Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is this a good MTB upgrade?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
February 14, 2016

Mosso Falcon 1 MTB with XT group set at Olx

Why am I upgrading so soon?  I am used to the lighter road bike and the MTB I use is heavy. Going up to Pililla only is all ready a struggle.  I can only go up Mahabang Parang, Botong Francisco, San Carlos hts. or Antipolo in  ease..  Going to Morong would be challenge

I searched for a good new affordable MTB upgrade.  The one offered to me by Boyeth Flores requires that I sell two bikes and still be short by P10 to P15t

This one a Mosso Falcon 1, 16 inches, weighing 1.5 kg with XT group set, XT rim, Kenda tires, and whom the owner claims to be only 10 kg or less in weight is 27t less in cost.  Thus I would prefer this upgrade.  What do you think?   I would be able to raise the funds soon

At his price, and if we consider the price of XT at P27t, I would be paying mere Pxxx for the tires, wheelset, the frame, the seat, seat post, head set and handle bar.

I tried a deal with somebody who has a Marin MTB with XT too and Easton wheels.   He priced it 60t and I tried to swap my Sava bike and SARS Ultegra.  He said I would still have to fork over P40t. What?  Only P10t each for the two bikes. The Sava is a one month old bike with carbon fiber, with SRP of P140t;   the Ultegra groupset with FSA carbon fiber crank cost P27.00. What about the wheels and frame, bar, seat post, head set.  I would just keep my bike and run it to the ground

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