Sunday, February 14, 2016

MTB rides today and yesterday - Happy Valentines day today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 14, 2016

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                                    Dedicated to the one I love - my bike hahaha

Restaurants, hotels, motels, flower shops, chocolate and candy stores must be having a field day.

I biked yesterday to Mahabang Parang in Angono Rizal, going by the road way near the Sapang Dulangan, and the road up to the hill going to Havila, Quezon Av of Antipolo.  However, I just reached and gave up before the sharp bend.  I lost air and leg power.

I did 5x hill climbs up the power block  and must have done me in.

Today, I biked to the newest subdivision in San Carlos (one is named Rose Lynd, one is owned by a Senator) and both are full of houses.  (Somebody offered a 2.6 hectare for me to develop) and to San Carlos Heights. I did two ascents from Tolentino up to the first switchback and rode straight down.  There are 5 hill climbs there.-  two at the dirt unpaved section and 3 at the paved session.  I stopped and rested on the last and final hill which was actually very near the swithcback.   I climbed with relative ease at 32 x32 the first two steep dirt section.  (because I had to pedal slowly and surely)

The start of climb from Tolentino is really challenging.  I saw a lot stop there. The service of towing by MC for some of the climbers (at P50.00 per) seems to be a flourishing business for single MC owner.  But I have none of that because it seems unsportsmanlike

All ready I am beginning to have plenty of acquaintances mostly MTB riders in 30s and 40s who call me Tatang (huwag sana Lolo)

I met Alan Astorga on my second ascent.  He has a Trinx bike (relative of my Sava bike) but heavier in weight.  We talked about their San Felipe ride, and how he left everybody behind (thanks to his daily ride to Antipolo)

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