Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A high end MTB Mosso with XT groupset

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 17, 2016

I saw this one of a kind, hardly used MTB with XT group set, and Epicon shocks and Mosso Falcon 1 frame that tips the scale at l.5 kg. The owner, Matt said this is high end bike, weighs only 10.5 kg.  with air shocks,   RFS is he full time in his job and could not bike.  As for me, I was encouraged to upgrade to a lighter bike because, the SAVA at 12 kg plus feels heavy although is satisfactory to me all ready because it is carbon.

I was just to inspect it yesterday together with a branch inspection. However I brought some money so that in case I like it, since I had vehicle with me, I will not have trouble bringing it home

Matt said he spent about P80,000 on the bike, priced at P43,000 and sold it to me at P6,000 less (luging lugi na daw)  I think he bought it not to ride but to admire.  I agree that he used top end parts like screws, bolts and nuts. Was it a good buy?

Matt gave me the water bottle, the bike stand and lock free.  I had issue with the bike stand, sabi niya kailangang ibuka para maipasok skewer.  Does it remind you of something sexy na kailangang ibuka?  (Puwersahing ibuka?)

                            The wireless cyclometer was free.  The cable cover is special

                                         XT shifter and brake fluid reservoir

                                       Titanium lightweight skewer

                                LIbre bike lock, was useful in securing the bike to the pick up

                                       The battery for the lamp was dead?

                                      Slim lightweight bike seat for MTB

                   Came with  a free hand pump

                                        XT long shaft pedal for SPD cleats

                                         XT lightweight wheelset

                                   Epicon airshocks

                                           XT front derailler gold chain

           Special blue nuts at P200 each daw?

                 XT long cage rear derailleur with special pulley

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