Sunday, February 21, 2016

I visited the wake of Eljay Arambulo who was killed by a speeding truck at Mahabang Parang in Angono, Rizal

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 21, 2016

I visited the wake of Eljay Arambulo at Baytown, Angono, Rizal, an MTB who was killed in a vehicular accident in Mahabang Parang last Wednesday.He is the second biker from Baytown to die from vehicular accident. The other one was Julius Rivera, who was with us on my first bike ride to Baguio with Val.  He died last December (2014) on Christmas from a party.  Drunk naman.

  Eljay only started biking last November using the bike of his father who is a Petty Officer of Philippine Navy stationed in Fort Bonifacio. Their family is from Isla, Binangonan. PO3 Arambulo also bikes to Fort Bonifacio on the way to work.  But now he fears for his life

Eljay is a graduate of marine engineering is about to board a ship worthy of his education.  He never made it.  He was dressed as such in the funeral viewing   He was only 21 when killed.  Too young to die.

Their house at Baytown is about a 60 meters from the entrance and you can identify this with a tent in front of the house (middle of the street)  There is a funeral homes tarp that indicates the death of Eljay.

According to his father,(he asked me if we connected or bike mates? oh I said just the sense of being one with him as a biker) whom I talked to, Eljay was bumped near the last bend of road to Mahabang Parang and he was hit by the truck which was descending coming from Antipolo (east side)  Eljay was not on the bike when hit by the truck which is a subcontractor of a distribution utility.  He got of the bike was on the side of the road and he bent over probably to inspect something on the bike (FD or jumped chain>)  His butt must be on the path of the speeding truck.  which was going downhill. The impact broke the rear wheel of the bike, the handlebar, the fork was twisted.  It is a blue and white bike.  (blue and white)

What can we do:

1. Practice safety always.  Be sure you are visible

2.  Get off the bike only where it is safe, not on the highway.

3.  Let us campaign some more on Road Safety Laws. There is an on ongoing petition signature campaign going on..  Let us affix our signature.

All the while I thought the Bicycle Act of 2011 filed by Senator Villar is all ready a law.  It is just a bill.

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