Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Starting practice rides for Baguio climb on Holy Week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 24, 2016

I started my preparation for Baguio climb this morning.  I rode the SARS bike with Ultegra group set however with big gears at the back (up to 36) and Deore triplet in front.  On the way, I acquired a biking companion in Tayuman.  He has a Cannondale road bike with Ultegra group set and an P18t SIDI shoes.   We did rubber band riding.   He overtook me and caught up with him in Island gas and then we were together.  He overtook me at Convention center, however I pulled up going up Mambog and until  Callahan.  I leave him on the uphill.   Then he overtook me downhill and then I tt up to munisipyo and I left him again.  I waited for him at the market and overtook me.

I chased him and overtook him up Namay.  He signaled to me to continue and left him again ;until Baras hill and we were together again at KM 55.   I left him again at KM 56 and up until Pisong Kape.  I again remembered he is a painting contractor in Taytay and we talked about business while having lugaw and egg;   he had coffee and two eggs.  I had to leave him because he was waiting for a companion who went up Bugarin.

I tried to speed up on the way back using only heavy gears even at Biak na Bato 44 x 13 and even at Baras hills.  Somebody overtook me downhill and I chased him and we nearly bumped a Fortunner swag vehicle of  some bikers (not the one who overtook me.  I chased him and caught up with him until KM 50.  He rode a Titanium bikee and he hails from Cubao and they have a pick up at Phoenix station in Morong.  Then his companions arrived and caught up with us.  One has a Pinarello Dogma.  However, I proved that it is not about bikes because I overtook the Pinarello guy.

What a way to prepare for Baguio ride

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