Monday, March 11, 2013

A good fitting bike makes for better rides

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Angono, Rizal  PHL  |  March 11, 2013

I have heard that bike fitting costs you money. So some consult bike fitters before buying a bike:  especially the head posts, seats, and cranks.  A large portion of the book of Chris Carmichael (pre Armstrong doping discovery) covers bike fitting.

I did not realize for a long long time that I had ill fitting bike (albeit by cm difference only)  When I lent my bike to Jess and rode this again without readjustment, I discovered the seat post was too low by say 2 cm.  That is why I look awkward in some of my picture

And then after the Tagaytay ride, I told the guys, ie Armin about my numb hands in the Tagaytay ride at the last 3 km.  He told me about the bike fitting sessions he had.  The seat adjustments were made up down, forward, backward (assuming you have the right frame size) etc.

So I checked my posture when biking at current seat adjustment.  I was short by say 2 cm to the STI.  So I moved my seat forward by 2 cm.  And now I feel comfortable and great with bike ride.

Thus I can bike better and keep up with the young guys.

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