Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bike Ride today for today, March 17, 2013

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal PHL    March 17, 2013

I suppose the bike ride today with DOT by Recyclists went ahead as scheduled;   I arrived late by 5 mins 5:35 They texted me at 6:24 that they were in Santolan church.  By that time, I was in Antipolo Church during the homily.

Unconsciously perhaps, my mind wanted egged me to be late because:  I perceived the ride to be physically risky  - wild motorists in MM, and plenty of bike traps in MM roads and the heavy air pollution in MM

I finished the mass until 7:00 and biked to Morong. Somebody with a TT bike tried to overtake me by Avida before Teresa.  I did the HID effort to keep pace with him;  overtook him on another hill and he overtook me again going downhill.  I shortened the curve and I was ahead of him before Island Cement.  He overtook me again before San Guillermo.   And passed him again after the last hill before descending to Holy Angels Memorial Park  I was at Holy Angels Memorial Park by 7:40.  and in Maybancal by 7:50.  I left Morong by 8:20.   I biked leisurely on the way home.  I was done by 10:00 am

                                Polluted air hang heavy over MM skies yesterday

                             Beautiful tinted glass at Antipolo Church

                              Votive offerings by the devoteess

                        Image of the Lady of Good Voyage for which Antipolo Church is known for

                               Holy Angels Memorial Park in Morong

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