Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time Trial Bike frame geometry - from Cheap Carbon Frame

Real Cyclists

From Cheap Carbon Frames 

A diagram of a TT frame geometry was sent in by the reader.  Maybe we can use this for reference.

From Cheap Carbon Frames - 3K or 12K weave?

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From Cheap Carbon Frames  

Increase your knowledge about carbon frames.  It is time you own a carbon frame (everybody seems to have one because now they are cheaper)

What is the difference between 3K and 12k?  It refers to number of fibers/filament:   3k is 3,000 filament  per thread;  12 K is 12,000 filaments/thread.   Earlier carbon fiber was 3k.  Now carbon fiber could be made cheaper with 12 k.  However, it has a disadvantage of not being wound tightly.

Unfortunately we can not see of which carbon type a bike has been constructed because they are built with layers upon layers of carbon fiber, and unless you employ destructive testing, then you will never know.  The outer layer may be just cosmetic.


Salubong Easter March 31, 2013 in Angono - Picasa Web Album Slideshow

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  March 31, 2013

What is the relevance of this Easter Sunday article?  I think many of our cyclists are Catholics and the Bisikleta Iglesia is well read and visited throughout the year.

This post is also relevant to the fact that Smith's daughter is a konsehala of the event.

And today is Easter Sunday.  Time to really reflect.

Salubong in Angono March 31, 2013 - Easter Celebration

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Bloomingdale Homes  Angono, Rizal, PHL   | March 3l, 2013

     The victory of Christendom over death and evil

I decided not to bike today.  Last year today, Easter we set our for Real Quezon.  I am little bit exhausted from biking last Maundy Thursday.  I just decided to watch the Salubong (the nth since as far as I can remember)  I would do a complete photo ops.  I did one in l969 in film but I submitted them to a project for Spanish term paper.

The salubong has been held in the open space in Bloomingdale Homes Angono, Rizal. ( Incidentally, the writer conceptualized and built Bloomingdale Homes.  If there was no Bloomingdale Homes....)

I think I took great pictures because I was not ashamed to bump into people and get near the stage.  Please see to appreciate

  Here are some of the many pictures (about 200) that I took:

                             The site for salubong in Bloomingdale Homes in Angono, Rizal

                              The Galilea with the paper heart bearing the little angel inside

                                  A big crowd watches the salubong



                                 Specially made T shirt for the salubong aides

                                 The kapitana and tinyenta on the stage near the Galilea

                                      The Galilea superstructure;  sunrise has begun

                                       The tinyeta doing her dance

                                The kapitana recites her dicho before the closed heart

                                    Only the big white bird (angry?) with purity can open the heart

                           At the cue, "..ngayo'y nabuksan na" the big white bird dives!

                                    The colored birds coul not open the heart (racist? )

                                     The white bird will do the job?

                                  The white bird does it;  the heart is opened.


                                  The opened heart shows angel singing "Regina Coelis"

                                The heart platform is lowered as the angel continues to sing

                                   The angel showers flower confetti as she is lowered

                           Angels on the ground with photos take picture of angel in the heart

                                   ABS CBN team videod the salubong

                                Angel nearing the Virgin Mary;  she will lift the veil

                                 The angel lifts the veil

                                   The Virgin Mary's veil has been completely lifted

                                   The kapitana in her gorgeous dress to continue her "dicho"

                                   The angel watches the "dicho" and then the kapitana dance

                                   The kapitana recites her emotional dicho

                                The hero white bird which opened the heart smiling

                                  The tinyenta smiles as she wipes her sweat

                                  One of the dozen party poppers exploded

                                The kapitana now dances

 I like this shot, this embodies the victory Christendom over death, and that of resurrection of Christ

       Very beautiful shot of the kapitana as she dances.

                                 Wow - the kapitana and tinyenta in a photo together!




                                       Party poppers - quite lavish celebration

                    Fr. Delatado invites everyone to join Eucharistic celebration at the church

                                    The beauty and the priest.

                                   The Rev. Father going off the stage

                                Fr. Delatado gives his blessing to a parishioner

              A symbolic shot:  trinity in unity (trinum unum) and the bird's wings form sign of the cross

                  The now open  empty heart;  sun is now rising  - very dramatic moment of Easter Sunday

               Beautiful petal design of kapitana dress, confetti from party poppers (are they blessed)

                                   Close up of the birds who opened the heart

                                   I could not get close to the bati celebs, photo ops on going

                                 One of the very shy angels

                                  The tinyenta and her entourage

                                       The tinyenta is more stunning

                                The angel who took the Virgin Mary's veil at the far right

 x                          The Galilea now cleared;  Ford, may inaanak in blue striped shirt

                                    The Virgin Mary no longer grieving;  her black veil removed

                               Ford and wife behind an angel (their child)

                                  The procession going back to church

                                      The konsehalas entering the church yard



                                      The usherettes and acolytes wait for the procession


                                 The risen Christ makes triumphant entry into the Angono church

                                Fr. Delatado makes homily on pure and open heart on Easter

         Virgin May and Risen Christ in front of sepulchre (not historically or biblically correct?)

                          Lay minister sprinkles Holy Water on everyone after renewal of belief

Those who covered the event:

                                  ABS CBN camera crew blocking my view

                                   Clemen Bautista of DZRH "nag uulat"