Monday, February 29, 2016

The bike ride of the Magnificent Four to Tagaytay yesterday, February 28 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 29, 2016

                                                I brought this veteran roadie for this ride

Gerry K planned the ride yesterday.  He invited me to join as a preparation he said to Baguio ride on Holy Week.   However, it has to be via Sta Rosa.  Last Friday, I saw this as an opportunity to view a project which was for sale.

I prevailed upon Gerry to go the usual route, Daang Hari to Paliparan, to Greenwoods, then Silang  It was shorter and probably less chance of failure (just to make sure I will able to fulfill my goal)

And so were 5 gathered together at INC:  Val, Gerry, Weng, Master and myself  Magnificent 4 or Quadro de Jack?.  Master was there but he begged off.  We passed Baytown, floodway, High Way 2000 and C6.   They wanted C5 since C6 was badly rutted. however I said that it is only for 2 km.  C5 would be much longer by 3 to 5 km and much less safe because of more high speed traffic.

We left at 6:20 trying to have Alan join us but we was on night duty before and may not be in the best condition to join us for the long ride.  We were at Camp Bagong Diwa at 7:00 am, at Daang Hari cor Alabang Zapote road by 7:30 and 8:00 am at Bacoor.  No stopping.  We had breakfast by 8:30 at Paliparan road about 5 km to GMA.  I spent only P60.00 with one rice, one viand, one coffee, and one Lemon l liter softdrink.  We were in GMA by 9:00 am.  We had fast pace. I tried to chase an MTB just after the breakfast who passed us right after the first bypass.   And we were in Silang by 10 am and in my destination at KM 47 (Emerald MP) by 10:10.  The meeting did not last long because of some breach in protocol and misunderstanding

We were in Tagaytay by 10:45.  We stayed at 7-11 (former place because it is now demolished) and biked some 5 km to the Sta Rosa Tagaytay road.  However, it rained as we arrived there and ate buko (which was P25.00 and paid for by Weng)  We warmed our bottoms sitting down on the bench in front of a store where there was shade. from 11:30 to 12:30  We conversed with 4 young riders on fixie.  Val enjoyed watching a Nelso Prince Albert Pagara fight which lasted for 12 rounds.   The rain stopped finally at 12:30.

  And we started a slow but probably slipper descent to Sta Rosa.  A lot of new businesses are here and especially at the industrial Greenfield Paseo, Arcadia,  Robinson, All Home area. If you were 5 years ago, you would not recognize this area.  We had lunch at 2:00 pm near the Coca Cola Plant, and we took off at 2:30. At that place, our distance covered was 100 km.  to go via the Provincial Road to Binan, San Pedro, Muntinglupa, Alabang service road, then Sucat, C6 and  Floodway and then to Baytown and home.

At the Jollibee, intersection of Sucat, C6 and M L Queszon, we waited for 20 minutes for Gerry, whom we thought was lost in San Pedro.  We decided to leave by 4:00 pm and lo and behold Gerry was waiting below at the Lakeside C6 park. Hahaha why did not Gerry wait at our usual rendezvous.  No more discussion.I again chased an MTB who passed us.  Later on the troop passed me and I gave chase.  I was not to be left behind.

We arrived at 5:50 in Angono, From Fishport it started to rain.

Today, I am aching all over.My thighs and legs are stiff like log.  I slept from 6:00 till 11:00 and was not able to have dinner.  .Why?   Because, I paced some of the ride, riding at probably 25kph + and chased twice an intruder. I led the ascent to GMA, Green woods and some parts of the Tagaytay ascent Hahaha (ayaw pauna)

I think I have improved as a rider, although I am all ready a senior citizen.  You have to improve everyday


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