bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2017

Post Baguio City ride, Vhen Apran and I discussed the dangers that surrounded us as we biked.

What are they:

1.  Buses and and  and trucks whiz by at high speed, inches away.

2.  Tricycles animals and pedestrians suddenly dart out from between parked vehicles and worse from out of nowhere.

3.  In Paniqui, I was nearly sideswiped by a high speed tricycle. He was just inches away and I could have been injured once again (I am barely fully recovered from my collision with Alan;

4.  In Baguio City in before Kennon road, in the section undergoing construction, as we tried to bike away from the car stopped by one way we negotiated the section on the right side of the vehicles on the right side of which are meter deep ditches.  One mistake and you could be injured by a fall into this ditches.

5.  As we follow the peloton  they do counterflows and if you do not watch out, you could be get a head on collision with the opposing traffic.

6.  I went on this ride with a defective headset.  There was lot of rattling and strange noises.  I could have a run away wheel on a bad bump.  Thanks God it did not happen.

7.  As we ride to Urdaneta, late into the afternoon, I have to slow down by 5 kph because it was dark. I could bump people or fall into a rut.

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