Saturday, February 20, 2016

Removing the slight play from the fork of my SARS Ultegra bike)

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 20, 2016

                                       This had plenty of fine sand and other grit, I had to sandpaper to
                                           remove some rust and imperfection

While resting at Maybancal barangay hall in today's ride, Val noticed that there is some looseness in my front fork steerer.   He said the integrated headset could be defective all ready. He tightened it. To my discomfort, the steering was difficult and was resisting me and I could meet accident.  He loosened this at Teresa lugawan.  It was better.  He suggested that I clean the bearings and all the parts.  It could be very dirty if this has not been serviced.

At 3 pm today, I opened the head set (removed the fork from the other parts) and cleaned with kerosene the dirt and grime.  I sand papered the   the fork steerer and the bearing surfaces. There was some rusting and then I greased the parts that would come in contact.

I had to disassemble because the condition did not improve.   The second time I assembled the bike it was much better.  No need to buy a new integrated headset.

                                                Note the rust, it has to be removed by fine sandpaper

                                   The upper bearing

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