Monday, February 29, 2016

The bike ride of the Magnificent Four to Tagaytay yesterday, February 28 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 29, 2016

                                                I brought this veteran roadie for this ride

Gerry K planned the ride yesterday.  He invited me to join as a preparation he said to Baguio ride on Holy Week.   However, it has to be via Sta Rosa.  Last Friday, I saw this as an opportunity to view a project which was for sale.

I prevailed upon Gerry to go the usual route, Daang Hari to Paliparan, to Greenwoods, then Silang  It was shorter and probably less chance of failure (just to make sure I will able to fulfill my goal)

And so were 5 gathered together at INC:  Val, Gerry, Weng, Master and myself  Magnificent 4 or Quadro de Jack?.  Master was there but he begged off.  We passed Baytown, floodway, High Way 2000 and C6.   They wanted C5 since C6 was badly rutted. however I said that it is only for 2 km.  C5 would be much longer by 3 to 5 km and much less safe because of more high speed traffic.

We left at 6:20 trying to have Alan join us but we was on night duty before and may not be in the best condition to join us for the long ride.  We were at Camp Bagong Diwa at 7:00 am, at Daang Hari cor Alabang Zapote road by 7:30 and 8:00 am at Bacoor.  No stopping.  We had breakfast by 8:30 at Paliparan road about 5 km to GMA.  I spent only P60.00 with one rice, one viand, one coffee, and one Lemon l liter softdrink.  We were in GMA by 9:00 am.  We had fast pace. I tried to chase an MTB just after the breakfast who passed us right after the first bypass.   And we were in Silang by 10 am and in my destination at KM 47 (Emerald MP) by 10:10.  The meeting did not last long because of some breach in protocol and misunderstanding

We were in Tagaytay by 10:45.  We stayed at 7-11 (former place because it is now demolished) and biked some 5 km to the Sta Rosa Tagaytay road.  However, it rained as we arrived there and ate buko (which was P25.00 and paid for by Weng)  We warmed our bottoms sitting down on the bench in front of a store where there was shade. from 11:30 to 12:30  We conversed with 4 young riders on fixie.  Val enjoyed watching a Nelso Prince Albert Pagara fight which lasted for 12 rounds.   The rain stopped finally at 12:30.

  And we started a slow but probably slipper descent to Sta Rosa.  A lot of new businesses are here and especially at the industrial Greenfield Paseo, Arcadia,  Robinson, All Home area. If you were 5 years ago, you would not recognize this area.  We had lunch at 2:00 pm near the Coca Cola Plant, and we took off at 2:30. At that place, our distance covered was 100 km.  to go via the Provincial Road to Binan, San Pedro, Muntinglupa, Alabang service road, then Sucat, C6 and  Floodway and then to Baytown and home.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My high end MTB drew admiration at Wawa Park

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 28, 2016

Today we have a scheduled ride to Tagaytay.  I ride with Gerry and others. Take off is at 6:00 at Iglesia and that is 20 minutes form now. I will blog for a while.

Yesterday afternoon, I whiled my afternoon on my MTB high end (may I call it XT) and went to Wawa.  There the other MTBs, riders gathered around the xt MTB and asked a lot of questions -  how much what are the parts, how much does the gold chain cost etc.  One rider, who is a DH (downhill) had his eyes glued on the bike.   He went near the bike, touched it, lifted it and rode it.  I was afraid he would ride home with it.   He admired how light and how handsome it was.

Well I made the right choice.  Thanks Matt.

                                       Fork view of the Mosso MTB

                                               Epicon air shock;  very responsive

                                      Gold chain

                                     Each of the new nut cost according to former owner P200 each

Friday, February 26, 2016

Practice ride to Jalajala was rained out

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 26, 2016

I brought the SARS bike for the practice ride today to Jalajala (100 km out and back) however, at Lagundi, it started to shower.  and I had to turn back.  I met Buboy on the way back. By the time I was climbing at the Diversion in Cardona, the slight drizzle turned into rain (I got wet)  It was a good drenching as I climbed diversion on 32 x 36.  It was easy ride.   I could be well prepared for the Baguio ride in 2 weeks time.

A relative remarked that those who go up diversion usually have their bikes being walked with. I did not.  Difference me hahaha. (ibahin mo ako)

Practice ride (uphill at) Botong Francisco (Monark Hills) for Baguio ride

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 26, 2016

I had a practice ride at Botong Francisco Highway (going up Medalva and formerly Monark). yesterday, February 25, 2016  That is where Heraldville is located.  It is about 9 hill climbs in all:   3  x 2 on the Botong Francisco, 4 inside Monark, and 2 at Twin Hills.  The Botong Francisco uphill are long and steep (about 15%). Those inside Monark could be about 20% and also long. You have to be patient pedalling.

It was lung and thigh strengthening going up Kennon road especially the Lions Head

I had to walk up a short portion of the Botong Francisco when the chain derailed.   As you can see, it is difficult to restart the bike when you are going up. You have to find a spot where you can bike sideways and then ride up again.  It has to be near Medalva all ready.

The SAVA mtb which I brought is efficient and trustworthy.  The chain jumped because I turned the cable for the RD too tight.  Once I loosened it a bit....

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Starting practice rides for Baguio climb on Holy Week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 24, 2016

I started my preparation for Baguio climb this morning.  I rode the SARS bike with Ultegra group set however with big gears at the back (up to 36) and Deore triplet in front.  On the way, I acquired a biking companion in Tayuman.  He has a Cannondale road bike with Ultegra group set and an P18t SIDI shoes.   We did rubber band riding.   He overtook me and caught up with him in Island gas and then we were together.  He overtook me at Convention center, however I pulled up going up Mambog and until  Callahan.  I leave him on the uphill.   Then he overtook me downhill and then I tt up to munisipyo and I left him again.  I waited for him at the market and overtook me.

I chased him and overtook him up Namay.  He signaled to me to continue and left him again ;until Baras hill and we were together again at KM 55.   I left him again at KM 56 and up until Pisong Kape.  I again remembered he is a painting contractor in Taytay and we talked about business while having lugaw and egg;   he had coffee and two eggs.  I had to leave him because he was waiting for a companion who went up Bugarin.

I tried to speed up on the way back using only heavy gears even at Biak na Bato 44 x 13 and even at Baras hills.  Somebody overtook me downhill and I chased him and we nearly bumped a Fortunner swag vehicle of  some bikers (not the one who overtook me.  I chased him and caught up with him until KM 50.  He rode a Titanium bikee and he hails from Cubao and they have a pick up at Phoenix station in Morong.  Then his companions arrived and caught up with us.  One has a Pinarello Dogma.  However, I proved that it is not about bikes because I overtook the Pinarello guy.

What a way to prepare for Baguio ride

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

There is a planned ride to Baguio this Holy Week - what bike to bring?I

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 23, 2016

There is a planned ride to Baguio again and will include Val, Gerry, Jeff, and who else.  May be me.  It is Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Maundy Saturday.  So what bike to bring.

I asked the opinion of Armin Zapanta who joined us using a road bike, and went with his MTB friends using MTB on a tour of the north.  Would it be ok to bring an MTB which I just bought.  The MTB has enough low gears to enable us to climb the steep Kennon road.

This is what he said:   it is double the effort on the flats (because of the heavier weight and friction from the large fat tires) and even more so in climbing.   Laspagan.  So it is not adviseable.

So there I go again I tore the  53 -39 crank chain ring, the 12 - 28 gears and replaced them with Deore triplet, and 11 to 36 gear set.  The gears and combination I used for the San Felipe trip.

I guess that will be the right bike to bring?  Light for the flats with 44 x 11 at about 100 gear inches, good enough to catch the halimaw on flats and 32 x 32 for 26 gear inches at the Lions head.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A hard hill is a hard hill even with a lighter bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2016

I rode up San Carlos Heights with a lighter MTB.  I expected lesser effort and huffing and puffing. It was not the case. I could easily do that by shifting to granny gears.  I just used max 32 x 32 gears. Still lung busting and thigh burning effort.  But I did not stop.  The other younger bikers I saw on the road shifted to granny and rested on the first knee bend.

It is the practice, strength, the leg strength and speed that count.  May be the bike but secondary na lang.

Biking as a mass transport system

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2016

                                               Bike commuting in China

                               Sistema sa China - kanya dala/park (as here but secure your bike)
                                      Major supplier was Flying Pigeon which is state owned

When one mentions transport system, one thinks of a massive multi billion infrastructure system like highways, bus, train system to transport people from one point to another point

But biking is a mass transport system:

In some countries, biking is part of the mass transport system as in Holland and major cities in Europe. They have a system called bikershare. (please see earlier post) It is the major mass transport system in China and Vietnam.

There are attempts by BF before and MMDA to promote biking as alternative transportation system.  Such move would not prosper unless.  It is a good alternative because it is:

1.  mass based;
2.  good for health;
3.  the govt does not have to make huge investment on rolling stocks and maintenance;
4.  non polluting, earth friendly
5.  saves fossil fuel importation including junk motorcycle importation.

Please read this post on Bikeshare

Can we do it here?

If we see the bikeshare system as a capricious move to please a special interest group, there is no chance that it would progress. It is time to look at it as solution to a major transport problem - commuting, then it is possible that we can get our act together

The software, the stations would be the only expense.  Again the bus operators/transport group can be asked to bid under a PPP arrangement:

Image result for bike share system

Is Bicycle Act of 2011 filed by fmr Senator Villar now a law?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2014

Senate Bill 2688 Bicycle Act of 2011

It was filed on February 14, 2011 by Senator Manuel Villar some 5 years and 7 days todate. It is probably gathering dust on somebody else's table. (committee on public servce)  In the meantime, there are mounting number of accidents involving bikes an MV..  The Senate  Bill 2688 does not say much on how other drivers should regard the bikers:  say their right of way, berth when overtaking, and other safety procedures to prevent accidents.

It is not yet a law.

In some countries, biking is part of the mass transport system as in Holland and major cities in Europe. They have a system called bikershare. (please see earlier post) It is the major mass transport system in China and Vietnam.

There are attempts by BF before and MMDA to promote biking as alternative transportation system.  Such move would not prosper unless.  It is a good alternative because it is:

1.  mass based;
2.  good for health;
3.  the govt does not have to make huge investment on rolling stocks and maintenance;
4.  non polluting, earth friendly
5.  saves fossil fuel importation including junk motorcycle importation.

Bakit hindi iniiendorse ng Cabinete ni Pinoy.  Kasi walang major govt expenditures involving multi  billion dollar contract. Hindi attractive.for the men of power and wealth

1.  There are enabling legislation for such which includes safety and protection for riders:
2.  Infrastructures:  bike lanes, bike parking space with CCTV for theft protection
3.  Allowing bikes in MRT and LRT system

I visited the wake of Eljay Arambulo who was killed by a speeding truck at Mahabang Parang in Angono, Rizal

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2016

I visited the wake of Eljay Arambulo at Baytown, Angono, Rizal, an MTB who was killed in a vehicular accident in Mahabang Parang last Wednesday.He is the second biker from Baytown to die from vehicular accident. The other one was Julius Rivera, who was with us on my first bike ride to Baguio with Val.  He died last December (2014) on Christmas from a party.  Drunk naman.

  Eljay only started biking last November using the bike of his father who is a Petty Officer of Philippine Navy stationed in Fort Bonifacio. Their family is from Isla, Binangonan. PO3 Arambulo also bikes to Fort Bonifacio on the way to work.  But now he fears for his life

Eljay is a graduate of marine engineering is about to board a ship worthy of his education.  He never made it.  He was dressed as such in the funeral viewing   He was only 21 when killed.  Too young to die.

Their house at Baytown is about a 60 meters from the entrance and you can identify this with a tent in front of the house (middle of the street)  There is a funeral homes tarp that indicates the death of Eljay.

According to his father,(he asked me if we connected or bike mates? oh I said just the sense of being one with him as a biker) whom I talked to, Eljay was bumped near the last bend of road to Mahabang Parang and he was hit by the truck which was descending coming from Antipolo (east side)  Eljay was not on the bike when hit by the truck which is a subcontractor of a distribution utility.  He got of the bike was on the side of the road and he bent over probably to inspect something on the bike (FD or jumped chain>)  His butt must be on the path of the speeding truck.  which was going downhill. The impact broke the rear wheel of the bike, the handlebar, the fork was twisted.  It is a blue and white bike.  (blue and white)

What can we do:

1. Practice safety always.  Be sure you are visible

2.  Get off the bike only where it is safe, not on the highway.

3.  Let us campaign some more on Road Safety Laws. There is an on ongoing petition signature campaign going on..  Let us affix our signature.

All the while I thought the Bicycle Act of 2011 filed by Senator Villar is all ready a law.  It is just a bill.

Fatal vehicular accidents/images that remind us to be careful and that biking can be dangerous and to support legislation for bike safety law

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2016

We are haunted and disturbed by some news published at FB and RBP about several vehicular accidents:

1.   A rider was bumped by speeding vehicle at EDSA Shaw at the underpass and he had twisted knee and legs;  he survived though.

2. An accident in Sucat where a rider and his bike were pinned by a closed van vehicle.  RIP daw.

3.  And recently in Angono, at Mahabang Parang, a newbie rider surnamed Arambulo from Baytown was walking up his bike at steep portion of Mahabang Parang.  He was bumped by a speeding Meralco subcontractor (they come from Angono)  He was rushed to Rodriguez Medical Center in Marikina city.  He died as he suffered massive trauma/hemorrhage at the liver heart and other parts of the body. He, according to the mds had no chance of survival

mga ka RBP, katulad ko, isang newbie biker ang kinakapatid kong si ELjay BRyle ARambulo. nabunggo sya kaninang hapon ng JB truck subcon ng Meralco paahon ng Mahabang Parang Angono Rizal. akay akay na nya paakyat ang kanyang bike ng bungguin sya sa likod ng truck. sa kasawiang palad namatay sya ngayong gabi sa Amang Rodriguez Hospital sa Marikina. ayon sa autopsy report, nadurog daw po ang kanyang atay at nagka hemorrhage ang kanyang puso at baga sa sobrang lakas ng pagkabangga. sana mabigyan natin ng tulong ang kanilang pamilya kahit man lamang sa panalangin. Ride Safe everyone. lagi tayong magtagubilin sa Panginoon sa tuwing tayo ay papadyak. MY CONDOLENCES TO Arambulo FAMILY.

Diyan pa naman ako madalas magpractice ng hill climb.!!!

And then we read that the motorists are critical of the "road sharing" with MV.  A motorist asks if we pay the road user tax. No we dont.  So what is the quarrel about sharing the road.  They are the king of the road.  So they wont share this with pedestrian?  Ayon kaya ni aywa tumigil sa pedestrian lane

Please support  the Bicycle act of 2011 which promotes safety  of bicycle rider passed by fmr Senator Manuel Villar (still a bill)

Support moves/legislation that promote Biker's Safety  Baka naman marami ang bikers mag signature campaign tayo. or sumali sa signature campaign


Saturday, February 20, 2016

P20 t for two bikes on a proposed swap deal?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

In my eagerness to get a high end MTB with XT parts and Rockshox, I proposed a swap deal:  a BN  SAVA carbon fiber bike whose SRP is P140,000  which was sold for 80% discount for me by a relative, and a SARS aluminum bike with Ultegra components, and FSA carbon fiber 172.5 crank.   I expected to give say additional P10t cash to complete the deal.  The counter offer was the two bikes plus 40t.  It was definitely  a deal destined to be completed. I backed out and just decided to wait for the right buyer for the SAVA bike, and just ride the SARS to the ground.  So I cleaned it and rode it again today.

I told this about to be misdeal to Armin Z and said that is normal in a swap deal where the the other side lowball  your items and highball theirs.   So much for swap deals.  Better pay them in cash and lowball them.

Great achievements for the day - fixing and cleaning the bikes

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

I felt on top of the world because I did several great things maintaining my bikes:

1.  Cleaning and repairing the headset.  Without resorting to buying a new integrated headset, I overhauled the SARS headset, cleaned it, sandpapered it to remove the rust, and removed the play/looseness.

2.  Cleaning/polishing the bikes  including the MTB with MC, cleaning the chains with kerosene and wiping the grime away.

3.  Replacing the pedal of the Mosso with Exustar so that it is easier to pedal.  The present pedal, a SPD  is painful to the feet.

Would you feel great if you were in my place too.

Bike ride today to Morong and Teresa - February 20, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

I rode to  Morong today, using my SARS Ultegra Bike at 7:15. The bike is equipped with 53 - 39 front chain ring and 12 to 28 cogs.  I was a little bit bothered by that since these are relative hard gears compared to MTB I rode.  I was in Morong at about 7:50.   On the way a group of 8 riders caught with me in Cardona. However, I chased them and actually overtook all of them at Callahan  3 passed me near the ice plant. and I was about 30 meters behind them as we approached the Morong town proper.

At Maybancal, Simples lugawan the faithful Recylists were there:   Jess, Armin, Luis, Meong, Edgar, Vhen, Vhal, and Smith were there.   Smith went somewhere else.  Edgar was left behind and we decided to go via Teresa.  The large 39 gear bothered me and the tight front headset bothered me.  I led the troop going up until the resort where the Halimaws overtook me.   I was at the rear end with Pres Luis and Vhen.  On the way up until the Ayala housing, I led Vhen until China bank.

We spent some time at the Antipolo church before going home at about  11:00 am.  It was great ride and great time to be with other bikers.  It was first time Armin rode a road bike again.  For 10 months he said he rode MTB all over the place for fun and adventure.  I could understand why.  For this ride he also had 39 front chain ring and was ahead.  I should not have been bothered by the thought that it is a large gear.

Removing the slight play from the fork of my SARS Ultegra bike)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

                                       This had plenty of fine sand and other grit, I had to sandpaper to
                                           remove some rust and imperfection

While resting at Maybancal barangay hall in today's ride, Val noticed that there is some looseness in my front fork steerer.   He said the integrated headset could be defective all ready. He tightened it. To my discomfort, the steering was difficult and was resisting me and I could meet accident.  He loosened this at Teresa lugawan.  It was better.  He suggested that I clean the bearings and all the parts.  It could be very dirty if this has not been serviced.

At 3 pm today, I opened the head set (removed the fork from the other parts) and cleaned with kerosene the dirt and grime.  I sand papered the   the fork steerer and the bearing surfaces. There was some rusting and then I greased the parts that would come in contact.

I had to disassemble because the condition did not improve.   The second time I assembled the bike it was much better.  No need to buy a new integrated headset.

                                                Note the rust, it has to be removed by fine sandpaper

                                   The upper bearing

Friday, February 19, 2016

I met the first stage of Le Tour de Filipinas in my bike ride yesterday, February 18, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 19, 2016

No winner in Le Tour de Filipinas opening stage as heavy traffic forces organizers to stop race

Le Tour de Filipinas

I met the phalanx of riders and support vehicles  at about 9 am  +  between Tanay and Pillila riding home in my new Mosso MTB.  There must be at least 3 bunch of riders:  the breakaway (maybe only 3 seconds away), the main pack (peloton ) about 50 plus and the stragglers. There are about 30 hi ace sponsor vehicles and 50 plus support team vehicles (mostly cars with bike racks)  The riders  whizzed by at about 40+ kph and they began from Antipolo.

There were foreign riders

One could not help but be elated with this tour. The tour honored the bike riders and gave much honor to humble riders like us.  The power of the tour, the sirens screaming, the chains and tire squeaking on the road fire up adrenaline and gives excitement to an ordinary rider like me.

I understand, there was no winner and the first lap was scrapped because of the road under construction and extreme traffic in Lucena?

No winner in first stage of Le Tour de Filipinas

Image result for le tour de filipinas

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A high end MTB Mosso with XT groupset

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 17, 2016

I saw this one of a kind, hardly used MTB with XT group set, and Epicon shocks and Mosso Falcon 1 frame that tips the scale at l.5 kg. The owner, Matt said this is high end bike, weighs only 10.5 kg.  with air shocks,   RFS is he full time in his job and could not bike.  As for me, I was encouraged to upgrade to a lighter bike because, the SAVA at 12 kg plus feels heavy although is satisfactory to me all ready because it is carbon.

I was just to inspect it yesterday together with a branch inspection. However I brought some money so that in case I like it, since I had vehicle with me, I will not have trouble bringing it home

Matt said he spent about P80,000 on the bike, priced at P43,000 and sold it to me at P6,000 less (luging lugi na daw)  I think he bought it not to ride but to admire.  I agree that he used top end parts like screws, bolts and nuts. Was it a good buy?

Matt gave me the water bottle, the bike stand and lock free.  I had issue with the bike stand, sabi niya kailangang ibuka para maipasok skewer.  Does it remind you of something sexy na kailangang ibuka?  (Puwersahing ibuka?)

                            The wireless cyclometer was free.  The cable cover is special

                                         XT shifter and brake fluid reservoir

                                       Titanium lightweight skewer

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is this a good MTB upgrade?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 14, 2016

Mosso Falcon 1 MTB with XT group set at Olx

Why am I upgrading so soon?  I am used to the lighter road bike and the MTB I use is heavy. Going up to Pililla only is all ready a struggle.  I can only go up Mahabang Parang, Botong Francisco, San Carlos hts. or Antipolo in  ease..  Going to Morong would be challenge

I searched for a good new affordable MTB upgrade.  The one offered to me by Boyeth Flores requires that I sell two bikes and still be short by P10 to P15t

This one a Mosso Falcon 1, 16 inches, weighing 1.5 kg with XT group set, XT rim, Kenda tires, and whom the owner claims to be only 10 kg or less in weight is 27t less in cost.  Thus I would prefer this upgrade.  What do you think?   I would be able to raise the funds soon

At his price, and if we consider the price of XT at P27t, I would be paying mere Pxxx for the tires, wheelset, the frame, the seat, seat post, head set and handle bar.

I tried a deal with somebody who has a Marin MTB with XT too and Easton wheels.   He priced it 60t and I tried to swap my Sava bike and SARS Ultegra.  He said I would still have to fork over P40t. What?  Only P10t each for the two bikes. The Sava is a one month old bike with carbon fiber, with SRP of P140t;   the Ultegra groupset with FSA carbon fiber crank cost P27.00. What about the wheels and frame, bar, seat post, head set.  I would just keep my bike and run it to the ground

MTB rides today and yesterday - Happy Valentines day today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 14, 2016

Image result for happy valentines message
                                    Dedicated to the one I love - my bike hahaha

Restaurants, hotels, motels, flower shops, chocolate and candy stores must be having a field day.

Monday, February 8, 2016

My bike (MTB) ride today February 8, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 8, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year

Many biked today because it is a holiday. I rode on an MTB wearing my tsinelas (If there is tsinelas leadership by fmr Sec. Jessie Robredo, we too can have tsinelas bike ride as Pablo Zarate does)

I biked up to KM 55 and then turned back and went to Baras barrio roads one to Solem and other to Barangay Rizal which are uphill. Next time, I will try to find out if it connects to Marcos Highway.  More adventure forthcoming

On the way and going back I tried to pass attack roadies and MTB. I generally succeeded in passing the MTBs but not the roadies.  I can overtake them briefly as I did from Tayuman to Darangan but the tire friction and heavier bike got the better of me, and lost steam.

On the way back I rubber banded with a roadie from Morong up to Binangonan.  He was a little bit on the heavy side and could not sustain his pace going uphill at Callahan at LLDA.  He caught up with me but then I sprinted at the flats and uphill near Island Gas in Calumpang

Recyclists who rode to San Felipe Zambales now on the way home at Taysan Valenzuela City

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 7, 2016

                                            Recyclist Jess Verchez and Master E

The Recyclists, 14 of them who rode to San Felipe with Jeff Arquiza, are now in Taysan, Valenzuela City (matarik ito)  They rode to San Felipe last Saturday, departing at 5 am.  The weather was bad at that time.  I was not able to join them because I had a team building and goal setting engagement in San Fabian Pangasinan at the same time (San Felipe, San Fabian jeje) and I saw how high the waves were and the weather was not so good.  So its good for them, because the heat would not be so much

I learned that merong nalaspag.    (fatigued nearly giving up) but eventually recovered.  The bad weather also did them in.  They were not able to buy good fish and stroll as we did before.

At Gapo

                                    Angel, Meong, Pres Luis, Nolite, Jess, Joel, Alan, Master E, Gerry

                                       Admiring the huge waves;  may bagyo ba?

                                     Master E, Pres Luis, Meong and others by the beach in San Felipe