Sunday, March 19, 2017

I was left by fellow kapadyaks for the Lucban ride, I gave a chase and caught up with the group in Pagsanjan, with mere 30 km to go

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 19, 2017

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I woke up 5:45 this morning kind of late for the bike ride to Lucban (a long ride 100 kms one way, 200 kms in all) I immediately dressed up (my bike and gear were ready since last night) and was in Sacred Heart at 6:05.   But the security officer said that they left at 5:45 (the moment I woke up) and so I gave chase.  That means I was 20 minutes late.

I stopped at Simples Lugawan.   None

I stopped at  Hacienda Pisong Kape.  At Nenas the MC rider inquired that if  I was inquiring about the same guys who wear my uniform,  they left 10 minutes ago.  That meant I was gaining on the tropa.

At KM 66 + about 900 meters, the Defender was there and Jimmy met an accident.  He was bumped by a motorcycle rider  from Pasig.  Jimmy was in great pain because he said he landed on his butt after he was thrown away from his bike.   His front wheel was misaligned. The poor guy was embraced by the MC rider who gave him P200.00 to have his whee aligned. That meant that I was closing in.  However, I had my breakfast:  had coffee and spag at Manang.  And saw Jimmy with Meong at the Defender drive past by.

That meant too that the riders would ride fast at their pace. They would no longer wait for Jimmy

I looked for them at  Mabitac.  None

At Manay's Famy None

At Manay in Pakil.  NOne

At Kalayaan None.

I was planning to stop at Kalayaan since that would be about 60 km.   all ready one way.   But I went on may be up to Lumban.  Then maybe at Pagsanjan.  That is KM 70 with only 30 km remaining up to Lumban  At about 9:45, I was in Business Center at Pagsanjan. And I was texting Engr. June Francisco whom I thought was with them, Jeff appeared.

I was surprised as they were that I was there. And so was I too.  I never expected that I could catch them (cold probably)

It would be pity if I would not ride because our distance to Lucban would only be 30 km. Kaya lang panay salunga up to Luisiana  It would not do justice to my effort to catch up with the troop.  I was surprised as every body was, that I was with the group, since I manifested my doubt in facebook if I would be join.   It is too hot.for safe riding

Joel said that chase meant I was strong rider because  they arrived only 3 minutes in Pagsanjan, and I was there lo and behold.   Richard said I was Boy Malakas for that feat.

And so I joined them up to Luisiana.  We arrived at 11:30 in Luisiana and everybody thought we had too much all ready.  We had our lunch at a much cleaner restaurant with delicious food and plenty of free water.

There were 3 Recyclists in Defender:   Meong (who was disabled by LBM), Jimmy who met an accident, and Ado who did videography and photography of the group with his brand new SLR.  Thanks Ado.

Those who joined were:

1. Master E.
2.  Pres Luis
3.  VM Junvic
4.  Jericho
5.  Jess
6.  Bogs
7.  Joel
8.  Jeff
9.  Allan
10.  JB (Me)
11.  Angel Balubar
12.  Val
13.  Richard

Mga nasa Defender

14.  Meong  nag LBM
15  Jimmy  naaksidente
16   Ado took photos and videos

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At Bugarin
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At Manay/s Eatery in Pakil

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At Pagsanjan Chuchyard

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                                    Jimmy got hit by a MC in Bugarin, his front bike was 8 'ed
                                        Meong had LBM because of too much...b

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                                            The casualties :Jimmy and Meong

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                                            Waiting for me at Pagsanjan church yard?

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                                   JB, aka Boy Lakas, Recyclists chaser has arrived, completing
                                       the unbelievable chase  from Angono to Pagsanjan 70 km long

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