Monday, March 4, 2013

Master E bothered by colds and cough after Tagaytay ride; air pollution the culprit?

Real Cyclists

Morong, Rizal, PHL  |  March 3, 2013

 Master E before his disciples:   Armin, Gerry, Tito and Papa Ric

Master E told me that he had cough and cold after the Tagaytay ride. I too had lot of phlegm and felt sore after the ride.  I attributed the soreness to the furious riding pace.

But wait, has air pollution something to do with this?  I remember I quit long distance running in MM because of growing air pollution/deteriorating air quality.  Instead of getting stronger, I felt more lethargic after running in MM streeets;   especially along Roxas Blvd.

I must have posted a hundred pictures of study of air pollution in MM.  So far I think no one noticed/notices them.  How many must have COPD or lung cancer before any one acts?

        Large moon shines still at  6:28, but you cant see Sucat and Alabang at other side of the lake

                                       The sun shines but pollution still hangs low over MM

                                   Right near the lake, the air is hazy (polluted)

                                 Can you discern Taytay, Pasig and Taguig

                           Is it a clear day?  Yes but the sky over MM is not...

                                    Can you discern the pollution over Makati

                                      At dusk, the air pollution cleared a bit

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